15 Best Types of Men’s Hats 2022 For This Season

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Nowadays men’s hats 2022 do not only become popular with the arrival of the frosty season. Trendy men need to choose a hat for every season.

Preferences are often based on the desire to get the warmest, most fashionable, and practical model. The latest collections of accessories for men amaze with a pleasant variety of styles, materials, and finishes.

15 Best Types of Men's Hats 2022 For This Season

Among the shocking and classic models, you can choose a product for any age and status and dilute your monochromatic wardrobe with new shades.

It’s time to take a closer look at men’s hats 2022, which will definitely make your image stylish and unique.

Types of Men’s Hats

First of all, we note that the hats can be winter, summer, demi-season. According to the degree of rigidity, soft, rigid, and semi-rigid products are distinguished.

Types of Men's Hats 2022

Hats are made of fur – natural or artificial, leather, fabric, knitwear. The headpiece can be sewn, braided, molded. Consider the most relevant types of hats.

Men’s Winter Hats 2022: Colors

There is nothing wrong with having several options for winter hats in your wardrobe: there will be plenty to choose from. After all, it’s easier to consider a couple of options.

Bright colors such as orange, neon green, or blue are intended to evoke safety associations. This is due to the fact that colors such as orange, light green, yellow are clearly visible not only during the day but also in the dark.

For example, athletes involved in winter sports such as skiing prefer to wear only brightly colored hats. In the event of a problem, an athlete with bright headgear is easier to spot in the snow and help can be provided more quickly.

There are also other bright colors: purple, red, blue, burgundy. These colors, despite the brightness, are relevant for everyday looks.

When it comes to business meetings, work, or gatherings for other serious events, more restrained colors are needed, such as beige, gray, black, brown. Men’s hats of these colors are universal, as they are suitable for any outerwear: both a classic coat and a sports jacket.

The dark color of almost any type of headgear is considered universal: black, gray, brown – such hats can be worn while skiing on the slopes or heading to the opera house.

Men's Winter Hats 2022: Colors

Men’s Hats 2022 for Different Face Shapes

One of the main criteria for choosing the right headgear is the shape of the face. Without adhering to this rule, you can violate the image, and distort the appearance, highlighting the flaws.

If you have a round face, you will need to visually lengthen the face. You should prefer a voluminous knit hat with a long crown with a pompom. Vertical patterns visually lengthen the face.

The correct placement of accents of a triangular face is shifted to the cheekbones; you can cope with the task using models that cover the forehead area.

The best choice for a headdress for owners of a rectangular face will be models of a round shape with cuffs, earflaps with ears tied at the top, low hats with wide brims or caps that will hide a man’s forehead and smooth out the angularity of the face, reducing its length.

Caps with a rounded top will help soften the corners of a square face. Consider berets, caps that do not cover the forehead, earflaps with lowered ties, models with pom-poms and pigtails, round loose men’s baseball hats 2022.

The oval face shape is the standard. Many styles look good on the owners of the oval face. Men’s caps 2022, baseball caps of all styles, form-fitting models, knitted with a deep fit – these are the models that are traditionally recommended for an oval face.

Men's Hats 2022 for Different Face Shapes


If you want to create a stylish and elegant look for the fall, be sure to choose a men’s beret in black. And pay attention to the models from the fashionable collections.

You can create a cool look not only with a coat and shoes but also in a sporty style. If you want to add colors – you can safely try on a red or white beret. Note that such a headdress can be worn even by men over 50.

Beret 2022


Panamas are an absolute hit of the cold season. Yes, that’s right! The same headdress that we used to consider summer models. Now designers sew them from wool, and they can be safely worn in the autumn.

Panama 2022

Knitted Hats

Classic hats for men are also in the collections. Beanies for men 2022 are again at the peak of popularity. A knitted hat for men has become an almost irreplaceable headdress.

It has changed in design over the years but still remains warm, cozy, and comfortable. Designers, creating collections of fashion trends for new suits and outerwear, did not forget to add knitted classic beanies in calm shades to the set. Therefore, in order to be in the trend of this season, it is necessary to have a cap of a neutral shade in stock.

They look irreplaceable with sweaters, jeans, sportswear.

For a more spectacular look and in order to diversify the gray color of autumn-winter clothes, select brighter colors.

When choosing a loose or tight-fitting version of the model, you should remember that the first option focuses on the overall image and the second, on the contrary, harmoniously merges with the general style.

There are also options of knitted hats with tassels and pompoms.

