Fur Fashion 2022: Top 17 New Trends and Tendencies

Fashion Trends and Ideas

During the Week of fur fashion 2022, recently held in Paris, leading fashion houses showcased a new collection of fur products. The fur coats displayed were distinguished by craftsmanship, boundless style, and creativity.

Fashion changes over time in an upward spiral. Clothes that have long gone out of fashion trends, at the next stage of the development of the global fashion industry, reappear in the trend, but in a new quality.

Let’s imagine that the cold season is coming, and you do not know which fur coat is better to buy for the winter.

Fur Fashion 2022: Top 17 New Trends and Tendencies

Of course, you have thought about what material to choose a fur coat from. Let’s start with the fact that in the production of beautiful high-quality fur outfits, natural and faux fur is used. Clothes made from fur are selected depending on the purpose, taking into account the lifestyle, and their own taste.

The choice is made according to the following main parameters: total length, size, silhouette, shape, characteristics (type, color, origin).

Below are the trends in fur coat fashion 2022, which can be traced in the works of famous designers.

Fur Coat Fashion 2022

The feeling of comfort from the fact that warm winter clothing retains the silhouette does not violate the individual proportions of the body, that is, ideally fitted to the figure is the standard of choice.

The purpose of the purchase also has a significant impact on the correctness of the choice. If a fur coat made of natural fur is needed solely to keep warm in severe frosts and to be comfortable in damp, humid weather, then a silver fox, rabbit, or nutria is best suited for this purpose.

Such a fur outfit can have a different shape, for example, a long-fur coat or a short fur coat with or without a hood.

Fur Coat Fashion 2022

Faux fur vests 2022 are perfect for a slender female figure. A cozy stylish fur vest looks quite original and fashionable. Faux fur with a sparkling, soft sheen looks quite expensive, although compared to silver fox and mink, they cost much less.

A faux fur coat, along with outfits made of expensive furs, is widespread due to its attractiveness created without causing harm to wildlife.

Fur Coat Fashion 2022

Exclusive models of faux fur coats are emphasized by the beautiful trim of the collar or cuffs with mink, sable, possibly with a different, textured contrasting fur, which is appropriately matched to the tone in color.

In the season, classic straight-cut fur coats are presented in various fashionable and unusual variations.

Last year’s styles of fur outfits have practically not changed, but the number of new elegant designs amaze with their variety, an active play with the colors and textures of fur.

Any proposed model of each style is worked out in the smallest detail by the factory’s full-time specialists before launching into mass production.

Fashion Trends of the Season 2022 fur

Fashion designers offer new developments of fashionable fur coats that amaze with the diversity of colors and styles.

They can include several large collections of sheepskin fur outfits, emphasizing the main lines of a slender feminine figure.

Beautiful fashionable styles of winter outfits for women: a straight fur coat with a trim, a classic-cut fur coat with a hood, a cozy stylish fur coat with a stand-up collar, a fur coat with mink fur trim.

Such cute and warm fur coats open up quite interesting opportunities for successful women. Stylish warm fur coats made of natural sheepskin are quite attractive, prestigious, do not require special care, so muton outfits have not gone out of fashion for many decades.


Fur Fashion 2022: Fashionable Styles

Imagine that this season women love youthful styles of fur coats and a strict classic cut.

One of the unusual solutions of well-known designers and experienced fashion designers is non-standard experiments with textures, as a result of which a large number of diverse combined models appear. New varieties belonging to the classic style, are quite versatile.

The simple cut of the universal trapezoid, unlike most other complex styles, perfectly suits different types of female figures.

A spectacular fur coat made of natural muton can be excellently combined with other expensive furs, for example, a black-brown fox deserves special attention and is in high demand.

Fur Fashion 2022: Fashionable Styles

Striped Fur Vests 2022

The stripe, fashionable this season, became the main event on the catwalk.

To create a new collection, the designers did not use ready-made material with prints but were able to choose fur of various textures and shades in such a way as to create deep visual transitions that mimic stripes.

Striped Fur Vests 2022


This season, designers have applied a new technique of cutting in the form of asymmetrical shapes, which is called intarsia. Several years ago, motives such as flowers and trees were in trend.

Today, abstraction is becoming relevant, as a hint of something familiar in such a form as animal prints and abstract patterns that set off the natural color of the fur.

Fur Fashion 2022: Combinations

Fur Fashion 2022: Combinations

From New York to Paris, contrasting materials are used to create fashion collections, and the more luxurious they are, the better. Mink and fox were in tandem with almost all furs: wavy astrakhan fur, soft fur, curly Mongolian lamb, and even smooth snake – great proof that opposites attract.

Dolce & Gabbana went the farthest, creating collages of mink, fox, and arctic raccoon with the addition of sheep and goat fur.

