Kids Shoes 2022: Top 22 New Trends for Girls and Boys

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Since the legs grow quickly, which means that it is impossible to do without new purchases, kids shoes 2022 can be safely attributed to the most popular goods.

And since shopping is a must anyway, why not choose trendy shoes for kids? Indeed, unlike adult models, the kid models are purchased for one season, which means that it does not matter whether it will be trendy next year or not!

Kids' Shoes 2022: Top 22 New Trends for Girls and Boys

So, if you need to replenish your kid’s wardrobe with new pairs, it is not so difficult to find out what the fashionable children’s shoes 2022 trends are!

Fashionable Shoes for Girls 2022

In the 2022 season, the designers decided to provide the children’s feet with maximum comfort.

So, shoes for girls with heels disappeared from the collections, as well as some narrow models of shoes that could create discomfort.

Instead, in both the spring-summer and autumn-winter lines, models do not compress the legs, but, at the same time, are not wide enough to allow the legs to curve when walking.

Fashionable Shoes for Girls 2022

If you have to choose fashionable shoes for girls 2022 for a warmer period, you can purchase Velcro sneakers, crocs, open shoes, and sandals.

If you are preparing for the autumn-winter season, you will need rubber shoes for girls, UGGs with fur, closed shoes with no, or very low heels.


This type has become a real children’s trend, so branded shoes for girls in a sporty style are with Velcro, not laces.

Only a few labels have used laces and then, in most cases, again in combination with Velcro.

Fashionable Shoes for Girls 2022


Crocs are very comfortable shoes for children, and this year they are also fashionable. And yet, you cannot combine crocs with party clothes, so in addition to them, you will have to buy at least one pair of shoes.

By the way, many branded sandals can now be categorized as dressy shoes for girls. After all, they can be decorated with rhinestones and original decor, or be made of shiny materials.

Crocs kids shoes 2022

Demi-Season Shoes for Girls 2022

Separately, you should pay attention to the demi-season shoes for girls.

As before, rubber models are a favorite, but in order to make little fashionistas like them even more, the designers presented two new items – ankle boots with a rubber bottom and boots with handles, which are very convenient to put on and take off.

Demi-Season Shoes for Girls 2022

Boys’ Shoes 2022

Fashionable children’s shoes 2022 for boys are also created with comfort in mind, and among the trendy models, there are many that protect feet from moisture even in summer.

After all, designers know that young puddle explorers do their favorite thing at any time of the year!

So, in the collections of children’s shoes 2022 for the summer there are rubber sneakers, sneakers, Velcro sandals. And the fall-winter collections include rubber boots.

If earlier rubber shoes for boys were present only in the autumn-winter lines, now they have access to such a novelty as rubber sneakers.

You can wear them even in the heat since they are made of environmentally friendly rubber and have holes, which makes them moisture resistant.

Boys' Shoes 2022

Boys’ Sneakers 2022: Stylish Models

Sneakers, trainers, and sandals cannot be categorized as stylish shoes for boys, so for special occasions you still need to buy slip-ons or moccasins.

Children’s demi-season shoes for boys, as well as for girls are rubber boots. The novelty of the season is that models in brighter colors appeared in the collections, while the designers kept restrained colors for boots.

For the winter period, it is best to purchase apres-ski boots.

And not only because it is fashionable, but also because they are incredibly comfortable. The rubber bottom protects the feet from moisture in the best way, so they can be worn in the rain or snow.

Boys' Sneakers 2022: Stylish Models

Children’s Shoes 2022: Spring-Summer Season Trends

Let’s figure out what fashion trends can be traced in the global market of kids shoes 2022 in the spring-summer season.

Among the main trends are:

Zebra Print in Different Colors

This trend was already present last season, but now more delicate tones are in fashion, for example, pink, gold, and white-silver. Such shoes and sandals look especially stylish.

Children's Shoes 2022: Spring-Summer Season Trends

Pearlescent, Metallic, Silver, and Champagne

Mirror prints are in vogue this season. If your child loves everything shiny and iridescent, then you will definitely find many shoe options that will appeal to him.

This trend is found in sneakers, trainers, shoes, and sandals.Pearlescent, Metallic, Silver, and Champagne girls-shoes-2022

Tie-Dye Prints, Rainbows, Bright and Neon Colors

Bright hues and prints are also in fashion this spring, and especially in combination with the previous trend. The Spanish brand Pablosky calls it a unicorn trend in rainbow and iridescent colors. It introduces bright and colorful shoes.

Tie-Dye Prints, Rainbows, Bright and Neon Colors kids shoes 2022

Perforated Shoes

Shoes, sneakers, and sandals with small and large perforations are in trend this year.


Denim and Pastel Colors

In addition to the light color, this season is dominated by blue, light blue, denim, and soft natural shades that give a calm and natural touch to any look. Nature is one of the inspirations for the Pablosky brand this year.

Thus, this season again pleases with stylish interesting novelties for kids of all ages. If you want your child to wear not only the correct and comfortable shoes but also to be the most fashionable, go buy new spring and summer models and delight your beloved kids with them.


