Fashionable Men’s Hats 2021 l 15 New Trends

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In order to stay on-trend, you need to know the most fashionable and popular models of men’s hats 2021. In the cold season, hats not only warm but also complement the stylish image of a man.

With the arrival of autumn days, we begin to feel the need to put on warmer clothes: a coat, jacket, boots, and, of course, a hat. The main task of this wardrobe item is to protect us from the autumn wind and the prickly winter frost.

The main advantages of any model for men are practicality, comfort, and easy maintenance.

Fashionable Men's Hats 2021: 15 New Trends

It is important that they are light, soft, and warm, covering the ears and back of the head. The peculiarities of men’s hats are moderate colors and minimal accessories. So, what do stylists advise wearing in autumn and winter?

For most men, just one option of a hat is not enough. They buy products for getting around in the car, walking in nature and doing sports. Men’s hats 2021, both classic models and extravagant stylish options are in demand. Famous brands, such as Gucci and Calvin Klein recommend hats, caps, and an abundance of knitted hats in various styles this fall and winter.

Trendy Man’s Hats 2021

If you want to create an image of solidity, then be sure to look after a hat for yourself. There are no definite fashionable requirements for this headwear. You can choose the product that best suits you.

A man’s hat is an essential attribute of a man’s business style. They always remain relevant, despite the changeability and capriciousness of fashion.

Fashionable Men's Hats 2021: 15 New Trends

Classic Hats – Attribute of Aristocracy

The hat has returned to the catwalks in the most unexpected ways. The concept of a man’s hat is very broad. One of the perfect examples of classic hats is the so-called fedora: popular Al Capone and Sinatra loved to wear it very much, thanks to them, it became a symbol of the American troubled times.

Stetson is what cowboys wear. By matching them with different sets of outerwear, you can create very interesting images:

Fedora with a leather jacket, a short jacket decorated with a big snood; on the other hand, matching it with a classic coat with small fur trim in combination with leather gloves, a good muffler or a tie in the neckline and gloves will not leave indifferent either a lady or a business partner.

Fashionable Men's Hats 2021: 15 New Trends

A very interesting youthful image will turn out if you wear a Stetson brown hat with a beige sheepskin coat and jeans.

Famous fashion houses offer men small or large-brimmed soft felt, traditionally decorated with a satin ribbon.

Men’s Winter Hats 2021: Panama Hats

The designers offer men a completely unexpected headwear for the cold season – a Panama hat.

There are fur and canvas Panamas in the collections, i.e. they can be worn in rainy autumn and cold winter. The most stylish options can be found in the Fendi collection.

Fashionable Knitted Men’s Hats 2021

One of the most practical and versatile headwear is knitted hats. Knitted hats with a lapel have been popular for several seasons. Both men and women wear them with pleasure. 2021 is no exception. Men’s knitted hats remain in trend.

Today, chunky knit hats are in fashion again. The tip of the hat can either stick out upward or slightly tucked towards the back of the head.

Products of dense medium-sized knitting of dark shades remain a win-win option. The black or brown model is almost universal. They can be worn with a jacket or even a coat.

The lapel of a knitted men’s hat can be of any width. It serves a dual purpose. Visually increases the volume of the head and covers the ears more tightly from wind and cold.

Fashionable Men's Hats 2021: 15 New Trends

Men’s Hats 2021 with A Pompom

Want to add some fun to your look? Buy men’s knitted hat with a pompom.

It can be made from yarn or natural fur. But the main thing is that it should not be too bulky. Otherwise, the hat will look like a woman’s.

This playful headwear is very popular with young people. Hats with small and large pompoms look very stylish, adding a fabulous mood to the image.

Fashionable Men's Hats 2021: 15 New Trends

Knitted Autumn Hats for Men

When the winter frosts are still far away, but the street is already cool enough for men, stylists recommend wearing autumn fashionable hats made of thin smooth knitwear.

Fashionable Men's Hats 2021: 15 New Trends

Such models fit the head tightly. They look as simple and neat as possible.

