Top 15 Cool Men’s Shirts 2022 To Feel Trendy This Year

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A shirt is an irreplaceable component in a man’s wardrobe. Men’s shirts 2022 have long since migrated from the office to the everyday wardrobe. They are perfectly combined with jackets and any other outerwear, worn with a variety of shoes and accessories.

For this season, the choice of men’s shirts is simply colossal: classic, white, colored, casual, safari, and models with a print.

They have become brighter and freer because it is difficult to imagine a strict collar and cufflinks in a casual style.

Top 15 Cool Men's Shirts 2022 To Feel Trendy This Year

Today, shirts boldly coexist with shorts, and with casual chinos, and even cargo.

But such versatility does not mean at all that they can also be worn in a feast. As with other wardrobe items, there are also men’s fashion shirt 2022 new trends. If you are not going to ignore them, now is the time to find out which shirts are in fashion right now.

Choose the most trending shirts of the season, following our useful tips.

It’s hard to imagine a basic men’s wardrobe without pants and a shirt.

Men's Shirts 2022 Trends

Even those who prefer a casual style cannot do without classic shirts, which are essential for work, business events, or festive occasions.

Also take a look at styles of men’s suits 2022.

Men’s shirts are characterized by:

  • the natural composition of fabrics;
  • discreet buttons, fasteners;
  • minimum of decorative elements;
  • cut without any pretentiousness;
  • compliance of sewing parameters with traditional standards;
  • restrained, calm colors.

Men’s Shirts 2022 for Office

Most often, men’s shirts are worn for office work or business meetings.

Modern fashion trends support the seriousness of the character of this wardrobe item, depriving the shirt of any decorative details: everything is strictly functional.

Moreover, even the buttons should not attract attention. The current trend – emphasized minimalism – prescribes a complete rejection of bright elements of accessories.

Men's Shirts 2022 for Office

Strict Formal-Style Collars

The same tendency manifests itself in the exclusion of unusual-shaped collars from fashionable styles. Collars in a formal style, without any decorative frills, are a priority today. Shirts with these details look great when paired with a traditional blazer.

Stylish formal men’s shirts 2022 with long sleeves and a turn-down collar, as well as sporty style models with short sleeves and without a collar, are at the peak of popularity. Shirts with a zipper are still in vogue.

Men's Shirts 2022 for Office

Polo Shirts

Polos do not lose popularity, fans of famous brands love them very much. And stylists call this model original and universal at the same time. If a shirt of this style has a calm color, then it is able to compete with the classic model.

Polo Shirts 2022

Oriental Style

Anyone who is wondering what kind of shirts are in fashion now, not out of idle curiosity, but in order to be in trend, will not be mistaken by choosing an oriental-style thing with a stand-up collar.

Such an original and unusual model is distinguished by a free cut.

This is a suitable option if you want to hide some imperfections of the figure or just for owners of clothing sizes from XL and larger). It should be borne in mind that a stand-up collar that fits the neck will not only add attractiveness to the image but also focus on wide shoulders.


No Collar

For men who prefer clothes that give freedom in the neck area, models of shirts that have no collars at all are suitable – they always look elegant, and with an unbuttoned top button, they give an attractive look.


 Men’s Shirts 2022: Military-Style

The military-style is strengthening its position as a leader. Stylists offer modern military-style shirts with patch shoulder straps and pockets. These styles are considered daring and cool. The most popular color for shirts in this style is khaki: shirts are made of a fairly dense fabric that keeps their shape well, they are characterized by a free cut.

The favorites are camouflage print, khaki, stripes, emblems, shoulder straps.

Green military camouflage pattern shirts are considered universal – they can be worn with jeans and shorts for a walk around the city. It is easy to choose shoes and accessories for such clothes.

Care must be taken to form the image if the style of the shirt involves such elements as shoulder straps, patch pockets, and other expressive details. Additional accessories will be superfluous.

 Men's Shirts 2022: Military-Style

Long Shirts

Longer shirts that are up to mid-thigh and below do not go out of fashion.

They are preferred by creative natures for whom it is important to look original. The products are characterized by a straight and simple cut, a good fit in the shoulders. Such a shirt can be with or without a collar, but in any case, it effectively emphasizes the neck.

 Men's Shirts 2022: Military-Style

Men’s Summer Shirts 2022: Short Sleeve

The most popular summer shirts are short sleeves; they are found in all seasonal collections of famous fashion designers. Millions of men around the world love these shirts for their convenience and attractive look.

Men's Summer Shirts 2022: Short Sleeve

Shirt Tucked Out

Another favorite style of stylish men is a shirt tucked out, which does not need to be tucked into trousers under a belt. As a rule, such shirts are distinguished by their impeccable cut and fit the figure like a glove.

They make a good match with a blazer, jacket, or blazer.

