Men’s Winter Jackets 2022: 16 Best Models in Latest Trends

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One of the main elements of a man’s wardrobe is a jacket. Fashionable men’s winter jackets 2022 are presented in terms of fashion trends and tendencies.

Men’s winter jackets 2022 are in a variety of styles, colors, original ideas from the best fashion houses. The trend is leather, velour, suede, cotton, polyester, jeans, wool, light fabrics. In the models of the new collections, couturiers give preference to black, blue, brown, beige colors.

Men's Winter Jackets 2022: 16 Best Models in Latest Trends

A combination of colors, textures, fur trim is relevant. Straight silhouettes, mid-thigh length, double-breasted collars are in fashion. Styles are complemented by patch and inner pockets, belts at the waist, large round buttons. Sporty, classic, biker, military – all styles remain popular.

Let’s get to know the best fashion trends of this season together.

Famous couturiers provide men with a wide range of stylish jackets. Different styles of men’s jackets from military to fitted classics are presented in fashion collections for the cold season.

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Almost all shades are fashionable this season: from classic black, brown, and white colors to bright and saturated shades. Laconic shades are more suitable for conservative men.

Daring and charismatic men are ready to wear stylish jackets in yellow, red, burgundy, blue, orange, light blue, khaki, mustard tones, which are in tandem with jeans and informal trousers.

General Trends of Winter Jackets for Men 2022

Fashionable novelties for men’s jackets are often decorated with prints, among which geometric prints, inscriptions, logos of famous brands, color transitions, and patterns will be relevant.

Fashion gurus delighted with the mod and the variety of cuts. Stylish jackets for men with different finishes, hoods, patch pockets, bright patches, unusual collars with a shawl, cuffs, draperies, etc. are presented on fashion catwalks.

Bomber Jacket 2022

Jacket options for the warm autumn period are presented by mega-fashion solutions in different styles.

One of the styles that men love is the bomber jacket. Designers offer fashionistas models made of different materials, but the most popular are leather, suede, and raincoat. Conservative men can choose a bomber jacket in classic monochrome colors, such as black, white, or brown.

Lovers of rich colors have the opportunity to buy a bomber jacket in saturated colors. The fashion gurus use metal zippers and rivets as decor. Stylish bomber jackets fit perfectly into both a discreet and informal look.

Bomber Jacket 2022


This is one of the lightest options for jackets for men, which will be especially relevant on warm autumn days when it is not cold and rainy outside.

Designers offer both straight-cut windbreakers and models with elastic cuffs.

Most of the windbreakers are made in a minimalist design, but some models are decorated with contrasting stripes.

Windbreaker 2022

Men’s Leather Jackets 2022

Famous designers offer stylish models of leather jackets to fashionistas that will ideally fit into masculine and brutal looks. This style is characterized by fur or sheepskin trim, as well as metal decorative elements.

Designers offer to combine leather with other materials such as suede and denim. Daring, brutal, and masculine models of jackets made of these materials look softer and more restrained in comparison with leather models.

Leather jackets look especially impressive on a male body. For men who prefer daring looks, leather jackets with metallic decor are suitable. More conservative men should look for classic leather jackets. Depending on the wishes, men can choose brown or black models made of matte and patent leather.

Men's Leather Jackets 2022

Men’s Leather Jackets 2022 without Clasp

The lack of fasteners in the models of men’s jackets is a fashion trend for the 2022 season. These styles are not only attractive but also very comfortable to wear.

Calvin Klein’s cropped leather model echoes the silhouette of a men’s sweater. Louis Vuitton shows off a brown hooded mid-thigh jacket. Rick Owens offered men a laconic long model in black.

The lack of a fastener and additional details makes it extraordinary and stylish.

Men's Leather Jackets 2022 without Clasp


Down Jackets

Down jackets are presented in different styles from long oversize to a short-fitted model, but all options are relevant. As a decoration, fashion gurus use fur or sheepskin trim on collars and cuffs. These models with trim along the entire length of the product are also presented on fashion catwalks.

The same materials can be used not only for decoration but also for additional lining, which will be especially relevant in winter. Such jackets will ideally warm you in autumn and winter.

Both shiny and matte fabrics are used as material for sewing down jackets.

Down Jackets 2022

Men’s Winter Jackets 2022 with Fur

Fur is a current trend in all fashionable seasons. Well-known brands use natural and artificial fur in winter jackets for men 2022. In a yellow sheepskin coat from Etro, luxurious material decorates the collar, sleeves, bottom of the product.

