Blazers for Women 2022: Top 22 Best Outfit Inspirations

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Fashionable blazers for women 2022 are iconic pieces of any woman’s wardrobe. Women’s blazers 2022 are no longer a personification of boring officialdom without creative impulse and a stylistic explosion in it.

Now you can create both unsurpassed, sophisticated, and youthful looks. The range of colors and the abundance of styles will allow a woman to take off on the pedestal of fashionable Olympus.

Blazers for Women 2022: Top 22 Best Outfit Inspirations

A blazer is a fashionable element of a woman’s wardrobe. This thing is indispensable for creating business looks, as well as casual looks.

Fashionable ladies blazers 2022 are so diverse that every fashionista can find a suitable option for herself. So which blazer can be called good, let’s figure it out!

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Colors and Prints of Women’s Blazers 2022

The creations of eminent designers remind a woman of her essence and purpose. The color scheme of blazers, this season, woman’s natural elegance and sensuality.

Colors and Prints of Women's Blazers 2022


Color flashes of blazers presented on the catwalks delight, and cause a firework of emotions and desires.

The Texture and Originality of Blazers

Blazers in noble natural shades of blue, burgundy, gray will be popular in any connotation. The intriguing purple color will unknowingly dispose the entourage to you and will allow you to rule the ball.

For solemn looks, choose blazers of beige, sand, powdered pink, inlaid with stones, embroidery, lace. Such outfits inspire trust and respect.

 Women's Blazers 2022

Best Women’s Blazers 2022 in White

In order to look really stylish, you need to follow fashion trends. White blazers are always in trend; they will help to complement the best looks. Such products can be long, cropped, classic, double-breasted, and sleeveless.

A stylish white blazer will help make your look light and casual, sophisticated and sophisticated.

Best Women's Blazers 2022 in White


The red blazer will never go out of style, but it obliges the woman to be ready for increased attention. Cobalt pipe trousers will go perfectly with a red blazer.

A grenadine, the coral shade will be very fashionable.

Best Women's Blazers 2022 in red


For a more austere and dramatic outfit, opt for a timeless black blazer. It is very flexible and combinatorial. Blazers of a dense dark blue color will be very relevant, and softer.

Best Women's Blazers 2022 in Black

Decor Items

Fashionable women’s blazers 2022 are diverse. Models with geometric prints and floral motifs are relevant. Animal prints are also in demand.

Designers offer to plunge into the world of glamor and chic. Many products have lurex, sequins, rhinestones.

Blazers with details of embroidery, applications, basque, fur, original clasp, and sequins are considered fashionable.

Best Women's Blazers 2022 decor

Prints and Motifs

The saturation and relief of color attract fashionistas like butterflies to the light. But the incredibly exquisite prints and motifs excite the fashionable heart even more.

Striped blazers are especially graceful, and all varieties of stripes are fashionable. The checked pattern and drawings will continue the theme of geometry.

Floral motifs are still at the forefront of fashion. Choose blazers with floral details that match your shapes and sizes.

Best Women's Blazers 2022 print

Sequins and Stars

Fashionable women’s blazers 2022 create not only casual looks, but they can also make a wonderful festive image. It is enough to choose a long blazer, transformed with sequins and star prints.

Products with satin lapels look beautiful. It is necessary to choose suitable accessories for the blazer: a bag, shoes, a hat, and jewelry. Jeans and a silk blouse will be a wonderful addition.


Original Materials

Modern fashion trends create bright images. So, for example, stylish women’s blazers in 2022 from original materials will help create a unique look.

Choose products from jeans, wool, and fur, corduroy, velvet, tweed, boucle, atlas. Leather also remains in trend, and a blazer made of this material becomes universal.

The choice of material is necessary depending on the season. For the cold season, corduroy and tweed are suitable. And for a warm time, you can choose an atlas.


Corduroy Blazers

Fashionable corduroy blazers for women 2022 look original and suit almost everyone. Products look stylish in spectacular shades of mustard, burgundy, wine.
Such a blazer can be combined with a checked skirt, flared trousers, and a coat.

A corduroy item looks best in a layered look; such an image is perfect for a casual style.

Corduroy Blazers 2022

Women’s Denim Blazers

By the way, denim is the trendiest fabric in 2022. Such blazers look very light and youthful, unpretentious. Fashion designers often decorate denim blazers with embroidery, applique, brocade, which creates a unique picture. A denim blazer will play great with jeans and sneakers. What else do you need for street or casual style, well, perhaps a leather backpack will complete the image.

Denim blazers are not limited to casual style. Designers also presented laconic classic denim blazers in a restrained color palette.

The introduction of related colors into the kit will give aristocracy to the image.

Consider that jeans blend wonderfully with velvet and other textured fabrics. The resulting image will be dynamic and original.

Women's Denim Blazers 2022

Women’s Classic Blazers

Fashion trends sometimes come to us from the past and remain relevant today. Such products have a straight silhouette, strict lines, and length to the hips.

A stylish blazer with a classic cut remains timeless. Traditional blazers are distinguished by their elegance and charm. The most popular is black, but you can choose muted and calm tones.

By choosing the classics, you can create various looks in the style of casual, sport-chic by adding bold accessories and attributes to the image.

Classic blazers can be combined with a sheath dress, mini dress, shorts, jeans, trousers. As an addition, sandals and pumps with a fashionable handbag are suitable.

