Fur Fashion 2021: 22 Best Trends in The World of Fur

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What are the trends for fur fashion 2021? Here, we are going to talk about all fashion trends in the world of fur and  trendsetting fur fashion novelties.

The first association with fashionable clothes in winter is definitely a chic fur coat. It is good that today any girl and woman can afford a fashionable fur coat because faux fur fashion 2021 looks no less luxurious and expensive.

In addition, modern eco-fur is sometimes difficult to distinguish from natural and its warming properties are no worse.

Fur Fashion 2021: 22 Best Trends in The World of Fur

Fur Fashion 2021: Introduction

Trendy bright colors, which should not be feared in winter, have boldly switched to fashionable fur coats. Not only the current palette of shades surprises but also bold prints that allow you to find a truly original and unique model of a stylish fur coat.

A women’s fur coat is a guarantee of warmth, coziness and comfort even in the coldest winter. However, this is not the only advantage of this luxurious wardrobe item. The fur coat give the image a chic look. It is very important to opt for a classy fur coat of the current style, which will be not only warm, beautiful, but also stylish.

Here are the main trends and tendencies for fur fashion 2021.

Fur Fashion 2021: 22 Best Trends in The World of Fur

Are Fur Coats in Style 2021?

Fur coat fashion 2021 trends suggest both very short fur coats and longer models to the floor. The most voguish are those of medium length. Oversize fur coats are modish as well.

Fur coat fashion 2021 has many original variations, and they look beautiful and luxurious in any look. Stylish fur coats are excellent not only for festive occasions. You can easily find a more versatile model that is ideal for everyday wear in a casual and business style.

Fur Fashion 2021: 22 Best Trends in The World of Fur

Are Fur Jackets in Style 2021? Fur Coat Fashion 2021

Glamorous fur coats presented by designers for this season have excellent convenience and are proper for autumn-winter looks. You can easily wear the most fashionable fur coats of the season with almost all your favorite wardrobe items.

Business suits and leather trousers, knitted dresses and jeans, classic trousers and lace dresses will be great in looks with fur coats. A striking example of this trend is the Fendi collection.

Fur Fashion 2021: Is Faux Fur Trendy?

Animal defenders don’t need to look sideways with envy at the owners of fur beauties as they can acquire models from faux fur fashion 2021. Designers offer a wide selection of eco-fur coats, which are not inferior in beauty to natural ones.

Fur Fashion 2021: Coat-Robe

One of the most beautiful and feminine fur products for 2021 is a fashionable robe coat with a belt. A comfortable and practical model will suit any style of clothing. This fur coat can also be worn without a belt, especially in casual looks with sneakers and wide jeans.

Most often, fur coats of this style are produced in midi or maxi lengths. However, you can also find shortened sheepskin coats, which are good in light frosts. In this case, a wide variety of types of fur are used: from smooth plush to sheared and long-haired. Such models have been presented by Acne Studios, Helmut Lang and others.

Oversize Fur Coats

The relevance of oversize does not dry out even now. They are practical to wear. Despite the voluminous cut, oversize fur coats look very feminine and stylish, brightly emphasizing the fragility of a woman’s nature.

A multi-layer warming image of any volume can be easily hidden under the spacious silhouette of a long-piled fur coat. Fur fashion 2021 collection has become more textured. Disheveled fluffy material comes to the fore. The silhouette is free or extended in the form of a trapezoid. The eco-fur coat has an increased volume in the shoulders and a huge collar, which you can comfortably wrap up in.

Fur Fashion 2021: 22 Best Trends in The World of Fur

Predatory Print Fur Coats

The predatory pattern has long become integral in many directions, not bypassing the spectacular models of fur coats in the new season. Leopard color, cheetah or snow lynx pattern, as well as other predatory cats and not only will become mega popular as a print on a fashionable fur coat. Amazing predatory fur coats are insanely popular among girls and women this fall and winter.

Fur Fashion 2021: Bright Fur Coats

Winter is the time to be bright! It seems that most designers have chosen this motto if we carefully consider the most fashionable models of fur fashion 2021. You can find any color shade of fur coats. There are red coats, blue, emerald, blue and pink coats, in which you can look bright.

Crop Fur Coats

A hit among  fur fashion 2021 is a crop coat or a short fur coat. Such a fashionable fur coat more likely resembles a jacket and  allows you to create fashionable looks for the cold season, starting in autumn.

World designers offer various options for models short coats made of long-haired fur and cropped bomber jackets.

Maxi Fur Coat

Maxi length fur coats are not the most practical, especially considering the weather conditions. Most often, maxi fur coats are produced oversized or in a retro style. Which model to choose is up to you, but in any case, they look incredibly impressive.

White Fur Coat

Anyone who does not like bright models of fur coats can choose trendy white fur coats, which are no less popular and effective. Refinement and sophistication of the image with a white fur coat is guaranteed to you. White fur coats with dresses and skirts  look especially wonderful, creating the effect of perfection with such fur coats.

Fur Coat with an Accent Collar

Designers experimented in every possible way in the new season, offering bright models of fur coats not only in color, but also in finish, offering a version of fashionable fur coats with chic fur collars. The contrast in the color of the collar and fur coat, as well as the presence of a print, will give fur coats with a collar more expressiveness.