This bright model will appeal to creative and outrageous people. Belstaff showcases a sheepskin coat in burgundy that matches the brown collar perfectly. Such a stylish winter item will become a unique addition to a business person’s wardrobe.

Refinement, chic, gloss is reflected in the patent leather jacket from Gucci. In such outerwear, the attention of beautiful ladies will be riveted exclusively to your person.

Men's Winter Jackets 2022 with Fur

Abundance of Pockets

Pockets are especially popular in men’s winter jackets 2022. Christopher Raeburn offered a romantic cut in the caramel-colored fabric, rarely found in men’s outerwear.

Comfortable and practical, Burberry Prorsum’s casual jacket is detailed with pockets, shoulder straps, and buttons. Christophe Lemaire invites men to pay attention to a short volumetric model with a hidden zipper and decor made of metal rivets.

Abundance of Pockets 2022


Layering trends are not going out of style. In 2022, men’s jackets can be paired with jackets and lightweight fabrics. The pocket-sized Calvin Klein model can be worn with a lightweight raincoat in a matching fabric.

The straight silhouette fits into a strict business image. A dark brown leather jacket from Louis Vuitton pairs well with a lighter, casual blazer.

Philipp Plein offers a winter down jacket with a voluminous fur collar to be worn over a business suit, thereby showing how unique and original a mix of styles can be. Layering isn’t just about men’s but also women’s collections.



The simplicity and comfort of men’s winter jackets 2022 in a minimalist style are becoming more and more popular. Calvin Klein offered men a classic gray jacket.

A notable detail is the inner zip pockets. Warm mustard yellow double-breasted collar, soft silhouette lines – this is how the laconic model is presented in the new Brioni collection.

But what immediately attracts attention in the tweed product from Zegna is the volume and the metal clasp.


Combination of Textures

The combination of various materials and colors has already been used by designers in the models of men’s winter jackets 2022. DKNY combines black leather and navy denim.

Kenzo has reflected a passion for blue in men’s winter models: the material with a floral print perfectly coexists with a black raincoat fabric.

The finishing element of the creative model is wide elastic bands at the bottom, on the cuffs, collar. Discreet, but luxurious and stylish – this is exactly what the Just Cavalli men’s jacket made of leather and shiny fabric presented. In such an outfit, you can safely go to a friendly party or a nightclub.


Warm Parkas

Parkas in a short and midi solution will warm active and strong males in severe frosts and strong winds. Men’s options for such jackets are ideal for lovers of casual style.

Parkas for men look stylish and laconic, so they can be worn with jeans, trousers or a business suit. Parkas in a casual or street style are trimmed with fur on the hood, while more discreet office models have a minimalist decor.


Sport Jackets

Models of jackets in a sporty style are sure to be found in the wardrobe of every man.

Sports options let you create bright and stylish male looks. Such models are presented in different colors: from classic monochrome black, white, gray, brown to bright saturated orange, red, green, blue, purple, etc.

Regardless of the chosen color, the sports jacket looks very stylish, charismatic, and dynamic.

Sport Jackets 2022

Quilted Models

For this season, fashion gurus recommend fashionistas replenishing their wardrobes with quilted jackets. Such models will be very popular and in-demand among men.

Thanks to different stitching options, stylish jackets will look different – more concise and strict, or vice versa, light and informal.

Quilted models of jackets are presented in different models: warmed options for frosty weather and light ones for warm autumn.


Jeans Jackets

Jeans fit perfectly with many men’s looks and are very practical to wear. Denim jackets will be the perfect choice for the demi-season when the sun still pampers with its warm rays.

Original jeans options can be made of denim of different colors – white, gray, blue, black, as well as in a combined contrast solution. Designers offer new convertible jackets for men, which are easily modified from the warmed options with fur and removable insulation into light spring-autumn men’s jackets.

Jeans Jackets 2022

Convertible Jackets

This season, designers offer men to wear very practical convertible jackets.

Such models are men’s jackets with removable sleeves. That is, in winter such a model can be worn as a warm jacket, and in the demi-season – as a light vest that reliably protects from the wind.

Convertible Jackets 2022

Due to their diversity, men’s jackets 2022 will fit into any men’s wardrobe. Modest men will be able to choose products in a minimalist style while remaining stylish without attracting much attention.

For young people who, on the contrary, strive to look defiant, a rich selection of models with fur, pockets, bright details is presented. Jackets made of fabrics of different colors or structures will complement the image of businessmen.

Couturiers make it possible to correspond to all trends of modern fashion, emphasizing their own taste and preferences.

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