Skirts 2022: Top 20 New Fashion Trends To try This Year

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Elegant skirts 2022 are a basic element of any lady’s wardrobe. Fashionable options are relevant all year round, as they emphasize the femininity and sexuality of every fashionista.

Skirts 2022: Top 20 New Fashion Trends To try This Year

The variety of materials and styles of fall-winter and spring-summer season skirts 2022 allows you to create a variety of looks: business, romantic, practical, bold, and outrageous.

Here we are going to speak about fashionable styles of skirts 2022 for each season.

Fashion designers have offered fashionistas a large selection of skirts of different styles that are suitable for all occasions. For the cold season, options from dense fabrics, warming on days of bad weather, are relevant.

Skirts of different lengths are in trend – elegant midi skirt 2022, romantic maxi skirts 2022, and the seductive mini. All these styles are an effective base for creating a fall-winter look, choosing a beautiful top for them in the form of a blouse, turtleneck, or sweatshirt.

General Trends for Winter Skirts 2022

As for color preferences, the top models of skirts for the coming season are presented in muted and soothing colors. Designers have offered many options for skirts in beige, brown, black, green shades.

But there are also exceptions. Extraordinary prints in the form of geometric shapes, ethnic motifs, floral patterns, animalistic colors are trendy for skirts regardless of the season.

But the trendiest prints are drawings that resemble children’s pictures. Lovers of creative looks will appreciate the unusual multicolored designer skirts in patchwork style.

Classic Models: Pencil Midi Skirts 2022

No matter how fashionable the skirts are, every fashionista’s wardrobe should have a rectangular tapered pencil skirt. Previously, it was believed that this style is an attribute of office style, but now this basic wardrobe item is perfectly combined with different elements of clothing, so a pencil skirt is considered universal.

Another plus of the style – it fits any shape: the high waist will hide the problem belly, and the cut will visually increase the too narrow hips.

In the coming season, designers propose to improve the classic model with patch pockets and options for high-waist pencil skirts such as a corset, which are worn with a belt.

This season, designers recommend paying attention to a velvet pencil skirt. Such models of wine, mustard, emerald color in combination with a light blouse, high-heeled shoes, and stockings allow you to create an elegant and interesting outfit. A velvet skirt of any color will look bright and catch the eye of others. In order not to smear the image, it is better to refrain from bright accessories.

For a classic look for the cold season, go with a fine wool pencil skirt.

Classic Models: Pencil Midi Skirts 2022

Leather Skirts 2022

The stylish winter and fall leather skirts 2022 delight fashionistas with a diverse color palette, a wide variety of styles, and texture solutions. Fashion gurus are increasingly using shades of pink, green, blue.

At the same time, all shades of these colors are in trend – from pastel to saturated. Leather mini with contrasting color inserts looks interesting.

Combined models made of leather, with the addition of other materials, such as knitwear or lace are also noteworthy. As for the decor, leather models look beautiful both with aggressive details, for example, with a metal snake lock or lacing, and with quieter elements such as fringe or lace. The lineup is represented by options for mini, maxi, fitted styles, an asymmetric cut, etc.

Leather Skirts 2022

Jeans Skirts 2022

Practicality and comfort always remain in vogue, so you can safely buy jeans skirts for the cold season. In the fall skirts 2022 collections, fashion gurus have relied on denim. You can find different styles of skirts in denim: with ruffles and slits, asymmetrical and classic.

The trendiest fall solution will be a denim total look in dark blue. Looks of this trend were also presented by fashion couturier Hermes.

Jeans Skirts 2022

Pleated Skirts

Flowy pleated skirts look great in fall/winter looks. Couturiers offer fashionistas pleated skirts in shades of bronze, silver, as well as a golden color.

Variants in various styles are in vogue – both with small pleats and with larger pleats. With a fashionable pleated skirt, the look is feminine and delicate even on the worst days.


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The plaid skirt is a classic element of women’s wardrobe, which will diversify everyday looks. The checkered pattern on clothes has remained trendy for several seasons.

For this season checkered skirts are available in a variety of color variations. Bright and muted, large and small, expressive and calm – even the most whimsical women of fashion can choose the option to their liking.


Shiny Styles

Metallic shine in clothing remains popular and this can be seen in fashionable skirts with gold, silver, or colored tints. Such models were presented on fashion catwalks during the shows of the autumn-winter collections 2022.

At the same time, skirts with a metallic effect on which are achieved with the help of sequin embroidery fade into the background. For this season, skirts made of fabric with a metal coating are in trend.

The metallic effect looks especially impressive on pleated skirts.


Fall-Winter Long Skirts 2022

Maxi skirts have become more magnificent than before.

This effect was achieved by designers through the use of hard fabrics, pleats, and ruffles. Maxi trapeze skirts are suitable for ladies with curvaceous shapes and for those of short stature long skirts in combination with high-heeled shoes are an ideal option.

Long skirts are available in different styles. The most interesting are sports options with ties in the waist area, transparent maxi models in combination with tight leggings, as well as maxi-skirts with cuts.

Fall-Winter Long Skirts 2022

High Slits

In the collections of famous couturiers, fashionable skirts with cuts of different lengths and types are presented. Skirts with one or two cuts, which are symmetrically made on the sides, are relevant.

To create interesting models, the designers supplemented the cuts with decorative elements, for example, metal rivets, lacing, and also zippers. By the way, zipper snakes allow you to adjust the length of the skirt cut, which is very convenient for creating different looks.

Fall-Winter Long Skirts 2022

Asymmetrical Skirts

The asymmetrical cut makes it possible to add a unique flavor and variety to the feminine image. A feature of this style of skirt is a zigzag lower cut.

