Blazer Trends 2022: 15 New Best Models of Men’s Blazers

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A men’s blazer is no longer the simple blue, black, or gray blazers that everyone wore a few years ago. Blazer trends 2022 define a person’s style and hint at his character.

Blazer Trends 2022: 15 New Best Models of Men's Blazers

So it is unlikely that a man, especially a lover of casual style, should have only one jacket.

Let’s take a look at the current models of men’s blazers for this year.

What is a blazer? A versatile piece of clothing that you don’t need to change in the evening when going to a restaurant after work.

A neutral version with a sharp, interesting cut will distinguish you favorably against the background of colleagues – and in the evening it will emphasize in you a gentleman, stylish, but not obsessed with his own style.

Men's Blazer Trends 2022: Double-Breasted

Have look also at men’s suits 2022.

Even the classic and a bit boring black trousers with a light blue shirt, when combined with a double-breasted casual blazer, will gain more confidence.

There is only a small list of clothes with which such a jacket will not fit. But it will look great with jeans and chinos. With conservative clothes, they should be worn carefully. However, it can breathe life into your old trousers.

Some daring fashionistas also combine a men’s blazer and short summer shorts. And you know what? It turns out great!

Loose Fit Blazer for Men 2022

What if a fitted one-button jacket seems too formal? Change it with a loose blazer. Yes, in an office environment it will seem rustic and even libertine – but in a different setting it will become a star in the style of casual elegance.

Sometimes casual must be understood literally, that is, you must expect convenience from things in this style. Jeans, a T-shirt or polo shirt, a light, a loose model of sports jacket 2022, and a simple, comfortable, casual look are ready.

This loose jacket can be perfectly combined with a pair of skinny jeans and a fitted shirt. If you want to bet on this garment, go for colors such as black, gray, brown, navy blue, or cream.

In such things, it is worth walking along the sea coast or enjoying a country trip light. The collections of Jacquemus, Ermenegildo Zegna, Louis Vuitton, and other brands include oversized blazers in lightweight fabrics such as fine cotton and linen.

Loose Fit Blazer for Men 2022

Regarding the classics, the blazer has a historically formed look – it is a dark blue dense fabric with metal buttons.

The blazer is worn with unpaired trousers, especially corduroy and chinos. It is an excellent alternative to formal suits, perfectly complements the denim image that has entered the most relevant over the past 2 seasons, when a total look of jeans and a denim shirt is complemented by a blazer, looks great with loafers.

Classic Men's Blazer Trends 2022

If you love using a blazer in your images, it makes sense to have at least two such jackets in a men’s wardrobe, a winter one made of wool with the addition of cashmere and a summer one in silk or linen.

For proven classics, turn to menswear masters: Brioni, Paul Smith, Giorgio Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna and Etro.

Oriental Style Blazer for Men 2022

In blazer trends 2022, oriental notes appear in the collections of fashion designers.

Blazers in the shape of a Japanese kimono look fresh and unusual. Try this trend if you’re brave enough to withstand the judging looks of others.

Oriental Style Blazer for Men 2022

If you are tired of boring monochromatic things and you want more creativity and you are sure that you can stylishly combine prints in your clothes, then further information will help you avoid mistakes.

Blazer Trends 2022: Fashion Prints

Velvet and Velour Blazers

Velvet plush jackets are a special category of clothing that requires an appropriate occasion and mood. Of course, you shouldn’t go to negotiations in such a jacket, but a visit to a theater or a gala evening is quite acceptable.

To create a harmonious look, you should attend to the color and textured combination with trousers, as well as an addition in the form of a sweater or knitted vest. Looks like the two-piece blazers came from a retro look in the new season.

Fashion shows have clearly demonstrated the acceptability of eclecticism in styles. Models in velvet jackets and sports shoes took to the runway.

Someone would consider such an experiment too daring, but the shows by Versace and Cavalli demonstrated the harmony of these unusual combinations.


Checked Blazer for Men 2022

This is the point of return to the fashion of the 90s and even 80s. This print can be an eye-catcher – but, of course, not wrapping yourself in such fabric from head to toe.

So it is better to wear only a men’s jacket similarly, and not a suit. By the way, about the paint, it is better to wear trousers of calmer basic tones to such a top: beige, dark blue or green. Choose a light monochromatic shirt.