It is easy to break the classic look bringing freshness and boldness into the image by using loose shorts above the knee. We see similar combinations in the collections of Armani and Versace. Coco Chanel’s iconic tweed blazer is not out of style either. So feel free to purchase it, the presence of such a blazer in your wardrobe will once again confirm your exquisite taste.

Blazers for Women 2022: 22 Best Outfit Inspirations

Trendy Long Blazers for Women 2022

Long blazers are surprisingly versatile. The length of these blazers ranges from mid-thigh to ankle. They are complementary to girls of absolutely all types of figures. With the help of these models, you can create restrained, business, daring, and informal images.

Famous fashion designers presented to the public exquisite feminine images, created using fitted blazers. The blazer dress with two rows of buttons is gaining momentum. A harmonious synthesis of severity and romance can be clearly seen in such sets.

Trendy Long Blazers for Women 2022

Women’s Belted Blazers

Women are trying in every possible way to emphasize their weighty dignity and hide the wobbly lines of the figure. Designers support such aspirations and accompany it in every possible way. Belted blazers perfectly implement such trends.

Such blazers do not need additional decor and drapery, and the ascetic look can always be compensated for with bright accessories.

An important element of a blazer is a belt; fashion designers offer a whole variety of types: thin and wide belts; corset belts; matching the blazer; drawstring and buckle.

Fitted silhouettes always emphasize seductive female forms.

Women's Belted Blazers 2022

Long Belted Blazers

Choose a long blazer for casual looks and special occasions.

Many well-known brands offer original new blazers. Among them, there are checked and stripe items. It is desirable to combine such a blazer with pleated skirts, trousers, jeans. You can emphasize the waist with a graceful belt, but you can also wear blazers wide open.

Long Belted Blazers 2022

Military Style

The austere style can be associated with masculine looks. A military-style thing will help to create a fashionable image. Straight silhouette, khaki color, stripes, and double-breasted models are perfect for all fashionistas.

A military-style blazer is best for creating a casual and street-style look. To do this, it must be combined with denim products – shorts, skirts, jeans. A shirt or T-shirt is suitable for the top.

Long Belted Blazers military style 2022

Cropped Blazers for Women 2022

Fashionable women’s blazers 2022 in cropped version will help you create a personalized look.

Original short blazers are created from exquisite materials with drapery or print. Any other decor that makes the image luxurious can be used as a decoration.

They are combined with dresses and blouses, shirts, trousers. They are also worn with long shorts.

Cropped Blazers for Women 2022

Women’s Peplum Blazer

Peplum blazers are trendy and functional.

Their purpose, in addition to giving the image stylishness and grace, is to protect a woman from unwanted attention to the imperfect waist area.

A beautiful ruffle at the bottom of the blazer adds charm and elegance to the look. There is no limit to the imagination of fashion designers, so in 2022, every fashionista will be able to look original and slim.

Designers have created a variety of models of peplum blazers. Blazers with a voluminous peplum turning into a train look shocking. A laconic miniature peplum looks restrained and stylish.

Women's Peplum Blazer 2022

To stretch the silhouette under the power of a blazer with a peplum is darker by several tones;

Wrap Blazers for Women 2022

Formal trousers or a pencil skirt are ideally combined with wrap blazers. Especially experienced women of fashion skillfully combine such blazers with evening dresses.

Wrap Blazers for Women 2022

Women’s Cape Blazers

Designers have modernized the blazer, giving it the shape of a cape.

The extravagant cut attracts and bewitches many girls, at the same time the light volume of such a blazer scares off many fashionistas.

Stylists recommend wearing capes with a tight, concise bottom. The couturier liked the capes with an impressive triangular neckline. Of course, for girls with a figure far beyond the model size, blazers of a classic long style or oversized blazers are better suited.

Women's Cape Blazers 2022

Women’s Oversized Blazers

The idea of comfort and freedom of movement is once again conquering stylish designer collections. Loose fit has been a trend for many years. Oversized blazers have a dropped shoulder line, which is a hit for the 2022 season. Length can reach mid-thigh or below.

Blazers look original in multi-layered images. In this case, a fashionable image is recognized as universal, therefore it is suitable for different types of figures.

Autumn is considered a good season for wearing oversized blazers, because under such a blazer, with a wide shoulder belt, you can wear a warm sweater, and thus realize another trend – layering.

For a trendy street style look with a grunge touch, pair an oversized Versace blazer with leather pants tucked into brutal boots.

Women's Oversized Blazers 2022

Ladies Blazers 2022: Bright Models

New fashion trends help to create an exquisitely stylish look. A bright blazer made in original colors remains relevant. A fashionable color block blazer will appeal to creative girls who want to stand out.

The special style of the blazer perfectly emphasizes individuality, gives vigor and inspiration. A bright blazer can be combined with white and cream shorts, trousers, or skirts. Accessories should have a delicate shade.

Ladies Blazers 2022: Bright Models

Checked Blazers

Fashion trends are so diverse that every fashionista will find her own style. The checked pattern is one of the most voguish trends of the season. A women’s blazer with this print is perfect for creating a street-style or casual look.

With such a product, you can create fashionable tandems. Checked blazers go well with things like jeans, skirts, and denim shorts.

These models look original and they go well with a coat or trench coat.

A feminine look is created thanks to a pleated skirt or a flying dress.

Ladies Blazers 2022: checked Models

Blazer Suits

The blazers that are part of the suit are always relevant. There are sets with trousers, skirts, shorts – such products allow you to create harmonious looks for the office, walks, and parties.



A fashionable suit blazer can be used as an independent item. It is combined with other favorite things. There are a large number of options, do not be afraid to make experiments.

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