Designers pay special attention to wrap skirts, such models create multi-layered looks that will be in trend in the autumn-winter season.

Fashionable asymmetrical skirts can be made of one type of fabric or combine materials with different structures, such as chiffon and leather.

Asymmetrical Skirts 2022

Laces and Buttons

These simple décor elements make skirts eye-catching. The buttons can be located both at the front and at the sides.

The buttons themselves can be made of different materials: plastic and metal, covered with fabric or with a sparkling stone inside. Lacing is most often used on wrap or slit models.

Skirts 2022

Fur Skirts

Such models are not only warm; they are quite non-standard. They can be worn with short jackets like coats. A fur clutch can complement fur products, which will become the highlight of the image.

Basically, models are presented in mini length, up to the knee, but there are also midi and maxi length models. The draped skirt with fur patch pockets looks interesting.

Fur skirts, painted in bright, acid tones, look original. Such products will cheer up their owner even on the cloudiest day.

To create such unusual models, fashion designers use karakul fur, the texture of which is quite expressive.

Fur Skirts 2022

Combinations with Autumn and Winter Skirts 2022

To create a stylish autumn-winter outfit, it is not enough to choose a fashionable skirt. It is important to properly complement it with the appropriate upper wear and footwear.

Combinations with Autumn and Winter Skirts 2022

Upper Wear & Footwear

Fashionable styles of skirts in the cold season can be supplemented with turtlenecks, V-neck jumpers, pullovers, jackets, cardigans, chunky knit sweaters, shirts, or blouses.

At the same time, it is important to correctly combine the top and bottom. If the skirt is of bright colors or a complex cut, a more relaxed shirt or pullover should be chosen for it, and, conversely, a more interesting top can be chosen for simple classic models.

The choice of shoes for a particular skirt directly depends on its length. So, maxi and midi can be worn with shoes, ankle boots, ankle boots, and high boots.

Over-the-knee boots are suitable for the mini style, which will keep your feet warm. The exception to this rule is a short leather skirt, which will look vulgar with high boots.

Combinations with Autumn and Winter Skirts 2022

A-line summer skirts 2022 created from fabric with gradient color and complemented with such an interesting detail as a scent are very popular this season. The preferred color scheme is surprisingly modest: it is a strict combination of black and white in all kinds of shades.

In general, models with a smell have just started to come into fashion. Therefore, if there is a desire to attract the attention of others and demonstrate your original taste, life presents a pleasant opportunity.

General Trends for Summer Skirts 2022

Asymmetrical Skirts for Summer 2022

Lovers of unusual fashion trends will definitely like asymmetrical skirts. Their hem is not flat, like other models, and one of the corners is higher than the other. Such skirts look quite extravagant and spectacular, however, it is this feature of them that does not allow absolutely all girls to enjoy this model.

Skirts with asymmetry take their origin from tops on one shoulder. Later, the trend was extended to the bottom. As a result, they have firmly taken their place in the fashion trend of the spring-summer 2022 season.

Girls with slender legs can afford skirts with asymmetry. Do not forget about the models with a smell. This item of women’s wardrobe will definitely emphasize the fragile silhouette of the figure, add charm.

Asymmetrical Skirts for Summer 2022

Sheer Skirts

These models are not a new trend, but they are still relevant. A transparent skirt is suitable for creating a casual spring-summer look.

Also, daring fashionistas who love to be the center of attention can choose a spectacular sheer skirt for a party or special occasion. The length of skirts with transparent textures is most often midi or maxi.

Appliques, flowers, lace perfectly complement the bold options for transparent skirts.

Sheer Skirts 2022

Maxi Spring Skirts 2022

In past seasons, maxi was allowed only in evening dresses. However, since the time of the maxi, they have become more confident to penetrate into everyday clothes. Long skirts worked well with a shirt, jumper, and more revealing garments.

If we talk about summer maxi options, you should focus on bright, lightweight models made of eco-friendly, breathable materials.

Styles of maxi skirts this season are striking in variety:

  • lush and bright suns and half-suns;
  • pencil skirts;
  • models with an asymmetrical hem and deep cutouts;
  • and many, many others.

A maxi skirt made of transparent and translucent materials looks quite curious. The hem (its length), at the same time, can be different: to the floor, to the ankle, as well as shortened in front or behind.

Maxi Spring Skirts 2022

Summer Pencil Skirts 2022

Earlier, a pencil skirt was used only to create a business look. Nowadays, it is perfectly combined with things of any style. Designers dilute the strict style with all sorts of shades, that are sometimes bright and accentuating.

The cut is the same, but the tone of the skirt will no longer allow you to wear it to work, especially if the office has a strict dress code.

To make the style even more memorable, it is proposed to frame pencil skirts with patch pockets, all kinds of draperies, or flounces, and experimenting with cuts.

Summer Pencil Skirts 2022

Summer Skirts 2022: Fluffy Models

With the help of fluffy skirts, you can create an image in a romantic style. A light romance and sophistication of a flowing silhouette are formed, regardless of a woman’s physique.

Summer Skirts 2022: Fluffy Models

The ideas voiced above seemed to fly in the air because they were picked up by the designers of several world fashion houses at once.

Almost simultaneously, they created a trapezoidal model with a tight-fitting waist and a slightly flared hem. Some pieces are trimmed along the hem with a guipure tape or light lace.

Flounces, ruffles, and pleats are used.

Skirts 2022: Top 20 New Fashion Trends

All these details are, of course, the attributes of a hot summer with its beach season.

Women’s fashion for skirts 2022 is quite democratic. For every young lady, there is an option for a beautiful and stylish skirt for every taste. Even the simplest classic skirt in the new season will receive a huge number of image variations for every day.

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