This is too intense a color for the office. If you are dressed in a checked pattern, the rest of the things should be without prints, that is, purely monochromatic and neutral tones.

Checked Blazer for Men 2022

Original Design Cutout

The new season is notable for the active use of creative cut elements by fashion designers.

This means non-standard forms of collars, original cutouts, and other design methods atypical for strict clothing. The result is unique pieces that distinguish each new look from the previous one.

Abstract Sport Jacket 2022

Abstract Sport Jacket 2022

In past seasons, designers surprised us with floral prints and abstract drawings on men’s jackets.

Yes, this can be called a bold move – on the streets you rarely meet a man dressed in this style. But it is quite sophisticated, and if you love abstract things, then the designers have tried just for you.

If you wear such a jacket, all other components of the image should be neutral.

Abstract Sport Jacket 2022

Patch Pockets on Modern Blazers

Models with patch pockets are versatile. They can be worn where formal clothing is required and at the same time be part of your everyday wardrobe. The straight cut of such a jacket is complemented by curves on the floors.

Most often, the sections of such products are left untreated.

In order for it to look decent, you need to choose high-quality expensive materials. Such clothes will add chic to an everyday look, despite some conservatism of the lines.

Successful combinations with the rest of the clothes will provide uniqueness to the image.

Patch Pockets on Modern Blazers for men 2022

Key Colors of Modern Blazers

What color of a men’s blazer to choose in 2022?


Pale pastel colors, although they seem too feminine, are quite suitable for masculine images. An excellent casual format for the summer. Wear it with light-colored pants. Want a retro look?

Wear a pastel blazer and skinny jacket and Ray-Ban Wayfarers glasses.
You can use them even for formal outfits: take a look at examples of Paul Smith, Boss, Giorgio Armani, and Loro Piana.

Key Colors of Modern Blazers for men 2022


It is not necessary, following the example of Fendi, Kenzo, Brioni, and Paul Smith, to dress in scarlet, blue, green sets.

This summer, try adding a rich shade to your wardrobe to pair it with blue jeans.

Key Colors of Modern Blazers for men 2022


Two-tone things, as well as blazers made from different materials, have an even more fashionable style than checked patter.

Except that in the office such a thing is not always appropriate to wear.

Key Colors of Modern Blazers for men 2022

What can I Wear with a Blue Blazer?

A blazer, unlike a standard jacket, should not be so strongly interconnected with the rest of the wardrobe. It can be selected both for informal events and for serious meetings.

Wearing a blue blazer is allowed with both a formal shirt and more informal wardrobe elements.

A good solution is a polo shirt with a turndown collar, that can be buttoned up or vice versa. In poor weather, you can wear a turtleneck or a thin sweater.

With such a combination, you need to make sure that the sweater is not strong enough and does not add extra dimensions to the figure. Solid sweaters under a jacket look better than other options.

It can be worn with any kind of jeans and shirts in light colors, knitted or linen loose pants. Fine fabric chino pants are a good alternative for a more relaxed and lightweight look.

For an official look, you should choose the following shoes: Oxfords or Derby shoes, strict and without unnecessary decorations. For informal events, you can opt for moccasins or monks.

This applies to the warmer seasons of the year, and for the cold ones, you should wear high Chelsea boots. Natural colors will work well, but you can also think about unexpected colors.

Key Colors of Modern Blazers for men 2022

How to Wear a Blazer Correctly?

It turns out that you need to know how not only to choose but also to wear them correctly. The most important thing is that it must be perfectly matched to the figure. In addition, the jacket should be in harmony with other details in the clothing and look good with the selected trousers and shirt.

Since today the trend is multi-layered images, you can safely wear under a jacket not only T-shirts and shirts but also sweaters, woolen jackets, and vests.

The jacket should go well with the shoulder width, height, and size of its wearer. Tall men should buy a jacket that reaches their knuckles, while others should choose a shorter one.
The bottom button on a men’s jacket should not be buttoned.

The strict blazer is worn exclusively with standard straight-leg full-length trousers.

Shoes and jewelry items should be in accordance with the suit. Basically, dark shoes with thin soles are worn.



A men’s blazer will always be a trend, and as you can see, it is not going to leave the post as a key item of a man’s casual wardrobe.


Whether it be pastel and gray, or a little aggressive floral – this piece sets your entire casual look, which means that you still need to leave enough space in the closet for your future new blazers.

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