They can be solid in any color – from snowy white to deep black. Those who find it boring can choose models with a discreet ornament.

Men’s Winter Hats 2021 – Fur Hats

The fur is a warm luxury. Of course, it is difficult to compete with a fur hat. Nevertheless, there is some variety.

It is difficult to determine the most popular fur. Smooth and fluffy furs and combinations with leather and suede are used.

World history has a lot of styles of fur hats. Certain types of fur hats are no longer used in everyday life, while others are back in fashion.

A modern alternative to ear flaps is represented by the following proposals:

Boyar in the modern version is rarely made from sable due to its high cost.

Fashionable Men's Hats 2021: 15 New Trends

Fluffy furs such as silver fox or raccoon are more commonly used. The historical boyar had a velvet bottom. Men’s winter hats 2021 do without this part: either they do without it at all, or they use fur from the abdomen for the bottom.

Beanies for Men 2021

Men’s beanie hats 2021 are a win-win fashion option. Young people wear them with pleasure. According to stylists’ predictions, the popularity of these models will remain high for a long time.

Beanie can be safely called a versatile product. Indeed, unlike women, men wear them in different ways.

They can be pulled over the eyebrows or open the forehead. You can make a fold or wear without it, leaving the back of the volume. And if you wear such a model a little to one side, then you can advantageously visually correct the oval of the face, divert attention from its shortcomings.

Fashionable Men's Hats 2021: 15 New Trends

Beanie goes well with a snood scarf. Such kits are practical and provide good protection from the cold.

Men’s Hats 2021: Snood Hood

This model is at the peak of its popularity among men’s hats 2021. An extravagant headpiece for true fashionistas perfectly protects from wind and frost.

For bold young people, designers offer to pay attention to fashionable caps-hoods. These are very comfortable models that simultaneously function as headwear and a scarf. They can be of various textures, from fleece to, knitwear, and so on. They are recommended to be worn with bologna jackets or woolen coats and jackets.

Fashionable Men's Hats 2021: 15 New Trends

Men’s caps 2021

Men’s baseball hats 2021 are included both in the line of men’s summer hats 2021 and men’s hats for the cold season. It makes sense that this headwear would suit a casual and sporty look, but as a trend of the season, it can be worn with a jacket.

Fashionable Peaked Caps for Men 2021

The cap is one of the hats that almost all men love. This is probably why almost all stylists have included caps in this season’s collections.

Peaked caps are the most beloved by men. Lovers of the classics can safely wear them in the upcoming season. Manufacturers offer a large selection of models.

Fashionable Men's Hats 2021: 15 New Trends


Men’s berets are at the peak of their popularity as popular models of men’s caps 2021.

They can be made of a variety of materials: wool, felt, leather. Dior Men offered to decorate the headwear with a brooch to create an evening look.


As in women’s fashion, in the world of men’s fashion, kepi caps break all records for popularity.

This headpiece will create a somewhat cheeky and stylish look. How and with what to wear caps in the fall-winter 2021 season can be spied on at the shows of the Dolce & Gabbana, Dior Men, Yohji Yamamoto, Junya Watanabe, etc. collections.

Fashionable Men's Hats 2021: 15 New Trends

Men’s Winter Hats 2021 with Ear flaps

Hats with ear flaps will probably never go out of fashion. And if some time ago men forgot a little about them, now such models can be increasingly found on city streets.
It can be a leather model with a fleece lining or a voluminous ear flap made of fur with a long pile. Moreover, the color of such headwear can be very unusual: bright red, yellow, purple.

Fashionable Men's Hats 2021: 15 New Trends

Men’s Hats 2021: Bucket Hats

Now you know what fashionable men’s hats 2021 are in trend.

Fashionable Men's Hats 2021 l 15 New Trends

Choose what you like.

Going on vacation, going somewhere in the mountains for skiing, or just relaxing in a country house, you can purchase a playful hat with a bubo or pigtail strings.

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