Kids Clothes 2022: Top 23 Latest Fashion Trends For Kids

Kids Fashion

New collections of kids clothes 2022 are interesting not only for growing babies but also for their mothers. Famous couturiers create collections for kids with no less zeal than for pretentious fashionistas.

What models are currently in demand? What do fashion-forward parents choose?

Kids Clothes 2022: Top 23 Latest Fashion Trends For Kids

These and many other questions worry every buyer before ordering a new collection.

In this article, we will reveal the current trends for the season, based on the world’s leading analysts and trend hunters. In this article, we will tell you about children’s current fashion trends.

The Main Colors of Summer Kids Clothes 2022

Three months of summer are dazzling with a variety of colors, each of which is beautiful in its own way. Fashion artists did not oppose nature and took bright, light, and neutral tones as a principle of their collections.

The Main Colors of Summer Kids Clothes 2022

Despite the fact that shades from pastel and basic palettes were intensely used, it is the classic red that prevails. Moreover, it is found both in monochrome and in combination with terracotta and black, together with floral designs.

Favorite Oversize

Unlike previous seasons, the oversize is somewhat restrained, the volume is accentuated. Fashion designers talk about details, that is, choosing a particular element of the model and using this technology specifically in it.

Therefore, the season, we can see a deflated sleeve, a bat sleeve, as well as additional volume in the products, are concentrated in the area of the shoulder blades. We are at the stage of freedom and emancipation in everything, including clothes.

Oversize is exactly what gives comfort, practicality and does not hinder movement.

The Main Colors of Summer Kids Clothes 2022


Complex layered looks are back in fashion! This is one of the most comfortable trends suggested by designers.

The idea of combining multiple layers of clothing is very easy to integrate into your everyday style. As a reminder, layering works well with oversize.


Baby Girl Dresses 2022 for Summer

A fashionable dress always stands out from the crowd for its style and current design. And the details and decor can have a considerable impact on its final look.

The trendy trapezoidal cut can be embellished with ruffles, luxurious bows, butterfly or flower appliqués, and a wide sash. Complementing the outfit with a headband, long gloves, or beads, you can create a cute look with an adult touch.

Baby Girl Dresses 2022 for Summer

Casual Baby Girl Dresses 2022

Even very young girls want to look with a twist in everyday life. Even riding on a merry-go-round or a slide, baby girls can look elegant if they wear a stylish dress.

Styles with simple cut lines, decorated with a large decorative element in the form of a flower on the shoulder or a knotted bow in a contrasting color will create a look in the style of simple elegance. The same effect is possible when decorating models with a flounce or frill, as well as when using an insert made of guipure fabric.

Casual Baby Girl Dresses 2022

Fitted Dresses Baby Girl Dresses 2022

True, fitted styles look so elegant on girls that designers could not get around this cut.

The style of straight-cut dresses made of jerseys or cotton is emphasized with a belt at the waist. Moreover, the colors can be not only monochrome but also have a pattern in the form of flowers or wide horizontal stripes.

Fitted Dresses Baby Girl Dresses 2022

Kids Clothes 2022: Sundresses

Sundresses in floral motifs and pastel monochrome shades made from a combination of fabrics – a monochromatic bodice and a printed skirt are especially trendy this season.

You can find models with a high waist and skirt, as well as loose-fit styles. Vertical flounces are used as decor, which can be singular or cover the entire surface of the

Kids Clothes 2022: Sundresses

Baby Girl Clothes 2022: Skirts

The mini length still takes the leading place in the collections. The distinctive features among the models are color solutions, styles, and texture of the material.

There should be several skirts in the summer wardrobe of 2022.

A variety of models allow you to create an image for any occasion:

  • Lush – Several layers of translucent fabric will make the girl a real princess at a wedding;
  • Sport chic – Trapezoidal or sun flared gray knitwear with stripes is useful for everyday fashion;
  • A-shaped – Models made of cotton or denim can be decorated with additional ruffles and pockets, as well as made of fabric with a print.

Baby Girl Clothes 2022: Skirts

Quilted Skirts and Shorts

Original skirts and shorts are a must-have for the Spring season. Such models will look harmonious along with cropped jackets.

Quilted Skirts and Shorts 2022

Baby Girl Clothes 2022 from Denim

Denim material has once again proved its versatility, appearing in the summer collection. Whatever model of clothes from the denim series the baby chooses, the presence of embroidery will make it even more fashionable.

Jeans have a high degree of compatibility with T-shirts and shirts, so the appearance of this material in summer collections is quite natural.
The most trending denim looks can be:

  • sports-cut shorts with rounded corners of the slits on the sides;
  • jumpsuit with shorts;
  • sundress with a skirt sun flared with thin straps.

Baby Girl Clothes 2022 from Denim

Kids Clothes 2022 with Patchwork

The combination of patches with different patterns in one piece of clothing will outshine even the brightest print. After all, several of them will appear on the outfit at once.

