Pant Shirt New Style 2022 with Top 12 Gorgeous Combinations

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The pant shirt new style 2022 is considered a traditional basic tandem in the image. It is not enough to choose stylish things; you need to learn how to combine them beautifully with each other.

One of the main skills for a man when creating an image is the skill of properly tucking his shirt into his pants. Much depends on the design and color of the shirt – whether it’s a classic white model or a casual one.

Not everyone knows when the shirt needs to be tucked in, and when to leave it out, to create an actual stylish look.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022 with Top 12 Gorgeous Combinations

Denim and plaid, stylish casual and bold prints – this set of shirts for men should be expected among pant shirt new style 2022 boy trends.

We reveal the secrets of an interesting men’s wardrobe, show examples of stylish men’s looks, and demonstrate fashionable ideas for men’s pant shirt new design 2022.

The latest solutions in the world of men’s fashion are something special. Men follow current trends and emphasize their individuality. Fashionable novelties appeal to a large number of men, no matter how passionate they are about fashion.

Among the fashion trends, the following directions are noted:

  • Simple and practical clothing. A simple wardrobe can be stylish at the same time – it is enough to choose full-fledged combinations of shirts and pants, and the image is ready. Now you don’t have to choose between style and convenience.

Fashion Trends for Pant Shirt New Style 2022


  • Free casual style is prevailing. Neutral versatility and kits are the trends of 2022. Shirts have not lost their attention either – fashion designers have revived the old classics.
  • The most popular is the loose fit of slightly wrinkled shirts, casually tucked into ripped jeans. This is the current male chic.

Various floral prints and bold animalism, cozy checkered pattern, and curious Boho in masculine performance looks absolutely voguish.

New Formal Pant Shirt Style 2022

Gloomy classics are a thing of the past – on the pedestal are fashionable men’s shirts in soft colors, long sleeves, and classic style, which in 2022 combine both convenience and beauty. Mustard, brown, rich wine, scarlet and blue can be safely added to the wardrobe. Khaki and olive always look stylish, especially in winter and spring.

However, do not forget that a classic white shirt should be in the wardrobe of every self-respecting gentleman. At work, a white shirt and a stylish jacket, in the evening – a corduroy jacket and the same shirt.

The blue shirt is the second classic a man should have. If earlier it was a light blue version, now the fashion trends are conquered by sapphire and cobalt.

New Formal Pant Shirt Style 2022

Pay close attention to:

  • the classics, without unnecessary details;
  • the calm color palette and monochromatic models;
  • pastel shades (cream, beige, gray);
  • natural fabrics (linen, cotton);
  • traditional tailoring and collars without details and accents;
  • invisible buttons and fasteners.

Strip and Check

Plaid insulated shirts have returned to men’s wardrobes. In addition, fashion designers offer original combinations of several different types of checks. A shirt with a zipper will look bold. Putting it on a T-shirt, you can get a stylish and practical look.

The check goes well with short sleeves – preference is given to bright shades of red, green, and blue. The stripe has made room for this season – in the top of the check.



Animalism, floral prints, and label names are the main trends for stylish men. You can create an interesting and original image.

Bright, printed models are suitable for a custom wardrobe for a party, as well as for a casual look. Paradise shirt motifs include birds and flowers.

A shirt with a floral print is a must-have. Of the animal patterns, you should pay attention to the leopard, tiger, and zebra prints.

If you choose a bright floral ornament for a masculine look, the main thing is not to overdo it. One, a maximum of two things are enough to create an original style.


Pant Shirt New Style 2022 Jeans

Experts from the fashion world assure that fashionable men’s denim shirts are at their peak in 2022. Denim models will perfectly fit into a summer wardrobe; options with both short and long sleeves are good. Denim is gaining popularity in two styles:

  • Fitted. Suitable for men of a sports-type who want to show off their physical shape.
  • Straight. Versatile for any body type.

Of the features of denim shirts, the following can be distinguished:

  • the trend gives freedom to choose a collar or refuse it;
  • straight cut with long options;
  • rich denim and black colors will complement the texture of the material;
  • can be originally combined with other fabrics – knitted inserts, cotton, cuffs from other materials will look great.

This season, designers advise a total look with denim. Denim shirt and pants of the same color and style! Whether it’s a date, a meeting with friends, or just an ordinary day, jeans are trendy everywhere.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022 Jeans

Military-Style Pant Shirt New Design 2022

It is gaining momentum, khaki color, a military print, and more pockets are perfect for men. The military will become an adornment of the wardrobe. By the way, it can be perfectly combined with safari-style things.

Military classics – pants tucked into high boots and a tight-fitting shirt with short sleeves.

