Women’s Hats 2022: Best 16 New Amazing Trends For This Year

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The women’s hats 2022 are an essential element for creating the image of a modern woman. This accessory simultaneously performs two functions – it protects the head from wind and cold, and also decorates it.

A well-chosen headwear allows a girl or woman to express herself. Look for bright and unusual solutions and, most importantly, following fashion, choose what suits you best.

Women's Hats 2022: 16 New Amazing Trends

But fashion is constantly changing, so keeping track of it is not so easy. To keep abreast of fashionable events, we offer you to get acquainted with the most relevant hats that will help any woman to look stylish and original.

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To begin with, we propose to find out which models of knitted, sports, hats with pom-poms and beanie hats are voguish. In addition, you need to figure out the decor, colors, and prints of the most stylish and trendy hats.

Below you will find the most fashionable hats for women 2022 to figure out which are the best option for you.

The choice of a fashionable hat is practically unlimited. Both classic models and ultra-modern versions are relevant.

The designers focus on colors. Women have a unique opportunity to choose any shade at their discretion.

Still, calm pastel colors and bright classic tones are preferable. Bright mixes look especially attractive against the background of cold and bad weather. This combination makes the look warm.

Women's Hats 2022: 16 New Amazing Trends

Trendy miniature flower arrangements, patterns, abstractions, and various geometric shapes look amazing on the hat.

Monochromatic classic models without décor are still at the top of popularity.

Stylists advise supplementing the wardrobe with several hats at once, which differ in design and color palette. Such a solution allows you to change the image a little every day.

Colors and Prints

This season, calm and basic tones are especially relevant: all kinds of pastel shades, beige, white, black. Brown, burgundy, red, and green create a certain depth of the image and, with the right set of clothes, look amazing. And the pale peach tone is one of the new favorites of the season.

A good solution for bright personalities is hats with an animal print – in such a hat you can go for a walk in the park or to a party.

Women's Hats 2022

Knitted Hats and Beanies

Warm and reliable products, knitted by hand or by a caring grandmother, occupy the first position in the fashion rating.

For urban style nowadays, the universal beanie style is suitable, but headwear made of mohair and thick woolen yarn remain in trend. Particular attention should be paid to hats made in retro style.

The designers suggested wearing a turban this season – an original headdress that will make any woman stand out from the crowd.

Fans of sports style also have plenty to choose from: cozy hats with a delicate lapel will make the look casual and natural. Knitted hats do not require special conditions.

They blend harmoniously with any outerwear. As for fashionable shades, the priority is gray and white soft tones.

Women's Hats 2022 top

Sports Hats

Sports hats are a great solution for street fashion lovers. Casual sports-style loose hats are in trend this season.

For colder weather, look for knitted sports hats with pom-poms. On these hats, various geometric patterns, a brand logo, or possibly your favorite sports team are possible.

Sports hats are perfect for girls with short hair.

Sports Hats 2022

Women’s Winter Hats 2022: Fur Hat

In terms of popularity, hardly anything can be compared compare with women’s fur hats. New models, created by the world’s best designers, make the female look sparkle with new shades.

Women's Winter Hats 2022: Fur Hat

It is impossible not to notice such a luxurious headdress because it embodies a chic and unique style.

For the new season of winter, there are a lot of interesting models, like voluminous arctic fox hats, traditional earflaps, hats with pom-poms and inserts, and also versions combined with other materials.

Women's Winter Hats 2022: Fur Hat


Of course, a typical summer headdress will look at least strange on a winter landscape.

But for this autumn and winter, designers have come up with some interesting solutions that in no way break the harmony. Fur and velour Panama hats will delight real fashionistas as women’s winter hats 2022.

Such models will look great when paired with a sheepskin coat or a stylish jacket, down jacket, and a classic coat.

Panama 2022


This is the most recent trend in women’s hats 2022. Ladies’ versions of caps are more graceful due to the decor. Inscriptions, metal elements, laces, and strings are used as decoration elements.

It is worth paying special attention to the combined models of plaid fabric and leather. But such a combination as wool and velvet will also be in trend.

Cap hats 2022

Baseball Cap

This headwear remains relevant for many years. But this season, this accessory slightly changed its image: now, along with sports models, stylish baseball caps will be popular.

Such a headdress with minimal decor can be worn with a jacket and even a fur coat.


