Top 20 Best Prom Dresses 2022 To Have A Look At

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It is worth saying that for many girls, it is a very difficult procedure to choose prom dresses 2022 because you need to please not only yourself but also capricious classmates who will certainly discuss the appearance of each girl.

After all, graduation is not just a holiday, but a boundary separating childhood and adulthood. And to enter a new life, any girl wants to solemnly.

Everyone strives to look their best on this magical evening. So that the views of all those present were directed precisely at her.

20 Best Prom Dresses 2022

Therefore, you need to carefully and responsibly approach this process, because if you choose the right dress and complement it with stylish accessories, you can emphasize beauty, graceful taste, and elegance.

And these three things are very important for a modern girl.

Fashionable Colors of Prom Dresses 2022

Of course, the choice of color depends only on the preference of the owner of the outfit. But if you want to keep up with the times and fashion, you should pay attention to a number of trends.

Also take a look at evening dresses 2022.

Fashion designers predict the following colors:


All the forms of turquoise are relevant. It can be either a rich dark color or a lighter shade. For brown-haired women with pink skin, light shades are great. Burning brunettes will look great in bright shades of this color.

It is better for blondes to choose bright, but not dark tones. Any shade is suitable for red-haired beauties – the main thing is to slightly dilute it with some other color.

20 Best Prom Dresses 2022

Blue Prom Dresses 2022

Deep and rich, like a cornflower, or barely noticeable, like the sky on a sultry day. Deep blue is the color of brunettes and dark brown-haired women. Fair-haired girls should give preference to the calmer tones of this color as well as navy blue prom dresses 2022.

The blue peony is undoubtedly one of the favorites. Any others can be combined with this color, while it will remain the same universal.

Marina, that is, sea – rich and bright, it combines elegance and sophistication. This option is more suitable for sophisticated girls.

Blue Prom Dresses 2022


Quite discreet and strict. Possible steel with gloss or shimmery graphite.

This color is perfect for girls of any type. Makeup in rich and lively tones is perfect for such a dress, even if it is completely dim. And of course bright accessories.

They can add life to even the most basic outfit. The main thing is not to overdo it.

Gray Prom Dresses 2022

White and Black Prom Dresses 2022

Classic colors, timeless and fashionable.

They will look good together with each other, or separately – as independent colors.

They are suitable for girls of any type of figure, skin color, hair color. In this case, black prom dresses 2022 will make you look slimmer and stretch the figure. White prom dresses 2022 will add airiness to your look.

White and Black Prom Dresses 2022

Red Prom Dresses 2022

A girl in such a dress will look very bright, stylish, and interesting. These colors are suitable for absolutely everyone, both blondes, and brunettes. The look with a long burgundy mermaid dress, luxurious curls, and brown smoky will make the girl a real queen of the evening.

One of the most dynamic shades of red is grenadine. It will suit confident girls who want to draw attention to themselves.

Red Prom Dresses 2022

Dirty Pink Prom Dresses 2022

This color has a large army of fans, it looks very noble, feminine, natural, and gentle. It is suitable for fair girls with cold skin tones. Both light, blond hair and dark, brown, chocolate go well with it.

Dirty Pink Prom Dresses 2022


The dress, inlaid with gold sequins, will make you the most beautiful at the prom. Your image will definitely not go unnoticed. This dress looks stylish, daring, and sexy.

Suitable for any skin tone, the color type should be warm. Thanks to the golden color, the skin and hair will have a delicate and very beautiful shimmer.

prom Dresses 2022

Burgundy / Wine / Dark Plum

These colors will make the image attractive, mesmerizing, and attractive. These colors are great for girls with dark, brown, chocolate hair tones and cold skin tones.

Dirty wine Prom Dresses 2022


This is the noblest and elegant color for prom. A girl in a dress of this color looks very restrained, sophisticated, and feminine. This shade is suitable for girls with any skin tone.

With dark, chocolate hair, it looks crazy beautiful and attractive. Red lips or brown smoky, luxurious curls or a discreet, neat bun are suitable for a dress of this color.

It should be noted that these are only the main trends. If desired, the color can be absolutely any. The same applies to shades. The main thing is to choose the right colors – clean and understandable.


Prints for Prom Dresses 2022

As for popular prints, it is the floral motif that remains at the top of popularity, it gives the image freshness, romanticism, and grace. An embroidery is also a fashionable option.

Floral Prom Dresses 2022

Recently, floral print has become the main way to decorate things, and it also took first place in the ranking of the most popular prints. It is perfect for a prom dress, making it feminine and cute. Floral prom dresses 2022 with a total floral look with a scattering of small flowers are trendy now.