The style of a sundress and an A-line dress with lantern sleeves has become a favorite for embodying patchwork ideas.

Often, the clothes have a high waist, the bodice of which is in monochrome, and the patchwork combination is observed only on the skirt, which looked like squares or uniform vertical stripes.

Kids Clothes 2022 with Patchwork

Kids Clothes 2022 in Casual Style

All children adore the hot season because they can spend most of their day on the street. This is a great chance to showcase your entire summer wardrobe to everyone around.

Designers advise both dresses and sets of several items of clothing for girls. The former may have a loose fit with horizontal stripes or a long denim shirt. Ideal combinations can be overalls and an oversized T-shirt or shorts and a loose tunic.

Kids Clothes 2022: Top 23 Latest Fashion Trends

High-Waisted Cropped Jackets

High-waisted cropped jackets conquered the catwalks and hearts of fashionistas.

This season, the oversized trim is complemented by a cropped jacket that emphasizes the proportions of the body by lengthening the leg line.

High-Waisted Cropped Jackets 2022

Baby Girl Clothes 2022: Sportswear

Girls cannot do without special sportswear.

The jersey suit, consisting of trousers and a jumper, will become the favorite for sports. This model is presented in bright and pastel colors with traditional wide stripes on the sides of the legs or with the image of cartoon characters’ faces.

In addition to trouser suits, which can be combined with shorts and a light jacket, sets of T-shirts and leggings are used.

Baby Girl Clothes 2022: Sportswear

Cargo Pants and Joggers

Cargo pants and joggers are not only stylish but also provide comfort that doesn’t restrict movement. These trousers are easy to fit into any style, which makes them even more popular.

Designers try to embody the trends of the season in the collection of kids clothes 2022 for the spring season as aesthetically and harmoniously as possible. Experiment, create new looks, add creative ideas.

Cargo Pants and Joggers 2022

Baby Boy Clothes 2022: Harness, Belts, Braid

Sports decor and accessories are being used more and more actively. Buckles with adjustable webbing become the center of attention. Accessories are located at the waist and upper body. Adjustable straps and shoulder straps create a bold, practical look.

A belt is one of the best tools to accent your waist and can also be a great accessory to complete your look. The harness is a trend that is definitely worth falling in love with this season.

Belts that accent the waist are not new to modern fashion. Harnesses are a fresher look. You can wear leather harnesses, fabric harnesses, interlaced belts, etc.

Baby Boy Clothes 2022: Harness, Belts, Braid

Sports Ties, Cords, and Knots

Adjustable drawstrings with cords on the hood, sleeves, waist, and hem become a decorative element this season. Colorful stretch and nylon cords combine urban and sporty elements.

Baby Boy Clothes 2022: Harness, Belts, Braid

Baby Girl Clothes 2022 in Military Style

In camouflage clothes, girls may look less cute and without any gracefulness. Although a sweet smile can soften even the most severe image.

Clothes with a military touch give the girl seriousness and belligerence.

Designers also use camouflage colors for T-shirt dresses, bombers, trousers, and down jackets. In addition to the standard camouflage colors, the designers used monochrome khaki and olive.

Baby Girl Clothes 2022 in Military Style

Button Clasp

Buttons are widely used in clothing – lightness and convenience allow you to quickly button or unbutton clothes.

To create a sporty style, hidden buttons are often used, which allow you to give lightness, airiness to the appearance.


Kids Clothes 2022 with Prints

Drawing makes clothes much more engaging and brighter. The designers use the most heartwarming prints that created a delicate look for girls.

The hit of prints for kids clothes 2022 is polka dots of various sizes, photo print with the image of animals, Dalmatian print, ladybugs, and flower themes.

Kids Clothes 2022 with Prints


The trend in the use of inscriptions, slogans, and stylized words is only gaining momentum from year to year. It has long been loved by many kids and takes pride of place in the wardrobe.

A variety of phrases (with and without meaning), company logos, appeals, and so on are still relevant – all this creates dynamic and energetic images that are equally suitable for both girls and baby boy clothes 2022.

Kids Clothes 2022 with Prints

Shoes for Girls

For little fashionistas, couturiers have made a wide range of summer footwear models for any weather. Despite the variety of styles, most of the models are presented in the girls’ favorite colors.

Children’s shoes always look very cute on account of the details and the fashion gurus rely on them.

The most popular are loafers with bunny ears, light-up sneakers, and gold-tone princess sandals.


Shoes for Girls 2022

Parachute Hood

Kids clothes 2022 are marked by the fashion of the 80s.

During this period, there was a widespread passion for space, including parachute suits, spacesuits. Hence the use of light, soft hoods in new collections of designers, the so-called parachute hoods.


They can be worn, both as a fashionable part of the image, regardless of the weather, and, if necessary, as protection from rain and wind. Basically, it is in a stand-up collar with a zipper.

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