23 Impressive Trends for Leggings 2021 with Outfit Options

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Leggings 2021 are not only clothes for home or sports. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a sports fan or a lover of lying on the couch, this season, leggings should definitely appear in your wardrobe.

This basic thing played with new meanings, during the epidemic and quarantine. Then many of us moved together in home offices on the couch and began to master Zoom conferences.

Why do you need to appear at an online meeting in all its glory, if you can wear comfortable leggings with a classic jacket or shirt? Many women of fashion thought so, and stylists have already ranked leggings among the fashion trends 2021.

23 Impressive Trends for Leggings 2021 with Outfit Options

Times are changing: pandemics come and go, but leggings remain in a women’s wardrobe. Leggings have taken such deep roots into our everyday life, therefore, without exaggeration, they can already be called classics, because they are in fashion forever!

We will show you 25 extraordinary looks with leggings wearing trends 2021. We will tell you how to combine leggings with shirts, rough boots, voluminous jackets, and other regular heroes of the women’s wardrobe. See photos, catch fresh ideas for all occasions and seasons.

Are Leggings in Style for 2021?

Fashionistas around the world, and designers, are sure: tight leggings are one of the main symbols of new fashion trends 2021.

And it’s not just a matter of forced self-isolation – leggings as an item of everyday wardrobe began to gain popularity even before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Fashionable bloggers have transferred leggings from the category of sports micro-trends to one of the biggest trends of the season.

23 Impressive Trends for Leggings 2021 with Outfit Options

How to Choose Leggings 2021 Correctly?

  • Do not wear leopard leggings unless you are going to a disco party. This also includes shiny and lace models that are suitable only for dances.
  • Do not wear active print leggings if your legs are far from ideal.
  • If you want to hide excess weight, wear leggings only with long tunics or cardigans. Choose black or burgundy designs that won’t attract attention.
  • T- knitted leggings are worn only to the gym, or we wear them with sneakers or trainers in combination with sportswear.
  • Remember that leggings are an element of the everyday basic wardrobe. They are appropriate for casual or sport chic looks. Fishnet models have nothing to do with cocktail or evening style, even if you pair them with heels and silk sequin blouses.
  • If you are unsure of how to choose the right leggings, start by purchasing the base model in black.

What Tops to Wear with Leggings?

Combinations with Leather Leggings

Leather leggings 2021 have become one of the brightest trends of the season. Think leather pants were only worn in the 80s? This story began much earlier, back in the 18th century.

Then, leggings appeared in men’s fashion, which were sewn from thin deer or elk skin. Today, thankfully, you don’t have to kill wildlife for a few pairs of trendy pants.

23 Impressive Trends for Leggings 2021 with Outfit Options

After all, there are many models of already women’s leggings made of eco-leather. It is elastic, tight, and comfortable. We offer you some stylish ideas on what tops to wear with leggings:

  • Classic combinations – leather leggings with a white top – shirt, cardigan, or jacket.
  • Another option is leather leggings and a denim shirt slightly open like it does model Gigi Hadid.
  • A pretty bold way to wear leggings is by pairing them with a cropped blouse. This image is not suitable for everyone. However, if you are feeling confident, then why not give it a try?
  • Leather leggings with sneakers are the perfect combination to try this fall! To emphasize the beauty and shape of the legs, choose shoes with rough soles and oversized outerwear.
  • If you want to lengthen your legs and look slimmer, try on a black total look with leather leggings.
  • Dark leggings, a lingerie top, and a white shirt are great options for an everyday outfit.

What to Wear with Black Leggings?

Leggings are timeless and fashionable, but they are definitely on the side of comfort, style, and femininity! Here is what to wear with black leggings this season:

Leggings with elegant heels, a black leather jacket, or a soft volume sweatshirt – a great idea for fall 2021.

Leggings 2021 with a White Shirt

Black leggings and a snow-white shirt are always in fashion. Don’t forget stylish shoes (pumps or comfy oxfords) and fashion accessories.

23 Impressive Trends for Leggings 2021 with Outfit Options

This is an unconditional trend for leggings 2021. Fashionable girls in New York and Paris combine leggings with an elegant white jacket or an elongated jacket.
By the way, the fashionable leggings with an elongated jacket are also suitable for overweight girls.

23 Impressive Trends for Leggings 2021 with Outfit Options

For fall 2021, don’t forget to add a leather or wool coat to your wardrobe.

Basic black leggings are perfect for them. With such an outfit, not only fashionable sneakers look harmonious, but also laconic shoes with heels. Choose according to your mood!

23 Impressive Trends for Leggings 2021 with Outfit Options

Leggings 2021 with a Skirt

Interesting, stylish, and most importantly – warm. Try on a midi skirt and a quilted vest with black leggings for the fall-winter 2021 season.

Choosing a casual look with black leggings, do not limit yourself either in accessories or in clothes. See how leggings are worn by the world’s top models – Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

What to Wear with Sports Leggings?

We all know that leggings and leggings fit perfectly into a tracksuit concept. What about unusual casual looks?

