Top 16 Awesome Ideas for Best Wedding Suits for Men 2022

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Have you already begun preparations for your wedding?

Well, we want to help you a little with some ideas for stylish wedding suits for men 2022 helping you reduce the number of causes for stress and give you the opportunity to enjoy this pleasant hassle of preparing for the most important event in your life.

Top 16 Awesome Ideas for Best Wedding Suits for Men 2022

After all, a perfectly fitted suit can hide many flaws in the figure, while improperly selected clothes can ruin not only the mood but also the holiday itself.

Men’s Wedding Suits 2022 & Bride’s Dress

It is the 21st century, and the festivities on the occasion of the creation of a family are now different for everyone.

Have look also at men’s suits 2022.

So what should the future spouse have to go to the wedding, how to choose the right outfit, which, moreover, will be combined with the dress of your future life friend? Let’s start our list with traditional weddings to themed ones.

Men’s Wedding Suits 2022 & Bride's Dress

Wedding Suits 2022 For Formal Classic Wedding

If the celebration is traditional, then the following will suit you:

  • business suit (single or double-breasted);
  • three-piece suit (vests add a certain chic);

  • smoking;
  • tailcoat.

Here it is worth considering the pomp of the event. In the case of a large and luxurious wedding, it is better to opt for a tuxedo or tailcoat.

Wedding Suits 2022 For Formal Classic Wedding

Wedding Suits 2022: Evening Tuxedo

There are a few rules to keep in mind when choosing a tuxedo. It should not be worn during the day or in the morning, the tuxedo is only worn in the evening.

A black or dark blue tuxedo and a white shirt with a stand-up collar and a bow tie look harmonious. Tuxedo trousers are girded with a wide sash or held in suspenders, but not on a belt. The cuffs of the shirt are fastened with cuff links. A white handkerchief should be visible from the breast pocket.

Black varnished shoes will go perfectly with this image. Oxfords will look perfect as well.

Wedding Suits 2022: Evening Tuxedo

2022 Wedding Suits: Tailcoat

A tailcoat is the most formal and solemn version of the groom’s suit. It is worn with a starched white shirt with a bib and stand-up collar, a bow tie, and a silk vest.

The vest must be fastened with all buttons. It is also customary to wear white gloves and a watch on a chain for a tailcoat. As for shoes, black patent shoes with the same color socks are suitable.

2022 Wedding Suits: Tailcoat

Wedding Suit Ideas 2022 in Informal and Cozy Style

If the event is more of a family one, then a simple classic jacket and casual-style trousers are also suitable, which can be given a special solemnity with the help of accessories.

It is even allowed to wear sneakers with such a suit if you have a youth gathering. In addition, wedding suits for the groom look original if you choose the right material and color.

Wedding Suit Ideas 2022 in Informal and Cozy Style

Men’s Wedding Suits 2022 for Thematic Weddings

First, you should decide on a dress for the bride, the venue for the solemn event, and only then pass to the choice of style, design, and color of the groom’s suit.

If the wedding is themed, then you will have a difficult task to choose the appropriate style of the suit.

A wedding in rustic style allows one to put on a country-style outfit – a vest, suspenders, no tie, moccasins, straw hats, etc.

At the same time, at a thematic wedding, both unusual outfits and traditional costumes are acceptable, which we will talk about further.

Whichever style the choice falls on, the groom’s suit for the wedding is simply obliged to fit perfectly on the figure (especially if you remember about photography and video shooting).

If it’s made to order, a good tailor will take care of it anyway. If it is bought in a store, then if there are any shortcomings, it is worth contacting a workshop and adjusting it.

Men’s Wedding Suits 2022 for Thematic Weddings

Features of the Figure

It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the figure. For guys with slender figures of short and medium height, fitted jackets with narrowed trousers can be a good option, and for denser and taller men, a straight cut is suitable.

And you need to pay attention to this when deciding how to dress for a wedding because men’s wedding suits 2022 of any style should emphasize the advantages and hide figure flaws.

Men’s Wedding Suits 2022


First, the fabric of wedding suits for men 2022 should be natural, in extreme cases – blended. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the material.

