Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions

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Here we are introducing the most demanded variants of blazer trends 2021. Enrich your knowledge of selecting a blazer with us.

The history of blazers begins from 1837, when the Queen Victoria visited one of the Royal Navy ships called HMS Blazer. The stuff of the ship wore navy blue double-breasted jackets with their striped seamen’s blouses.

So, blazers become one of the must-have dresses for men’s wardrobe. You can put on them in any occasion and look fantastic.

Pick for your closet blazers with energetic colors, classic prints and patterns, and also with various materials from linen to velvet. Make your stylish collection of blazers and have a wonderful appearance.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions

Blazers for Men 2021: Classification


For summer cotton blazers for men 2021 with different shades of white and creamy are in favor. Single or double breast, breathable cotton blazer will fulfill your look. It is classified as more formal model.

A blue cotton blazer will be an amazing addition to any professional man’s closet.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions


Linen blazers for men 2021 like cotton ones are also designed for warm and hot weather. They tend to be casual variant for your summer closet.

They will be cooler and more charming if you put on them with rolled sleeves or with popped collar.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions


Looking for blazer trends 2021 for the in-between season? Then the wool blazers for men 2021 is a quality opt to keep you warm during autumn and spring. This also makes you appear quite formal.

Many brands offer various blends like high-end with cashmere or silk, and low-end with polyester or elastane. It gives you a large price selection.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions


Tweed blazers are made from heavyweight material, so they are designed for cold weather. These are also classified as more formal jackets, but with practical and modern touch.

In the shops you will hit on various types of tweed: twill, herringbone, striped, over check and checked.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions

Structured and Unstructured

Nowadays, a huge amount of blazer trends 2021 is available for you. Your goal is to orientate the kind of blazer you need, also you have to know the purpose of wearing it.

Structured type of blazers are modeled for formal and smart look. They are sharp cut with strict shapes and shoulder pads.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions

While, unstructured blazers are designed for casual outfit. They are softer and flexible, with lightweight material, sometimes without shoulder. Put on an unstructured blazer to add a relaxed touch to your look.

Both structured and unstructured blazers are important part of your closet. They will complete your outfit in any occasion.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions

Leather Blazers

When it comes to leather blazers, you have to be very delicate in your opt.

They are in men’s blazer trends 2021 again, but they aren’t classified to the very casual and practical outfit, as, for example, you can’t wear them with slim jeans or tennis shoes.

Thanks to dressmakers who presented various reinvented styles of leather blazers for 2021. They are perfect for spring-autumn seasons. These eye-catching blazers possess a minimalist, but at the same time, very trendy appearance.

If you are fond of formal dressing, just select the structured style of leather blazer in the various shades of dark brown or always elegant black.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions

For men who prefer more casual models of blazers, the unstructured type of leather blazer is fantastic opt. This will look very stylish with a roll-neck sweater and classic jeans.

Brands offer leather blazers made from  cow hide or buffalo hide, lambskin or sheepskin.

Velvet Blazers

Being one of the greatest trends of this year, the velvet blazers tend to be the most formal type. You can put on this blazer in the form of tuxedo with slim-cut black trousers, a white shirt and a bow tie.

If you want to break this strict outfit, just take a crew neck T-shirt instead of a white shirt, and skinny black jeans. You can take part in any type of event  in this dressing.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions

Double-Breasted Blazers

Recently double-breasted blazers were modeled only for businessman and industrial giants. They were designed to hide a punch. This was the main purpose.

Nowadays, a great variety of double-breasted blazers presented for you and you can easily make you opt for every occasion.

This trendiest model will make you more good-looking, as it shows your shoulders larger and  cinches your waist.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions

This type is very flexible. You can create both formal and smart-casual appearance with this blazer.

Men’s Sport Coats 2021

Men’s blazers are manifested in various modes.

The eminent is the sport coat or sport jacket. Are you interested what’s the difference between blazers and sport coats? Just a little distinction: the blazers are more formal than the sport coats.

Did you know that the first sport coats were created for outdoor sportswear?

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions

Men’s sport coats 2021 have some similarities with standard blazers.

The cut and the length of sport coats is the same, but they are more easy-going, casual and unstructured.

The flexible gray or traditional brown sport coats made from wool are in the top of autumn-winter collection. You can put on them as well at the workplace or when you go out with your friends.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions

Sport Jackets 2021: The Trendiest Models

Thin and Lightweight Sport Jacket for Summer

If you are from a country where are hot summers, you have to get a lightweight sport coat in your closet. In this case dressmakers offer cotton or cotton-blend and linen fabrics. They are top models for sport jackets 2021.

In summer, first, you need a breathable dressing.

So if you take a summer sport jacket, pay attention to its weave material.

It makes you feel cooler. Also, select a jacket with half lining or interlining to keep it in shape.

And, for sure, you have to select colors like white, cream, beige or ivory in order to reflect the rays. Here, the single-breasted coats are the right opt.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions

Thick and Textured Sport Jacket for Winter

Cold winter season is not a problem to look trendy. Winter sport jackets 2021 are here to help you feel both stylish and warm.

You have to pick heavy-weight and textured wintertime jacket made from tweed or corduroy. They are fantastic for everyday dressing, for  outside-of-work events and for social events.

You can put on this jacket over a sweater or under an overcoat.  Moreover, this can function as an overcoat with a lovely pair of gloves and a scarf.

Various patterns will be trendy: checks, stripes, plaid. But the minimal pattern jacket will look greater, for example, the herringbone is the recommended one.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions

Your wintertime appearance with casual vibe is ready!

Hop sack Sport Jacket

The most flexible of blazer trends 2021 is the hop sack sport jacket. This is a wool coat with light, breathable and natural fabric.

The hop sack sport jacket you can put on at least during three seasons. The porous but substantial weave makes it fine for the summer, autumn and spring, and passable in the winter, if you are from a place that is not too frigid.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions

Brown and gray are the favored colors for this jacket. It’s suitable for everything from date night, to company dinners, to conferences and to your travels and trips.

Modernized the old and stiff yacht-club versions of navy sport jackets are in blazer trends 2021.

Blazer Trends 2021: Top 13 Latest Trend Suggestions

Just like the other jackets mentioned on this list, you can put on this sport jacket in more casual situations. It’s popular for a simpler, smoother, sleeker,  hard-finish wool material and a more structured fit.

This sharp and masculine navy sport jacket is flexible to wear year-round and goes with just about everything.

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