Add metal jewelry and sunglasses and any man will attract a ton of feminine looks. Suitable for daily style, travel, and meeting friends.

Military-Style Pant Shirt New Design 2022

Casual & Boho Pant Shirt New Style 2022

A well-worn loose shirt in a casual style without an abundance of accessories – this is a top. This year, men are also trying the free boho style – you can play with trendy 2022 men’s shirts with short sleeves and prints.

In new trends, casual often intersects with the traveler’s style – a romantic look in soothing colors. Here, too, the emphasis is on loose, comfortable things in combination with neutral shades. Khaki and soft cranberry are just right here!

We tuck the shirt into the pants, complement the look with accessories (glasses, boots, or sneakers) and choose a shirt with a floral print and a stylish trench coat.

Boho found an interesting expression for men – open collar, gathered sleeves, solid colors, patchwork stitching. The image is perfect not only for the beach in Bali but also for urban everyday life.

Casual & Boho Pant Shirt New Style 2022

Shirts Tucked in or out

Men began to tuck a shirt into pants in ancient times, so as not to allow the cold to penetrate to the body. Modern fashion calls for a tucked-in shirt in some looks, regardless of the season.

There are events and styles that call for it, such as a strict office dress code, a business meeting, a wedding, or other celebration. In these cases, the shirt is always tucked in, because it is necessary to emphasize the seriousness and solemnity of the moment.

If you have a friendly meeting, a walk, a date – there are no rules here, you can leave the shirt out if the style does not require the opposite.

 Pant Shirt New Style 2022

How To Tuck Correctly?

Once you’ve decided on the need to tuck in your shirt, choose the appropriate method to do it.

The basic method is the most versatile:

  • all buttons must be buttoned;
  • the front of the shirt is smoothed out so that the folds are not collected:

This method is only suitable for slender men on whom the clothes fit well. Please note that you cannot tuck a shirt into your underwear, and then put on pants.

The military method allows you to remove folds at the waist.

  • the shirt is fully buttoned;
  • put on pants (do not button them) and tuck in your shirt;
  • make a fold from one side and press it with a belt, then do the same from the other side.

Various types of pants are suitable for this method – both classic and casual.


Modern fashion welcomes maximum comfort and a slight negligence in images. If you want to look trendy and stylish, you should try the following shirt dressing methods, which are appropriate for everyday looks.

The half method is not suitable for every body type, so you should first make sure that using it, you look harmonious. The instruction is as simple as possible:

  • the shirt is tucked into the pants only from one side of the front;
  • at the back, everything should be completely tucked in.

The images look very relevant when it is refueled just in front of the shirt. It is used not only by men but also by women. It should be noted that such methods are unacceptable in a
business image. How to create:

  • the shirt is fully tucked in from the front;
  • part of the shirt in the back straightens and hangs down freely.

Trending Combinations of Pant Shirt New Design 2022

Tips for Choosing the Right Shirts and Pants

First of all, you need to choose the right shirt – it must fit perfectly on the figure, otherwise, the whole point of thinking over the image will be lost. First of all, the right shirt has the following qualities:

  • has the correct cut;
  • fits perfectly on the figure;
  • has a color suitable for the owner.

Criteria for choosing a shirt often depend on the event for which the outfit is being selected.

  • For a casual look, you can choose a more expressive print, bright colors.
  • For a solemn or official exit, plain white, gray, beige shirts are more appropriate.
  • If you want to buy a versatile shirt that will suit both business and formal and casual looks, stop at a black or dark blue shade. Another obvious plus of such options is that they visually make a man slimmer.

What to look for when trying on:

  • the model should not restrain the back and shoulders, but also hang too much;
  • the shoulder area and collar do not squeeze, but fit snugly;
  • at the waist, the shirt should neither overtighten nor dangle;
  • the correct sleeve length is important;
  • fitted silhouettes slim.

Choosing the right pants is equally important.

Trending Combinations of Pant Shirt New Design 2022

Here, first of all, it is necessary to focus not only on the general style but also size, build, height.

  • Classic pants have a traditional leg width, high or medium waist.
  • Pants in the casual style have their own characteristics, but they are much easier to fit into any look. There is a suitable model for every body type.
  • Skinny models should be avoided by both too thin and corpulent men, as well as those who are going to a formal, strict event.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022 Boy: Gorgeous Combinations

  • An elegant look most often requires a fully tucked-in option.
  • A white shirt tucked into dark pants is a traditional combination that can be made more casual by rolling up the sleeves slightly.
  • It is better not to tuck denim shirts, so the image will lose its expressiveness.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022 Boy: Gorgeous Combinations

  • Tucked in the front gives the image brutality.
  • A shirt partially tucked into pants will add lightness to even the strictest combination.
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