Fabric manufacturers offer a wide variety of materials for ceremonies, from daytime to evening. If you plan to use the suit in the future, you can choose a neutral option by decorating the suit with accessories and adding smart shoes.

The season plays an important role – in the summer the palette becomes lighter, and the fabric is lighter.

For warm spring and summer, the best materials are silk, satin, cotton, and linen. For the autumn-winter season, these are wool, corduroy, velvet. For example, it can be a copper-colored corduroy suit for winter, and a linen suit for summer.


Trendy Colors

When choosing the color of the groom’s suit, you also need to consider the season. In winter, a dark tone looks more appropriate, in summer – a light one.

Fashionable wedding suits are now presented in all shades of gray, brown, cappuccino, blue, beige, burgundy, hot pink, purple, lilac, purple, graphite, green, lilac, dark red. Bright yellow, fawn, blue, mustard, and other outfits look extravagant.


Black Suit

A conservative black suit with a white shirt looks very elegant and gives a solemnity to the overall look. Light-colored outfits are very sophisticated.

There are many color options, such as beige, blue, light brown, gray. This allows you to put on such a suit for a wedding, which will simultaneously go to the newlywed and match the bride and the color of the celebration.


White Suit

The summer white men’s suit is especially chic. It looks very solemn and elegant. The combination of such a suit with a white matte shirt and vest, satin tie (white total look style) looks great.

Also, a groom in a white suit can combine it with a blue shirt and blue tie.


Blue Wedding Suit

If the celebration takes place by the water, the groom’s blue suit will become relevant. However, ultramarine is also suitable for more traditional celebrations. It can be combined very effectively with a white vest and shirt. In dark blue, as well as in dark brown and black, men will look slimmer.

Finally, whatever color the groom’s outfit may be, it must be in harmony with the bride’s dress and accessories.

How To Complement The Image of The Groom?

For a full image, a perfectly chosen suit is not enough. Next, you need to choose the right shirt, shoes, and accessories.


Shirts for Wedding Suits 2022

Men’s wedding suits 2022 should be shirts. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

A man’s shirt should be in harmony with the bride’s outfit and at the same time match the color of the jacket. White wedding shirts are always relevant, but if the dress has a pastel shade: milky, powdery, ivory, champagne, peach, then note that next to a snow-white shirt or jacket it may not look relevant.

Both casual and wedding gowns should be made from natural fabrics. Just for a celebration, it is better to choose elegant materials, for example, oxford, twill, or jacquard.

As mentioned above, for a tuxedo or tailcoat, shirts with a bib and a stand-up collar under a bow tie are suitable.

Shirts for Wedding Suits 2022


Wedding shoes classics are oxfords or derby shoes. And it is important that the shoes are comfortable because you will have to walk and dance in them for almost a day. The color must match the suit and belt.

Socks should be selected either in the color of the shoes or in the color of the trousers.



Accessories for wedding suits are:

  • tie (and tie clip) or bow tie. If a tailcoat or a tuxedo is chosen, then it is better to opt for a bow tie. And with a business suit, a classic tie looks better. Another option is a scarf;
    cuff links – matched, first, to a wedding ring, tie, bracelet, watch;
  • belt – as we already wrote, should match in color with shoes and a suit;
  • pocket-handkerchief, echoing the tie and attire of the bride;
  • the boutonniere is the so-called decoration that is inserted into a jacket pocket. It should match the color of the bride’s bouquet. It is better not to make such an accessory yourself, but to trust the professionals.

The groom’s clothes, including accessories, should be in perfect harmony with the bride’s dress. Not a single element can discord in the entire set of newlyweds, otherwise, their images will be spoiled.

Therefore, when choosing wedding dresses, young people need to evaluate them as a whole.

16 Ideas for Best Wedding Suits for Men 2022

Where to Buy It, and How Much Will it Cost?

The suit can be ordered from a tailor or bought ready-made. The second option takes less time. Moreover, you can buy both offline and online.

So, Top brands and TSUM belong to the high price segment.

Average price tags are, for example, Kanzler, East Dane, Yoox.

Average and low prices can be seen in Lamoda, Asos.

Depending on your financial capabilities, buy outfits that suit you and your bride in style, cut, color, material, and other characteristics.

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