Faux Llama Fur Coat

Designer care for fashionistas who are afraid of snowfalls and frosts of the coming winter has found a way out in interesting fur variations. The creators are sure that a fashionable fur coat is the best solution for protection from the cold. Their creations will especially delight environmentalists.

Fashion trends bring models made of faux fur with artful imitation of llama fur to the snow-covered streets. Free volume allows you to add an oversized sweater to the set, and fluffy fur provides reliable thermal insulation. In the color scheme, it is better to stick to natural shades, reminiscent of the fur of a mountain animal.

Karakul Fur Coat

The undisputed favorite of fashionistas with good taste is a young lamb fur coat that was previously an inaccessible luxury. The designers have removed the annoying obstacle that does not allow replenishing the wardrobe with unconditional aesthetics. The imitation of karakul in modern products made from artificial materials is perfect. The fur naturally curls and gives a pleasant tactility when touched. Eco-fur coat is designed in natural colors. Long, short or barely covering the knee, it suits any style of fashion, complements a business suit or cocktail dress, overalls, or jeans with a sweater.

Combined Fur

In the past seasons, faux fur coats of classic tones, imitating natural fur, prevailed. Winter 2021 has prepared a surprise. At the peak of popularity, not just color models, but options composed of parts of different shades. The fashion trend embodies all design ideas, allows you to play with cuts, textures, and colors.

Mink coats, which were forced to leave the fashionable Olympus, will never give such scope for imagination as ultra-modern examples of combined fur.

Fringe Fur Coat

The triumphant procession of fringe on fashion catwalks was explained by the popularity of cowboy fashion. Jackets and stylish shoes, belts, and bags were decorated with movable threads. The flowing fringe did not make the skirts and dresses look like the clothes of lonely nomads, but the spirit was present.

Some designers got fed up with the playfulness of fringe, and they stopped creative experiments on it. Others went further and supplied it with faux fur fashion 2021. Traditional Wild West garments continue the trends of winter 2021. Recognizable décor reigns supreme. A fringe fur coat supports an evening dress adorned with playful threads and does not allow the owner to get lost among the guests.

Teddy Fur Coats

The trendsetting faux fur fashion 2021, indicates the teddy fur coat that everyone loves. The fluffy and cozy model is called teddy, because of the external resemblance to a teddy bear. The most popular fur coat, to the great delight of fashionistas, remains at the top of its relevance.

A pleasant and cute fur coat that looks similar to your favorite toys in the form of Teddy bears has become a favorite outerwear option for young girls. Teddy fur coats look great with denim, in particular, blue jeans. The brown and sand colors of plush coats are the most relevant.

This season has changed its shape. Fur fashion 2021 has become spacious. Thanks to bold design structures and an oversized cut, the model with increased heat-shielding properties is no longer exclusively youthful. Now it can be combined with both a business suit and an evening dress.

Fur Fashion 2021: Lamb

Following plush, faux fur coats under a lamb will be very popular. The characteristic features of fashionable fur coats will be white and milky shades and wavy pile. A similar model of a fur coat with a long pile of a straight silhouette without a collar looks amazing.


Winter fur fashion 2021 could not avoid trendy predatory prints. Choosing a high-class leopard faux fur coat, your winter look will always be very stylish and effective, even in combination with the simplest black outfit.

Cell Fur Coats

In addition to bright animalistic colors, stylish faux fur coats will delight you with a more concise version of the print. We are talking about an equally relevant cell. Elegant plaid fur coats are presented in a rather restrained color scheme, which makes them very attractive and original.

Original Cut

Of course, bright unusual colors are the easiest way to surprise a sophisticated customer. However, the designers went further and created fur coats of an original cut for lovers of fur products, for example, in the style of a shirt, sweatshirt and cropped models with bare shoulders.

Is There a Fur Vest in Style 2021?

Fur vests 2021 are extremely practical and versatile. And having studied fashion trends over the past few years, you can make sure that they are also invariably relevant in fur fashion 2021.

Fashion has once again made a turn, once again returning to the catwalks a wardrobe item, once beloved by hippies and adherents of the boho-chic style. In this regard, the question of what to wear a fur vest is relevant. We answer it!

Fur Fashion 2021: 22 Best Trends in The World of Fur

What Do You Wear With a Fur Vest?

Both natural and faux fur vests 2021 can be considered a beautiful accessory. Therefore, you can create images with them in any style.

  • With jeans. Different styles look great with classic jeans, and with narrowed ones, and with models that expand from the waist. The larger the vest, the narrower the jeans should be. And vice versa. Shoes – boots, ankle boots, or high-heeled shoes. For a casual look, a flat sole is appropriate, but not thick or rough. Stylish expensive sneakers and a leather backpack are already sporty chic.


  • With trousers. Any styles – from classic with arrows to reminiscent of pajama pants. The colors are also entirely at your discretion. The brighter they are, the more neutral the top should be. We should also mention leather trousers. The days when they were considered the exclusive prerogative of glam-rock dressing and were branded as vulgar are long gone and irrevocably. Now any lady can afford to wear them. In combination with fur, the skin looks very impressive.


  • With skirts and dresses. The shorter the vest, the longer the dress can be. Versatile options: sweater dress, sheath dress, pencil skirt. It is a luxurious addition to an evening or cocktail dress.
    By combining a fur vest right with other items, you can create a variety of chic and memorable looks that are appropriate in any setting.
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