Men's Summer Shirts 2022

New Model Shirts 2022

A lot of attention has been paid to the preppy style lately. The so-called varsity shirts are certainly good for trendy high school students, college students, or interns. But for men of a more solid age and status, this option is not suitable.

The preppy style is easily recognizable by details such as stripes on the collar and hem of the sleeves, emblems on the pockets, etc.

It is customary not to button the top button on these shirts and combine them with jeans, simple (non-suit) trousers, or shorts. These clothes look best in combination with moccasins or brogues.

For shirts with short sleeves in a sports and military style, sneakers and boots will be suitable shoes.

New Model Shirts 2022

Colors and Textures of New Model Shirts 2022

Classic Shades

Black and white are the undisputed favorites. No matter how fashion trends change, a white shirt will never give up its leading position. The color of purity gives freshness to any image, harmonizes with almost all shades.

The black shirt is also an integral part of a stylish look: they slim the figure and favorably set off the facial features.

For the most fashionable men, black color in combination with any original prints or embroidery allows them to stand out.

Colors and Textures of New Model Shirts 2022


An irreplaceable shirt for every day – in shades of gray. It looks equally good in a business office atmosphere and in a more informal setting.



Confident men must have a purple shirt in their wardrobe. This original bright version of the shirt will help out in any festive or solemn setting.


Red and Brown

Fashion trends of this season have been replenished with new products in red and brown tones. Such shirts are included in the latest collections of prestigious brands – they look very interesting.



Another discovery in the fashionable palette of colors for men’s shirts is blue spruce. This noble shade is associated with sophistication, elegance, and aristocratic charm.


More Colors

Men’s shirts 2022 in Bordeaux, olive, beige, azure, indigo make the image uncommon and memorable. Bordeaux allows you to stand out from the crowd, shades of blue accentuate strength and masculinity, beige helps to maintain peace of mind.


Not only a print is in fashion, but also an original cut of shirts. On fashion shows, you can see models without collars and cuffs, with fancy fasteners instead of buttons at the neck. All this variety resembles traditional men’s ethnic costumes – shirts, embroidered shirts, blouses, etc.

The color block is relevant, but not in the usual design when two colors are combined, but in a combination of patterns of different colors on one shirt. These patterns can be composed of abstract images, floral motifs, or full-fledged drawings as if copied from art canvases. Monochrome prints, checks, small geometry are also in trend.

Trending Shirts 2022: Design and Print


Denim is a must-have of a men’s wardrobe this season. However, such shirts have become popular not so long ago. The most fashionable ones are considered to be very light or black.

But the classic dark blue denim has faded into the background.

The ideal look for a picnic: a slightly worn blue shirt and light or brown shorts made of natural fabrics combined with sneakers, moccasins, perhaps even flip-flops, and aviator glasses – a cowboy style with a modern twist.

Black denim shirts can be worn with black sporty trousers, black sneakers, or moccasins – the most current set is in the sport-chic style.

Trending Shirts 2022: Design and Print denim

Pant Shirt New Style 2022: Checkered Pattern

The checkered pattern is traditionally considered an outfit for hipsters, cowboys, and working guys. And this image is back in fashion as the new shirt pattern 2022.

The classic combination of black and white, as well as black and red, white and blue elements, and a combination of white and gray are very trendy.

It should be borne in mind that things that have only a two-tone check are considered relevant this season. If you don’t know what shirts are now in fashion for men to wear with jeans, choose plaid, you can’t go wrong. They look great not only with denim pants but also with the same shorts or just cotton and linen.

It is also easy to pick up accessories and jewelry for it. You can choose belts with buckles, watches, rings, and bracelets. Shoes and hats for such shirts are best chosen in a sporty style.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022: Checkered Pattern


The stripe, which has long been considered a hit among prints on men’s shirts, is now interesting to few fashionistas.

The exception is thin black or gray on a white background, as well as light geometry in combination with a jacket and a narrow, gray or black tie or just with suit pants.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022: Checkered Pattern

How to Wear Fashionable Men’s Shirts?

Clothing should be not only stylish but also suitable for the figure, therefore, when wondering what shirts are in fashion now, it is advisable to immediately think about whether this style will look good on you.

Classic men’s shirts are always tucked into trousers under the belt, they are not worn tucked out. The colors of these shirts are mostly light in pastel beige, gray, blue, and white. A classic shirt is an ideal match with a business suit. For a complete look, you need a tie of a suitable shade.


The assortment of non-classic shirts is large: sports, lightweight summer polos, loose and fitted models with a print, etc. Such options differ from the classics not only in colors but also in the shape of the collar, fittings, decorative elements, stitching, fabric composition. Non-classic shirts are worn with jeans, shorts, Bermudas, both tucked in and out.

Such shirts allow you to show individuality and emphasize your own style to the best of your imagination and taste. Modern fashion gives freedom of choice, and this should be used for self-expression. Be confident and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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