Men’s Shorts Styles 2022: Top 16 Impressive Models

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Men’s shorts are the most relaxed and comfortable piece of summer clothing. Modern men’s shorts styles 2022 are irreplaceable clothing options for the summer, providing maximum comfort.

In the summer heat, men’s shorts are the most suitable options. But this is such informal clothing that it can be difficult to find a good option without a certain skill.

There is an opinion that shoes say a lot about a person. And not only about his income level, but also how much this gentleman is conservative and versed in matters of style in general.

Men's Shorts Styles 2022: Top 16 Impressive Models

I fact, in an expensive suit and shoes, it is quite easy to look stylish. But what about summer clothing options, for example, the same shorts?

Is it possible to wear men’s shorts and be elegantly dressed at the same time?

In order not to get into a mess, you need to follow several rules for combining shorts with shoes and clothes. Let’s see what stylists have to say about this.

Maybe you have never been interested, but there are a lot of models of shorts. And they all differ significantly from each other, therefore, together with other things, they create a variety of images.
Designers suggest combining them with jackets, vests, or blazers.

Popular Men's Shorts Styles 2022

The color palette of this style is extensive, for example, red or orange. This option is perfect for summer parties.

Among the most fashionable men’s shorts 2022, the following should be highlighted:


Such a thing is unlikely to ever lose its popularity because it belongs to the more universal. Pants shorts can be worn not only for a walk but also for some events. They look beautiful with classic shirts and T-shirts.

Popular Men's Shorts Styles 2022


This style is liked by many men because it perfectly emphasizes the most positive male character traits. These shorts can be paired with a top in the same style.

Popular Men's Shorts Styles 2022 military

Men’s Casual Shorts 2022 with Pockets

These shorts can be classified as more athletic options. Numerous pockets make them even more convenient and functional.

Men's Casual Shorts 2022 with Pockets


For men who play tennis, men’s short shorts 2022 made from breathable materials are presented. You just can’t do without them on the court.

Men's Casual Shorts 2022 with Pockets

Chino Shorts for Men 2022

There is a tendency to include chinos in men’s summer wardrobe. These are cotton models that fit the figure. This is a versatile model, reminiscent of the cut of the trousers of the same name.

Their appearance is similar. Chinos go well with any outerwear, T-shirts, blazers, polos. A pair of moccasins or slippers will complement the look perfectly.

Chino Shorts for Men 2022

Men’s Cargo Shorts 2022

Loose-fit men’s shorts, complemented by patch pockets. As a rule, they have military-style colors. Often used by military personnel. You can combine them with a denim shirt or with a checkered print.

T-shirts or polos will do. It is better to choose sports shoes here, for example, sneakers.

Men's Cargo Shorts 2022


This model was once worn by British colonists. Such shorts come in a variety of colors now, but the most popular are white and khaki. All Bermuda shorts are cotton.

They have a loose fit, and their appearance is closer to the classic.

They can be worn with T-shirts, shirts, jackets, only the fabric of the products must be combined.


Men’s Denim Shorts 2022

Denim remains comfortable, practical, and simply universal. It’s hard to find a man who didn’t have at least one piece of denim in his wardrobe. Denim shorts are ideal when you don’t feel like thinking about choosing clothes. They are always up-to-date and look good.

Denim shorts are definitely a shabby, wrinkled, slightly sloppy option. Very light, heavily worn denim shorts look good.

Denim shorts with cuffs look best. You can choose almost any top: from a sports shirt to a white or black T-shirt and a jacket. It still remains an integral part of men’s casual shorts 2022.

Fendi offers loose denim shorts in distressed blue with a high waist in a cowboy style, combined with suede inserts.

Men's Denim Shorts 2022

Shoes for Denim Shorts

From shoes to men’s denim shorts 2022, you should select moccasins, slip-on shoes, and, of course, sneakers.