Fur Fashion 2022: Combinations

Details in Fur Coat Fashion 2022

For the first time, fur trim and cuffs were used as a decorative element in the 1950s and 60s. But only this year, the cuffs appeared in the most unexpected places.

For example, leather shorts with mink cuffs top with mink peplum, lace boots with mink trim.

Such trends force us to look at things differently. A small addition completely transforms an ordinary thing. For example, the fox fur pockets on a classic coat completely change its look.

Details in Fur Coat Fashion 2022


Given the endless possibilities of fur, it’s no surprise that designers are increasingly using it in place of textiles. Want a coat with an argyle print? Let’s do it in the intarsia technique.

Tweed jacket? Also. Words, fashion house logos, fur, and fur monograms allow it to be used to create modern clothes.


Street Style

The stylish tricks of the street, namely the blending of high fashion and casual, prints and patterns, sportswear, and haute couture, have made their way onto the catwalk.

Surely very soon we will see fox and mink fur jackets and hoodies on the streetwear models.

Street Style fur fashion 2022

Edges and Cuffs

The classic fox fur trim features oversized cuffs and bright lapels in contrasting colors.

Edges and Cuffs fur fashion 2022

Mouton Fur Fashion 2022

The fur market offers a huge selection of diverse beautiful things of various styles, which are made from natural raw materials. Therefore, in order to correctly navigate this variety, please read the recommendations of experts, buyers, and stylists who are well versed in the directions of fashion trends of the season.

Natural muton, which is a rather soft, silky material, is obtained as a result of the special processing of sheep wool. It is the undisputed leader among inexpensive economy-class furs.

For the high quality of the texture and high consumer characteristics, it is highly appreciated by successful designers who create original models of warm clothes.

After special processing, the sheepskin fur acquires an attractive appearance and becomes much stronger. The special processing of the fur allows the dressed sheepskin not to lose its consumer qualities, therefore high-quality muton fur coats do not lose their attractiveness for a dozen seasons.

Not very expensive original fur is used for unusual design developments of diverse styles of fashion trends.

Mouton Fur Fashion 2022

Muton Fur Coats with a Hood

Stylish fur coats from a muton, perfectly keep warm, resistant to moisture and wet snow, incredibly practical. Elegant outer winter clothing should also be comfortable, so hoods of various styles are constantly in trend.

The hits of the new collections of the season are the shortened fitted fur coats with a straight cut with a hood. A wide belt made of genuine leather gives slimness to the female figure.

Beautiful and warm fur hoods, from tight-fitting, imitating a sports cap to voluminous ones that can be comfortably draped over the shoulders, perfectly protect against strong gusts of piercing wind in bad weather, regardless of shape.

All models of mouton fur coats of various styles are quite versatile and look elegant and flawless. Mouton down jacket with a hood is a favorite model not only for the young generation but also for women of Balzac’s age.

Muton Fur Coats with a Hood 2022

Are Fur Coats in Style 2022?

The trend remains the classic style of an elegant winter coat, which corresponds to all fashionable canons. Any design of long outerwear creates some discomfort for the driver when driving a modern passenger car.

Therefore, a women’s short coat or a compact fur coat, shortened to the middle of the thighs, will be just right for this purpose.

A distinctive feature of this style is a straight silhouette with a rather delicate shoulder line, which is used to obtain unusual design solutions.

Are Fur Coats in Style 2022?

Is Faux Fur Trendy?

Faux fur coats, collars, and vests are one of the top trends in faux fur fashion 2022.

Environmental problems have seriously alarmed the fashion world, and brands one after another refuse to use natural fur, preferring artificial ones. A white oversized fur coat of an original cut was demonstrated by the Coperni fashion house, long and fluffy eco-fur was used by Miuccia Prada (collection Miu Miu).


Are Fur Jackets in Style 2022?

Fashion trends change from season to season, but there are trends that do not care about fashion trends.

And the fur is one of them. After all, what could be more pleasant in a cold winter than a warm and so delicate fur jacket?

And it is not at all necessary – from natural. On the contrary, models made of faux fur are now not only relevant but often look more interesting and original.

Examples are Givenchy, Celine, Tod’s.

Are Fur Jackets in Style 2022?

Is There a Fur Vest in Style 2022?

In order to create exclusive models of fur vests 2022, fashion designers started combining them with other materials. Some examples are leather, tweed, twisted leather, drape, and other coat fabrics. All of them help to create unusual and spectacular outfits.

You can opt for long models of fur vests in a more affordable price category by choosing eco fur because a natural product will cost you a lot.

Striped Fur Vests 2022

What do You Wear with a Fur Vest?

Fashion experts recommend combining short fur vests with a long dress, which looks very beautiful and feminine.

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