Leggings 2022: Top 20 Best Wearing Trends For This Year

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The fashion season knows how to surprise. Leggings 2022 have become a key piece of stylish wardrobe and appeared in a variety of original options from the most famous designers. Almost all fashion houses offered their options, from status and respectable to youth and avant-garde ones.

Leggings fit perfectly with the modern vision of a casual style that is becoming softer, more elegant, and feminine. They look gorgeous and a little daring in evening looks.

Even one of the most difficult styles – sporty – cannot do without them this season.

Leggings 2022: Top 20 Best Wearing Trends For This Year

Leggings are not only clothes for home or sports. Stylists have already ranked leggings among the fashion trends of 2022.

Let’s look at some extraordinary looks with leggings, how and what to wear leggings 2022 with. Check out the photos, catch fresh ideas with tight leggings for all occasions and seasons.

These models are not considered exclusively youthful today; designers recommend them to women of all ages, offering a very wide range of colors and materials.

Leggings Trends 2022 for Women of All Ages

Thick, matte solid color fashion leggings are a real classic, which will always find a place in the wardrobe of a real fashionista.

The models have remained unchanged – but modern materials and current colors work real wonders.

Models with cotton or silk with elastane are appropriate in any season, eco-leather is perfect for the summer and microfiber for the winter season.

High-waist eco-leather models are rightfully considered the revelation of the season. They have become an alternative to leather trousers – things are very stylish and tempting but at the same time complex.

Leggings Wearing Trends 2022: Materials

Lovers of rock or vamp looks will choose the classic black models with a matte finish. And those who prefer fashionable provocations will like models of all shades of red with a frankly vinyl, shiny surface.

The only required selection criterion is only the shape parameters. Do not forget that the skinny silhouette and shiny material will perfectly highlight all of it, and the advantages and disadvantages.

Fashionable leggings 2022 with predatory prints look a little aggressive and very provocative. While fashion critics insist that such colors are balancing on the brink of vulgarity, fashion houses are presenting leggings in this style.

Provocation should be elegant. It is only important to choose the exact color and shade. In today’s trends, the tone is set by bright colors and juicy tones.

Leggings Trends 2022: Colors and Prints


Color options include leather leggings that pair perfectly with almost any top. This noble muted color suits both young girls – hot brunettes and bright blondes, and ladies of a respectable age.

Leggings Trends 2022: Colors and Prints


Leggings with imitation natural leather, presented in brown colors, look quite presentable.

Brown leggings are perfect for safari or military style. Models with beige and chocolate colors look organic, where there are prints of skins of wild animals or reptiles.


Pay attention to stylish leggings with original prints. The favorites of this season are polka-dot, flowers, and checkered patterns. They bring a note of light ironic play to quite attractive images and make them more elegant.

Designers combine such models with voluminous or multi-layered tops, kept in restrained colors and shades to match the pattern. These fashionable leggings 2022 look perfect on slim girls, no matter how relevant the print is – it visually increases the volume.

Exceptions are low-contrast designs – abstract or floral. These models are the best way to refresh everyday and informal outfits.

A style that should not be ignored this season is sport chic. The most difficult thing in creating sports looks is to choose the bottom, in particular, classic sweatpants or jeans do not correspond to the fashion concept.

Tight cut, neutral colors, and delicate decor stripes are mandatory features of such models. By the way, decorative stripes will give the legs and figure as a whole additional harmony.

Leggings Wearing Trends 2022 from Designers

If you have not yet decided what is the best way, you should first familiarize yourself with the types of materials and designs. There are shiny, matte materials with inserts or an embossed print under lace or predatory motives – skins of reptiles or wild animals.

Leggings can be of different materials, designs, and colors. We propose to consider the most relevant.

Leggings spectrum:

Leather Inserts

Leggings with fashionable leather inserts in combination with the main material look spectacular, bring more expression when walking on the streets. They will help to emphasize the special chic of the created image.

Leggings Wearing Trends 2022 from Designers

Lace Inserts

Fashionable styles of leather leggings that are decorated with lace blocks or translucent mesh inserts will appeal to romantic and sophisticated people. Lace inserts can be on the sides, placed on the knees.



Among fashionable textured solutions, matte leggings made of brown and black leather are recognized as classics.

This is a basic thing for everyone who appreciates elegance and restraint in their outfits.



More relevant models are leggings with a metallic effect – this option will be chosen by more extravagant girls with slender figures and long legs.

Versions in silver, bronze, patent leather, combined with clubwear, are suitable for youth parties.