The main features of collections of children’s shoes for the fall-winter season are glamor and brutality, embroidery, jacquard and brocade, massive soles, color blocking, a combination of textures and materials, like smooth leather with embossed leather, suede, velour, and elastic inserts, bright colors.

In the fall-winter season, we can replenish the basic wardrobe with chain shoes, which fashionistas loved in previous collections.

Kids Shoes 2022: Fall-Winter Season Trends

Girls’ Shoes 2022 for Fall-Winter Season

The brutality of boots for girls in the fall-winter season is compensated by such bright girlish elements as a floral print, shiny blocks, sequins, flounces, patches, and, of course, fur.

Due to such elegant elements, even the coarse boots with tractor soles can be safely worn with a bright New Year’s dress made of organza.

The low-cut boot designs continue to remind us of the athleisure trend, just like in previous seasons. This time, the decor is updated with stones, playful cartoon faces, colorful fur, and metallic leather.

Girls' Shoes 2022 for Fall-Winter Season

Boys’ Shoes 2022 for Fall-Winter Season

Boot models for boys attract attention with unusual bold elements: neon sole, bright multicolored embroidery on the cape, brocade insert, abstract print in the form of human eyes.

Classic, and glamor tendency in the models of low shoes for boys: saggy sole, a combination of textiles with pinstripes print and patent leather, color blocking, bright lacing.

Boys' Shoes 2022 for Fall-Winter Season

Chain Trend in Kids Shoes 2022

The chain trend is captivating and it is impossible to break away from it. The further you go, the more interesting it gets.

Accessories in the form of voluminous chains and graceful bracelets dilute the straps and adorn the ankles in the summer.

Chain Trend in Kids' Shoes 2022

Aristocratic chains and separate large links gracefully fit the leg on models of the cold season. In winter, the chains will not leave the closed ankle and will be elegantly positioned on the vamp or heel.

Plastic and metal chain links will complement shoe trends such as:

  • monochrome (decor, leather, sole – in one shade of color);
  • embossed sole;
  • army boots;
  • lacing;
  • loafers;
  • ankle boots;
  • knee-high boots;
  • polished leather;
  • thick heel;
  • kitten heels.

Fashion designers have implemented bold solutions and increased the size of the fittings.

Chunky link chains add extra shine to the shoe. The brutal effect was enhanced by the combination of links with a cord, straps with buckles, a zipper, rivets, and other decors.

Shoe models appeared with chains in electroplated shades with a glossy sheen and a matte finish that echoed the color of the material.

Masculine shoes look bold and sophisticated at the same time.

These qualities are combined on boots with a protector in the Philipp Plein collection. In addition to the carabiner and the many thorns on the straps, the brand wrapped the heel in a chain and put the links under the sole.

A chain adorns the laced ankle boots on chunky Giuseppe Zanotti boots. The fashion house N21 took a detour and accentuated the monochromatic chain on boots with tractor soles.

Rough Link Boots 2022

Trendy Boots and Ankle Boots with Chains

The collection of the season includes shoes equipped with chains with decorative inserts. The links are diluted with pearl beads or stones on Miu Miu and Casadei ankle boots.

Longchamp placed a chain at the toes of patent leather boots, Giuseppe Zanotti decorated the heel of leather ankle boots with rings.

Trendy Boots and Ankle Boots with Chains 2022

Stylish Loafers With Chains

Luxury loafers with drawstrings and chains are found at Gucci and Miu Miu.

Shoes for Teenagers

Teenage shoes have always been different from children’s models, and the new season is no exception.

This year, designers have tried to create the best collaboration of children’s and adult trends, and many of the trending models are made in unisex style.

Thus, fashionable teenage shoes for girls will also be popular with boys, with the exception of those models that are created for festive situations.

Shoes for Teenagers 2022

So, fashionable shoes for teenage girls and boys in the new season are:

  • sneakers with thick soles;
  • sneakers in pop art style;
  • sandals and pumps;
  • moccasins and slip-on;
  • cowboy boots;
  • tough lace-up shoes.

Despite the fact that fashionable teenage shoes are different from children’s models, the desire for comfort and convenience is visible here as well.

Designers practically did not include high-heeled shoes in their collections, although among the demi-season shoes for teenagers, you can still see a high-thick heel.

In general, stylists recommend giving preference to a sporty style, choosing either trendy sneakers with thick soles or sneakers decorated with pop art images. At the same time, there are bright art models in collections for girls and in lines for boys!

Stylish shoes for teenage girls in the new season are sandals with straps and pumps. The former are ideal for the warm season, while the latter is ideal for indoor celebrations.

Teenager Shoes Trends 2022

It should be noted that both those and other shoe models are made in more muted tones, which is more typical for adults than for children’s fashion.

In similar situations, young men are advised to wear moccasins or slip-on, although in some collections you can also find classic stylish models such as oxfords.

Demi-Season Shoes for Teenagers

Fashionable teenage demi-season shoes in the 2022 season, however, like winter ones, are cowboy boots and rough boots. At the same time, classic cowboy boots are much easier to find in collections for girls!

Demi-Season Shoes for Teenagers 2022

By the way, the same can be said about boots. After all, most of these models have thick high heels, which means that they are created specifically for teenage girls!

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