The main trend in floral print has become a method involving gluing small flowers on organza or chiffon around the entire perimeter of the skirt. Dresses with this pattern are great for girls with any type of figure, and it will also help hide flaws, taking a lot of attention to itself.

Prints for Prom Dresses 2022

Geometric Patterns

For those who like strict looks, dresses with geometric patterns are a great option. This print perfectly emphasizes the figure and hides all the flaws. Basically, in such outfits, they use a wide strip or a check pattern, less often – various small patterns.

When choosing a dress decorated with a print, feel free to give preference to a model on which buds of all kinds of flowers bloom.

Outfits of light shades look very impressive, with bright scarlet poppies, rich purple peonies, and pale blue forget-me-nots.

Prints for Prom Dresses 2022

Fashion Materials for Prom Dresses 2022

The material from which the dress is made also plays an important role. They have a very great influence on the entire image of the girl.

So, for example, if you want to look innocent and airy, chiffon and organza.
will do. In a word, all flying, translucent, like tulle, materials.

For romantic young ladies, we suggest delicate lace or guipure of light shades.

For those who are confident and courageous atlas, silk, fabrics covered with sequins and beads, lace, only in brighter colors are great options.

It is also worth remembering the possibility of combining fabrics with each other.

Fashion Materials for Prom Dresses 2022

Short Prom Dresses 2022

Short dresses can perfectly emphasize your figure, show the beauty of your legs. This dress can be used even after the prom.

Such a dress does not necessarily mean vulgarity, choosing the right style, you will be elegant and delicate. From short dresses, everyone will be able to choose an option for themselves and not leave anyone indifferent.

Short Prom Dresses 2022

Long Prom Dresses 2022

Long dresses are typical for prom, but you need to pay special attention to small details because often such a style can emphasize flaws.

Long dresses with transparent long sleeves are very beautiful; such a modern sleeve demonstrates delicacy and femininity.

In 2022, the maxi-length sheath dress has become a hit of the season. It looks especially beautiful if this garment is with geometric patterns. This option, according to the designers, will never go out of fashion, because it emphasizes aristocracy and sophisticated conservatism.

Long dresses are suitable for girls with any figure. Fitted models are great for slender girls.

The ones with a fluffy skirt will help hide figure flaws. They are suitable for girls with a square or inverted triangle body type, as they visually reduce the contrast between a voluminous top and a less voluminous bottom.

The dress can be supplemented with an open back, deep neckline, or a train.

Long Prom Dresses 2022

Two-Piece Dresses for The Prom

As the name implies, the dress consists of two parts – a short top and a skirt. To create the right impression of the outfit, you should pay attention to dresses with a modest tight top and a skirt with knee-length and below.

As for the style, it is better to choose a top with a sleeve, and a flared skirt. For a festive event, you can choose models trimmed with lace, embroidery, ribbons, beads.

The number of options is limitless. When trying on, you should pay special attention to how much of the body is visible in the dividing part. The open area should be very small. Subject to these basic rules, the outfit will emphasize the individuality of the owner.

Otherwise, it can be vulgar. Such a dress will look simply gorgeous on miniature or athletic pumped-up young ladies.

Two-Piece Dresses for The Prom 2022

Cocktail Dresses

This is, probably, the most common prom dress. You can find a huge selection in almost any store. Particular attention should be paid to dresses with a simple silhouette, but at the same time with a complex cut.

Outfits with a combination of various structures will look advantageous.

The dress should be original, but not pretentious. Sit perfectly on the figure and emphasize all its advantages. This dress will suit both petite girls and young ladies with curvaceous shapes.

Cocktail Dresses 2022

Lace Dresses

The choice of such a dress will undoubtedly attract attention. It can create the image of a sexy and confident girl, or a light and romantic nymph.

Colors can be absolutely any – from bright and saturated to delicate and pastel. In itself, such a dress is very daring. In this regard, it is worth choosing models of a simple cut.

Avoid all kinds of ruffles, sequins, and many frills. In addition, it is better to choose simple and concise shoes and accessories. To add piquancy, they can be in a contrasting color with the color of the outfit.


Greek-Style Dresses

Dresses of this style do not give up their positions. Delicate and romantic, as if they came from ancient myths and legends. The look can be complemented by the right hairstyle and shoes.

Jewelry in the style of ancient Rome or ancient Greece is great.

Greek-Style Dresses 2022

Everything should be consistent in the same style. A Greek-style pink dress is at the peak of popularity. Such models will look most advantageous on tall girls.

At the same time, the cut will allow you to hide figure flaws if any.

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