Bridesmaid Dresses 2022: Top 15 New Trends and Image Ideas

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What bridesmaid dresses 2022 should bridesmaids wear to look modern and attractive?

What’s trending and what’s outdated? In recent years, the fashion for outfits has changed, moving from boring uniformity to a triumph of individuality. But let’s not delay and tell you in detail how to opt for the proper bridesmaid dresses for 2022.

When organizing a wedding ceremony, the bride should think over every detail. Having decided on the style of the wedding and choosing a wedding dress, it will not be superfluous to think over the images of the bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid Dresses 2022: Top 15 New Trends and Image Ideas

In fact, the second most important girl at the wedding ceremony is the bridesmaid. A responsible mission is entrusted to her fragile shoulders: to accompany, support, and follow the main heroine of the holiday.

Since the European wedding style is in vogue, where the bridesmaids are not limited to one, it would be appropriate to dress them in the same dress.

What bridesmaid dresses are in trend today and what you should pay attention to when choosing the same outfits for witnesses, let’s try to figure it out in today’s post.

Matching Bridesmaid Dresses 2022 – Pros and Cons

Why do brides want to see their bridesmaids in the same dresses? It is fashionable, beautiful, spectacular, and harmonious. In fact, outfits in the same style help to emphasize the style of the ceremony highlighting the image of the bride.

The tendencies for bridesmaid dresses 2022 depend on many factors. Firstly, dressing witnesses in the same outfits is more of a whim of the bride, so practice shows that the bridesmaids’ dresses are often selected and paid for by the bride herself.

In order for both the bride and the bridesmaids to be satisfied, it is necessary to discuss the future style and color scheme of dresses together, taking into account the wishes of each.

Matching Bridesmaid Dresses 2022 - Pros and Cons

Identical dresses for bridesmaids can be made to order or purchased in evening dress salons, where entire collections of chic outfits for bridesmaids have long appeared. The second option will definitely cost more.

Of course, there is also an option with the rental of evening dresses, where you can choose outfits of the same style or color, but here you cannot always find a suitable option, especially if your wedding requires a certain dress code.

If the bridesmaids themselves choose the festive dresses, the bride can offer a color palette in which the wedding design is sustained, so that everyone can choose an outfit to their liking and at the same time look harmonious.

The trendy outfits for bridesmaids at a wedding are not only dresses. Classical, floor-length, from light and flowing fabrics, bridesmaid dresses, of course, are chosen most often.

Gone are the days when dresses were obligatory for girlfriends, now you can offer them overalls to look even more interesting. Monochrome, they can be both pastel and bright, eye-catching. It is permissible for overalls to be the same, the fashion in this regard is still supportive.

Although more practical and no less elegant and sophisticated outfits can be evening overalls and trouser suits, which have become a novelty of the wedding season 2022.

After all, a modern bride herself can appear in a chic wedding jumpsuit, and in order to support this style, bridesmaids should look accordingly.

The Main Bridesmaid Dress Trends 2022

Now everyone will choose an outfit in which she looks and feels good, which will allow her to emphasize her dignity and not focus on the flaws.

Brides do not have to worry; the images of the bridesmaids will still look harmonious.

Bridesmaid Trends 2022

Bridesmaid Dress Colours 2022

What color is better to choose dresses for bridesmaids in 2022?

If you follow the trends, then the most fashionable this season will be beautiful bridesmaid dresses in the color of Nostalgia Rose in a muted pink shade.
Also relevant are purple, burgundy, yellow, and, of course, delicate bridesmaid dresses in pastel shades. In the spring-summer season, bridesmaids can choose long romantic dresses in a floral print, which became a hit of fashion clothes in 2022.

Bridesmaid Dress Colours 2022

Variety of Colors and Textures

Choose a palette from several matching shades, leaving your friends to decide which one to choose.

Make your outfits even more fashionable by choosing different fabrics for dresses, because it is not at all necessary for everyone to wear chiffon.

One friend can wear a dress made of silk, another is made of cotton, the third will suit velvet, and the fourth will like satin.

Bridesmaid Dress Colours 2022

Together they will look amazing if you manage to adhere to the same color scheme:

Monochrome and Prints

It is not necessary to dress all girlfriends from head to toe in plain colors because prints are at the height of fashion: floral, abstract, geometric.