For athletic guys, we offer the option of denim shorts with sneakers, socks, and a T-shirt. It looks very stylish and relaxed at the same time. Despite this athletic look, you shouldn’t use this option for fitness or running. It’s too hot to run in denim in summer.

Do not combine denim shorts with classic shoes such as loafers or lace-ups. For others, this causes a persistent feeling of disharmony. Denim is a sportier and imposing style. It interacts a little tensely with the classics.

Shoes for Denim Shorts 2022

Men’s Short Shorts 2022

This season, men’s short shorts 2022 in a bright floral pattern or geometric print are in trend. It is understandable, in the summer near the sea coast you want to get a little sunbathe. And this is best done in the most open clothing. This model assumes a length that reveals the hips.

Among all the trendy models of men’s shorts 2022, there are both short options and long ones, more tapered and loose.

The most suitable option must be chosen based on preferences, physique features, as well as a specific situation.

For example, long shorts are more suitable for tall men, and short shorts are more suitable for those with medium and short stature. Among the materials most often used for men’s shorts are knitwear, linen, cotton, wool, and denim.

Men's Short Shorts 2022

Hiding Flaws

Like any other clothing, shorts can both emphasize and hide some flaws in the figure.

First, it concerns the model. You should not buy your own fitness shorts if you still have to train before you are in perfect shape. If you are overweight, opt for chinos or denim.

Men's Short Shorts 2022

The Most Fashionable Colors of Men’s Shorts 2022

The color of the shorts is no less important than their style. With the help of the color of clothes, we can seem to communicate with people around and attract their attention. Designers have unveiled some of the trendiest fabric shorts for 2022, so pick the shades that are closest to you from this list. So, trending colors are:

  • Black. The most neutral and popular color, especially for men. And nothing has changed this year.
  • White. Not the most practical color, but it looks great.
  • Blue. The second most frequently used in men’s wardrobe after black. Looks great with a white top.
  • Gray. It is quite versatile because this color is appropriate for both classic and sports options.
  • Khaki. In the collection of every famous designer, you can find a thing of this color.
  • Red. Naturally, not everyone will be able to choose it, but the most daring men will definitely not pass by this color.

Among the trendy colors of shorts, which are rarely found in the wardrobe of men, which is very in vain, one can single out green, yellow, and orange.

For summer, these colors are more than appropriate, so do not limit yourself. Camouflage shorts are still very popular because they are very practical.

The Most Fashionable Colors of Men's Shorts 2022

Men’s Shorts Styles 2022: Brands

Tommy Hilfiger presents both classic and sports varieties of shorts.

Levis are known primarily for their stylish jeans for men. Here you can find a huge number of denim shorts.

The Coast specializes in stylish and colorful beach and swimming shorts. From a wide range of products introduced, everyone can opt for the best option for him.

Armani is a recognized manufacturer of menswear. Stylish classic shorts of this fashion house can be worn even for social events.

Puma sports shorts are stylish and comfortable.

Lacoste offers both sports options and indoor shorts that can provide maximum comfort when worn at home.

Calvin Klein is the most popular menswear brand that offers classic, athletic, and beach shorts.

Men's Shorts Styles 2022: Brands

Stylish Looks with Men’s Shorts 2022

To create a stylish look, you can use hats and sneakers. In summer, black glasses look great. They help to emphasize the masculinity of a man.

Stylish Looks with Men's Shorts 2022

For shorts, men need to very carefully select all the other elements of the image. To look appropriate and attractive in these light, cropped pants, the overall style of the bow should be considered.

Popular Combinations with Shorts for Men 2022

If shorts are sports options, then different T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, and even T-shirts are suitable for them. When choosing shoes, you need to pay attention to sneakers, moccasins, and other sports models.

Shorts of a classic cut are worn with T-shirts of the same style, shirts, jackets, polos. Shoes should also match the overall look, so choose classic sneakers and even shoes. Denim shorts look perfect with T-shirts, as well as with a denim top in the form of a shirt or jacket, creating a total image.

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