Sports and heels compatible – proven at Paris Fashion Week.

Sport-chic has conquered not only the streets but also fashion catwalks. And this is great!

In a hurry from your run to work? Try black sports leggings with a leather biker jacket like Kendall Jenner.

We love this black total look with Adidas leggings, cropped jacket, leather coat, and trendy loafers. And you?

Black and white cycling shorts under a white top and an elongated jacket are a beautiful and stylish novelty of the season.

Fashionable Leggings 2021 for Fall and Winter

Non-Black Shades Are in Fashion

Sometimes we become hostages of consistency and habits and buy black leggings. But these are just leggings – tell yourself, and pay attention to the options for earthy shades: green, brown, gray, slate, as well as Marsala, olive, brick. Step out of your comfort zone and feel the incredible new emotions that will give you wings!

Leggings 2021 with Side or Front Slit

If you want to look stunning, then look for elegant leggings that adorn the shallow cutouts at the bottom at the side seam or in the center. These leggings will make a real sensation because they look very original, stylish, and … creative!

Leather and Vinyl Leggings are Back in Fashion

If you have a weakness for leather, then especially for you leather leggings are in fashion. We have already said above that this is already a classic, which is beautifully combined with either a light top or with clothes of the same shade, for example, black leggings and a black jacket, sweater or top.

And for those tending to look stunning, shiny vinyl leggings are in vogue. They will become a godsend for those who want to slay everyone on the spot.

23 Impressive Trends for Leggings 2021 with Outfit Options

You will be enveloped in memories of the past when you learn that the leggings that girls usually wear to school are back in fashion. In the 90s, these were insanely popular among schoolgirls. And they are often worn to dances – they fit perfectly and do not pull themselves up. So, feel free to buy these leggings, especially since they visually stretch your legs. Here the color does not matter – the emphasis is on the style.

  • The trends are suede and velvet leggings.
  • Color block leggings are in fashion.
  • Leggings with prints are in fashion – snake, leopard, floral or checkered.

Elastic leggings are becoming a strategic replacement for skinny jeans. The list of current models includes leggings made of lycra and leather, with slits at the front and sides, classic black, and bright colors.

Today leggings look appropriate on a walk with friends, at breakfast in a cafe, and if you really want to, you can correctly fit them into the office dress code.

Leggings 2021 with T-Shirt and Jacket-Shirt

Remember: leggings go perfectly with the basics. For a walk in the park (this will soon be possible, you just have to wait) wear them with a simple white T-shirt and a concise jacket-shirt. And do not forget about the competent completion of the image – comfortable shoes.

Leggings with Black High Neck Top and High Boots

Tucked into high boots, leggings visually stretch the silhouette and make you a girl from the superhero squad. To enhance the degree of sexuality, complement the image with a tight top to match leggings – for example, a turtleneck or a high-necked top.

Leggings with Lightweight Parka / Coat and Boots with Heels

This combination is perfect for a third date. Sustained femininity combined with a slight casualness – broadcast your sense of style through the feeling that you put on the first things you see.

Leggings 2021 with Cropped Cardigan

Printed leggings are another original element of the spring arsenal. To maintain the irony of the look, complement it with a cropped cardigan in a rich shade. After a period of self-isolation, extra attention will not hurt you.

Leggings with Oversize Jacket

A duo of leggings and an oversized jacket is a great way to integrate tight leggings into an office wardrobe. Finish off the look with heeled pumps and a satchel.

Leggings with Long Shirt and Rough Platform Boots

Another office-friendly look is a trio of leggings, a long shirt, and chunky platform boots.

Leggings with Crop-Top and Trench

The sporty nature of leggings will be perfectly supported by a crop top and sneakers. And to make the image suitable for the bustle of the city, complement it with a baseball cap and an elongated trench coat that are relevant today.

23 Impressive Trends for Leggings 2021 with Outfit Options

What Should You Not Wear with Leggings?

Do not wear tight leggings with short or revealing tops: Leggings perfectly highlight the dignity of the figure, so do not overdo it, revealing the belly or neckline.

Do not wear tight leggings with high platform shoes, sandals, and high heels. In this combination, they look vulgar. Want to lengthen your legs? Choose sneakers, rough tractor-soled boots, or wide heels.

What Can I Wear Instead of Leggings?

If you already are bored and try to find an alternative to leggings, let’s see what you can wear instead of leggings.

There seem to be endless sights when it comes to leggings. You might want to keep up with the fashion, but sometimes change is good:

  • Sweatpants – with a head-to-toe black outfit, and a nice pair of sunglasses – amazing!
  • Knit Pants – For many people living in France leggings are synonymous with bad taste. So, when French girls want to wear something comfortable, they opt for knit pants –if not, oversize pants.
  • Ruffle Waist Trousers – If you are looking for a go-for, why don’t you try to have a pair of ruffle waist trousers? They are both stylish and so comfy.
  • Culotte Jeans – It doesn’t matter whether you have high-top, low-top or slip-on shoes or sneakers and whether a T-shirt or shirt for your daily outfit; you’ll look full well!
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