Even better, if you manage to combine monochrome dresses and dresses with prints, stitching them in a single palette.

Bridesmaid Dress 2022


Who said that everyone except the bride should be faded and inconspicuous? 2022 Bridesmaid Dresses can shine and sparkle without overshadowing anyone.

To do this, choose laconic fitted silhouettes and give up noticeable jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, etc.).

As with prints, this option looks best if half of the girls have outfits that shimmer, and half of them are made of non-glittery fabric.


Black and White

Traditionally, it was considered bad form for guests to wear white at a wedding because it draws attention from the bride. Black was also banned due to its association with mourning.

But what if the bride herself invites her friends to wear white or black outfits? Do not hesitate, agree, and become the most stylish.


Styles of 2022 Bridesmaid Dresses

Trendy bridesmaid dresses are quite different in style and cut. Classic dresses with a long flared skirt remain a favorite, in particular, transforming dresses that allow you to give the top a different look.

If the bride’s wedding dress is embroidered with golden decor (embroidery or rhinestones), bridesmaid dresses in golden shades will look harmonious.

In summer, airy, off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dresses with ruffles are popular, perfect for boho and Provence weddings.

Fitted dresses of bridesmaids with a fish silhouette also look great. At the same time, the wedding dress should be very effective and seductive, so that the bride looks advantageous against the background of such sophisticated dresses of witnesses.

Sets of a skirt and a top can be used as a dress for a bridesmaid’s wedding. Moreover, evening dresses in the style of top-crop are in demand today.


Now let’s see how you can successfully combine bridesmaid dresses in the same style if the outfits are not completely identical to each other. The cut of the dress, the length, and the color may differ. In such cases, the same accessories, the same bouquets, or jewelry in the hair will help to combine the images.

The most fashionable images of bridesmaids 2022 will be with dresses in pastel shades. It can be the same style, and the color can be chosen from blue, lilac, and pink.

It is also fashionable to choose dresses for bridesmaids in a gradient, from lighter to darker shades of the same color.
Contrasting combinations of a white wedding dress with bridesmaids’ outfits in bright red, emerald, purple, and even black colors remain trendy.

Bridesmaid Trends 2022: Combinations

What’s not in trend anymore?

If a couple of years ago, identical dresses for girlfriends were acceptable, now it has become bad manners. Modern weddings allow young people to choose what they like and emphasize their characters.

Brides wear bold wedding dresses, while grooms wear suits in bright colors or with floral prints. However, the trend towards individuality has also affected guests, including the bridesmaids.

Let’s be honest – it rarely happened that one style and color suited all girls because each has its own type of appearance and figure.

With new trends, you don’t have to worry about it, because the monotony is hopelessly outdated.

Bridesmaid Trends 2022: Combinations

When should bridesmaid dresses be altered?

Recently, such a style of dress as a transformer is gaining more and more popularity. This is an outfit, the look of which can be changed – partially or completely – beyond recognition.

This is not only convenient, since it does not require fitting to the figure, but also practical because it will be possible to wear it even after the wedding is over.

A transformer dress is sewn from light fabric, and the color of all girlfriends may not be completely the same, but in different shades, with an ombre effect.

Bridesmaid Trends 2022: Combinations

Is it OK for bridesmaids to wear different dresses?

If you can’t persuade the girls to wear the same dresses (after all, everyone wants to hide figure flaws and emphasize their advantages), you can purchase the same fabric, but sew outfits of different styles.

You can vary the shape of the neckline, the length of the skirt, the absence or presence of sleeves, the main thing is that the style of the wedding is observed.

This way, each lady has the opportunity to show off her own personality wearing a similar dress to the others.

Try to stick to the same length dress, as mixing short and long dresses rarely work out! Long dresses are often considered more formal, while short dresses are a little more casual.

Bridesmaid Trends 2022: Combinations

What bridesmaid dress looks good on everyone?

An A-line silhouette is likely the most universal. The A-line silhouette is a classic and everyone looks great in it.

Bridesmaid Trends 2022: Combinations

How far in advance should you buy a bridesmaid dress?

You should start researching, shopping, and planning appointments approximately 7 months ahead of the wedding date, with the goal of ordering a dress no later than six months before the wedding.

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