Knitted Hats 2022


Fashionable caps for men 2022 have taken their rightful place in men’s winter hats 2022 collections. For autumn, you can choose a traditional leather or textile model.

For colder weather, there are insulated options and earflaps. There are caps in almost every collection, for example, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, and Lacoste.

Cap 2022


Some models resemble a hybrid beret with a cap. But most still have a classic look and color. Interesting looks can be found at Dolce & Gabbana.

Kepi 2022


Perhaps the most popular and versatile in terms of style is the fedora hat.

A fedora hat, depending on the color and finish, is perfect for a classic suit, with a voluminous knitted sweater, and with any outfit in a fashionable hipster style today.

Fedora 2022


It is difficult to list all the options to wear with this type of hat.

Celebrities, for example, wear it with loose jeans and a white T-shirt. And you try to complement this headdress with classic jeans and a knitted pullover with a collar.

Trilby 2022

Fur Hats

Men’s fur hats have lost their positions in the fashion arena but still remain in trend. Of course, men’s hat with earflaps remains the undisputed leader.

Fur hats are ideally combined with a strict classic style of clothing – a coat and a sheepskin coat.

A free and light style will be decorated with hats made of fox, raccoon, arctic fox. They look very impressive with a down jacket, a fur sheepskin coat, and a loose cut sheepskin coat.

Various models of sheared fur have not been forgotten this season.

Fashion designers offer a huge number of men’s winter hats 2022 options.

When choosing any model, do not forget to take into account the shape of the face and the general style of the chosen wardrobe.
The material for these hats is faux fur. Almost all designers have abandoned natural fur.

Fur Hats 2022

Borsalino Hats

Borsalino‘s classic hats are made from fine-haired tweed and impregnated with casein, which has a powerful antibacterial effect. Alain Delon, Jean-Paul Belmondo, and many Hollywood stars adorned in headdresses from Borsalino.

If you allow yourself the luxury of shelling out a tidy sum for the purchase of an original fedora or trilby from the Borsalino brand, be sure that it will serve you for many years.

Borsalino Hats

Classic Felt Hats

Could there be something more stylish than a men’s felt hat? It has been at its peak of popularity since the 30s of the last century, incredibly diverse.

A man in a felt hat can look like a refined English gentleman, an American gangster, or just like an Italian mafia. Such an accessory will add solidity or, conversely, make your image extravagant.

Fedora hat, Borsalino, or trilby hat – no matter how old you are and whatever you do, you will definitely choose your model.

Classic Felt Hats 2022

New Classic

Fashion accessories ready to emphasize your courage, strength, and even brutality are released every year by leading fashion houses. Let’s say in the new season Armani invited men to wear hats in dark colors.

New Classic 2022

Sports Style

Almost all designers traditionally offer sports knitted beanies. This year they are without fur clown pom-poms and follow the shape of the head.

There are fashionable men’s beanie hats for the fall-winter season from Burberry and Giorgio Armani.

Sports Style 2022

Baseball Caps

Sports baseball caps are offered by Burberry and Armani.

At the same time, baseball caps this winter can be worn not only with a bomber jacket but also with a chic coat or a classic suit.

Baseball Caps 2022


If you do not like to spend a lot of time choosing a scarf for a headdress, the way out for you is to purchase a set consisting of a hat and a scarf of the same color.

Sets 2022

How to Combine with Glasses?

Many bespectacled people find it difficult to choose a headdress. Glasses are among those accessories that you have to adjust to.
Stylists recommend different styles of berets and classic hats for those who wear glasses.

You should not pull the headdress over the forehead, the image will be more attractive if the beret is slightly shifted to the back of the head.

If the color of the headdress matches the color of the frame, it always adds a special sophistication to the image.


Brands of Men’s Hats 2022

Among the fashion brands offering us the most relevant models of men’s hats 2022, it is worth mentioning Lacoste, whose crocodile is known, perhaps, by everyone. Marco Polo invites men to try on striped hats with metal logos. Such models look very unusual and fresh.

Adidas still prefers classic models with surprisingly soft and delicate fleece. In such a model, a man will be warm and comfortable in any weather.

Brands of Men's Hats 2022

Etro, the fashion house with rather expensive models of clothing invites men to pay attention to fur products and berets.

Armani still offers their famous visor models. But traditional models were given some softness and shapelessness, which made them more in line with general fashion trends. Armani knitted hats will look especially good with casual leisurewear.

They are also great with scarves and short coats.

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