With Holes

Anyone who loves everything extravagant, defiant can approach a model with cuts on leather leggings. This decor is easier to classify as clubwear or punk style, which is characterized by casualness.

The design goes well with a lace top, as well as mesh, organza, or guipure, decor with perforated elements.



It is not customary to combine tight leggings with short tops and revealing outfits.

The tight fit of the bottom gives more sexuality, especially when the surface of textured knitwear is presented with a metallic effect or varnishing under expensive natural leather.


Casual Look

Gray leggings look harmoniously with tunics and long sweaters. The color spectrum of the top is different, ranging from pastel to dark tones.

A light bottom and a light green jacket are an option for active girls. Leather Chelsea boots will complete the look.

A black biker jacket will create a chic casual look. Looks stylish in tandem with leather or suede dark ankle boots with laces.

Stylists suggest wearing a slate or asphalt style with a light blue denim jacket with a print. To complete the look, pick up flat sandals with fur, sneakers.

A dark coat and other matching clothes will create a spectacular total look. A tandem with a white coat or a cardigan above the knee looks no less stylish. Contrasting accessories add variety to your everyday outfit.

Casual Look 2022

Are Leggings in Style for 2022?

New models of leggings allow you to create interesting and original mixes that are so relevant this season. For example, sports or floral prints go well with cardigans and jackets paired with formal blouses. And sexy leather models are ideally combined with romantic tops – silk and chiffon blouses or elegant knitted cardigans.

Such contrasting stylistic combinations are the best solutions for a fashionable image. Bright, bold, and self-sufficient models are in trend; they will be appreciated by those who love fashionable looks.

Are Leggings in Style for 2022?

What Tops to Wear with Leggings?

A few examples of clothing sets with leggings:

  • Dark blue warm leggings with a golden-beige tunic top and a black A-line short coat. Complements – navy blue high ankle boots with thin heels and a beige suede bag.
  • Black leggings with a bright floral print in turquoise-lilac tones will look good in combination with a long thin jumper in a light turquoise shade and black lace-up boots. The set is complemented by a black bag.
  • Black leggings with a black tunic top and a silver belt will look amazing.

Leggings are comfortable and beautiful, however, these clothes cannot be called universal.

When buying leggings, you need to take into account the characteristics of your figure. In addition, you need to learn how to choose the right clothes for leggings so that the image does not turn out to be vulgar or ridiculous.


What Can I Wear Instead of Leggings?

When You’re Sick of Your Leggings leather leggings can become second jeans. They help us out in the cold season and allow us to create a lot of interesting bows. Warm leggings under the skin in black, cherry, and brown colors, as well as models with knitted inserts, look no less stylish.

The perfect companion for leather leggings is a sweater or sweatshirt. It should be voluminous, preferably elongated to level out the tight-fitting bottom.

If it’s springtime, try on leggings with a shirt, blouse, or a tunic top. You can wear a sweatshirt, leather jacket, or bomber jacket as a top.


What to Wear with Bright Leggings?

In the spring, feel free to replace dark leggings with beige, gray, or white, but on condition that winter has not brought you a few extra pounds.

Torn leggings, which are relevant in the spring season, will be adorned with a bright cape or cardigan, a long shirt, or a fashionable sweatshirt.


What Shoes to Wear with Leggings?

The most stylish looks are obtained with sneakers since these shoes are in the same stylistic look with leggings.

Knitted or denim leggings work well with a slip-on.

They also work well with biker-style boots or rough boots with a low ride or wide, stable heels. Corduroy and lacquer models look stylish with such shoes.

In the fall, you can combine boots and leggings, but on the condition that the upper part of the image is voluminous, and the boots do not shorten the legs.

Ankle boots and low-heeled shoes look good with short leggings.



How to Wear Leggings in Fall-Winter Season?

Gray short leggings and a long top accentuate the beauty of the female hips. Therefore, it is recommended to choose voluminous things that cover the neckline. Calm colors and winter prints are in trend.

Designers suggest combining both light and dark leggings:

  • With a knitted white sweater – the perfect solution for active young ladies. High light sneakers, ankle boots will organically complement the look.
  • With denim and fur clothes – a comfortable choice for every day. Suede boots with high heels, low boots will harmoniously complete the ensemble.
  • With jackets, coats in dark blue, black, beige, silver, and sneakers with colored inserts.


What Should You Not Wear with Leggings?

Since the leggings are already tight on the body, it would be weird if you opt for a tight top.


Instead, combine a loose shirt or t-shirt with leggings to keep your outfit comfortable.

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