Beret Hats

Women’s berets are something new in the fashion industry. Sometimes they disappear for a while, but then the updated ones reappear to amaze the audience with a non-standard look. So it happened this season.

The popular models of this season have merged French charm and comfortable retro. The choice of materials is unlimited: felt, leather, knitwear. Actual decor elements: fur, rhinestones, inscriptions.

The beret will add softness and sensuality to the female image. This type of headgear is organically combined with any top, which is also important.


Bowler and Trilby Hats

It is known that everything non-standard becomes popular very quickly.

These unusual, old-fashioned headdresses that came to us from the European continent have already become one of the hottest hits of the season. The low crown of the hat and narrow brim makes the hat practical and comfortable.

It should just choose the trendy model of your favorite color.



Despite the fact that the debut of these original headdresses took place a long time ago, they still remain at the peak of their popularity.

The wide demand for snoods is explained by the fact that they are comfortable to wear and look stylish. But since fashion is prone to change this season, the yoke models are at the forefront.

An accessory of such a non-standard shape gives a woman’s appearance some zest that makes her stand out from the crowd. Autumn snood can be worn with a jacket and even a dress, and in winter it will look great in the combination with a fur coat or a beautiful down jacket.

Snood 2022

Sun Hats for Women 2022

These products, unique in their essence and content, remain the standard of femininity. The sun hat always looks relevant: in a duet with a classic-cut coat or a fashionable trench coat.

Soft brims perfectly set off a woman’s face. This season, designers offer classic options and also some unique models, such as floppy hats, Fedora, and versions with narrow and wide brims.

Sun Hats for Women 2022

Turban Hats

This headdress with oriental notes gives the image femininity and mystery. In the forehead area, this type of headdress creates a triangular neckline, which is often decorated with a large brooch or a knot.

Knitted turbans can be made by yourself if you know how to knit. Headbands with decor and embroidery will also be original. Such variations of hats are original and unique in their own way.

Turban Hats 2022

Ladies’ Hats 2022: Headscarves

The hit of the fall-winter season in the headwear segment are silk scarves and headscarves. Many have already tried this trend back in the spring-summer season, and now it is even more entrenched.

The trends include stylish options with a bright print, satin, and silk models, in the form of bandanas, with lace, knitted, cashmere, and monochrome.

Fashionable scarves can be worn in different ways: tied under the chin, on the back of the head, wrapped around the neck, or even in a combination with other hats.

Ladies’ Hats 2022: Headscarves

Decorations for Women’s Hats 2022

Any item of clothing becomes more original with some decor elements on it.

Decorations for Women's Hats 2022

If you want to get a different beanie or hat and show your creativity, try the following solutions:

  • Large buttons have appeared just recently, but have already found widespread use.
  • Veil. Neat elegant hats decorated with a veil came into vogue.
  • Pebbles. One stone laid out on the hat will make it more feminine, and for different types of hats, you can lay out small patterns or logos. The main thing is not to overdo it with the number of stones, otherwise, the image will look very cheap and rustic.
  • Beads – the best solution would be to scatter them all over the canvas, so the product will look more interesting. Large pearl beads on the beret will add more elegance to the product.
  • All kinds of knitted frills. Flowers are usually formed from them, decorating with beads or stones.
  • Embroidery, both with threads and beads.

How to Choose the Right Headdress?

A rich assortment of hats is a guarantee that every lady or girl will be able to choose a worthy accessory for herself. But on the other hand, the variety of offers makes the choice difficult.

Decorations for Women's Hats 2022

At the same time, an unsuccessfully chosen hat can completely ruin a woman’s image. Therefore, such products should be chosen depending on your hair and eye color:

  • Blondes should give preference to black and white models. In this case, the shape of the product remains in the background. Color range: from pink to lilac and violet hues. Decor elements only emphasize the originality of the headdress.
  • For brown-haired women, hats, caps, and other models of dark shades are optimal. Dark brown and black options will look advantageous. Walnut and blue headwear are at the peak of popularity today.
  • Red-haired women of fashion can use an accessory of any style if it is made in a yellow-brown or golden palette. A turquoise headdress will favorably emphasize the contrast with the fiery hair.
  • Brunettes can choose any model of bright colors to complement their own image. In combination with dark curls, products of red shades look incomparable.

Of course, in the world of hats, there is a place for universal models. Among these options are all white, black, or beige options for hats.

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