Women’s Winter Coats 2022: Top 27 New Tendencies for Every Taste

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One of the most essential basic elements of a woman’s wardrobe for the cold seasons is precisely beautiful and fashionable women’s winter coats 2022.

The best coat models werepresented at fashion shows recently held in the largest capitals of the world. The main and general trend in the fashion world is still femininity.

Fashion designers give special attention to it both when developing a cut, and when drawing up a color scheme, and when choosing materials for their models.

Women's Winter Coats 2022: Top 27 New Tendencies for Every Taste

Now, it is time to check out which coats are most in-demand by women and girls following the latest fashion trends.

World-class fashion designers and luxury brands have once again shown their vision of impeccable perfection in stylish looks with mid-season and winter coats for women 2022.

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The choice is huge, and in order not to be mistaken for buying a really relevant and beautiful model, get acquainted with the main trends of today.

Extravagant Women’s Coats 2022

Extravagant models are also in fashion.

Fashion designers mix colors and fabrics in their creations, creating completely unique combinations, sometimes inappropriate at first glance, but shocking and eye-catching.

Extravagant Women's Coats 2022

The designers are inspired by fashionable and independent women.

Double-Breasted Coat

The trend of the season is the double-breasted coat, which goes well with the business style of clothing.

For lovers of high life, it will be an excellent option, because the model emphasizes severity and sophistication. It can be combined with both characteristic jewelry and scarves and shawls.

Double-Breasted Coat 2022


60-70s Style

This season, there are no restrictions on the length of the upper outfit for fashionistas.

Styles of the 60-70s are relevant, for example, a poncho or a short flared coat. We should not forget about the relevance of the belt, designed to emphasize the silhouette, contrasting with the overall gamut of the outfit.



Several trendy materials stand out this season. Leather, fur, drape, and cashmere are the favorites of the coming season.

Popular materials this season are wool, cashmere, and leather. It is in them that the girl will feel comfortable and warm, even in the most severe cold. Fashionable coats, made of cashmere or velour, will make a woman stand out from the crowd, highlighting her taste.

Some designers decided to experiment and sew models using several materials at once. A complex texture of different types of leather, a knitted model, or a combination of cashmere and fur – all this is relevant.


Colors and Pattern of Women’s Coats 2022

Choosing a coat color, women of fashion can safely opt for a checked pattern. It is becoming the most popular this season.

The checkered pattern can be made in green, black, brown, burgundy, and white colors. Just plain coats with an emphasis on the waist are also relevant. A belt, preferably of medium width, will help to achieve this accent.

For delicate natures, an excellent option for this season is the acquisition of a creamy and milk caramel shade.

In autumn, the streets of cities are bright, because the most stylish autumn colors are yellow, pink, white, and red.

The classic black and white colors, which look great with the general formal style of clothing, do not lose their relevance.

As in the previous season, animal prints, colors imitating the color of animals, are still relevant. Coat trends 2022 repeat the styles of bygone times with their motives.

Colors and Pattern of Women's Coats 2022

Winter Coats for Women 2022: Beige

Beautiful nude color in all its diversity allows women of different ages, styles, and occupations to choose a coat.

Young students, businesswomen, and ladies over 40 years old – all look equally great in a trendy beige coat.

The styles are offered in the oversized format, cocoon, cape, and jacket, as well as long coat models in a beige shade.

Winter Coats for Women 2022: Beige

Unusual Styles

If you look at the styles presented by fashion designers, it becomes obvious that the more unusual they are, the better. This season, the main trends are unusual colors and the most daring solutions.

Wide-shouldered options, complemented by a scattering of beads, free, and with large pockets are the main feature of the autumn season. The fashion of the 40s also returned, bringing with it a trendy trench coat from the past.

This style of coat has a length just below the knee and has a round collar. The poncho is relevant. The main features of this model are the severity of the lines, a neat collar, and buttons in two rows.

For lovers of extravagance and outrageousness, models are presented without a collar, with decorative stripes and shoulder straps. Such models are more relevant in autumn, they can be supplemented with bright scarves or shawls, beads, and belts.

Analyzing the variety of styles, we can say that the fashion coat 2022 has stepped far forward, making this item of a woman’s wardrobe universal.


The Warmest Winter Coats 2022

The winter dictates its directions regarding the most fashionable trends. This season, the woman finally gained individuality, thanks to coats of different cuts, styles, and color solutions.

For any type of figure, you can choose a fashionable and stylish winter outfit. There are 3 silhouettes for different women, with different tastes and looks.

The Warmest Winter Coats 2022


The first silhouette is voluminous. This trend of the season is considered to be very fashionable. It helps to hide minor flaws in the figure and emphasize the fragility of the girl.

Of course, it is better to choose a coat with such a silhouette for slender ladies.

The Warmest Winter Coats 2022


The second type is the opposite of the first. Sleek silhouette, emphasizing the waist – a sheath coat allows you to look feminine and elegant.


Winter Capes

And, finally, the third style of winter dress is a cape. Not quite practical, but, nevertheless, a very fashionable solution for this season. The cape coat does not have a collar and sleeves, therefore, it is more suitable for a warm, not windy winter. Winter capes in maximum length are outstandingly fashionable.

Cape coat will ideally complement any type of figure – from curvy to slender, which many women of fashion could appreciate.


Plush or Fur Coat

Fashionable coats completely made of eco-friendly faux fur have become one of the most demanded materials for the season in terms of trendy outerwear.

Faux fur allows you to use different kinds of prints to decorate fur and plush coats.

Plush or Fur Coat 2022

Dyed Fur

Another highlight of the season is dyed fur. In order to prevent people from being overshadowed by depression in winter, the designers decided to immediately release a huge amount of bright outerwear, with multi-colored fur collars, fur dyed in a leopard or zebra.

You can also create a bright look with the help of orange, menthol, bright red, and yellow fur inlays. An indisputable trend of the season is a voluminous fur collar with a long pile.


 Coat with Fur Elements

This season of women’s winter coats 2022 is characterized by increased demand for fur products. Fur is very relevant this winter. Nearly all options at world fashion shows contain fur inserts. Fur is used to create fur collars, cuffs, and stoles.

The coat with a fur collar is found on the streets, both in natural form and with the use of faux fur. Faux fur is the undisputed favorite in all models of trendy outerwear.

The novelties of the coat did not remain without such a chic decor as fur inserts, as well as fur trim on the sleeves, collar, and cut. Fashionable coats made entirely of fur, as well as a combination of drape and faux fur, looks original.

 Coat with Fur Elements 2022

Cocoon Coat

An unusual cut of a fashionable coat called a cocoon will not leave any woman of fashion indifferent.

Beautiful cocoon coats can be monochrome and printed, in lengths below and above the knee, as well as in neutral shades or colorful palettes.


Coat Jackets

For admirers of short coats, the designers have prepared current models of coat-jacket, which looks very charming and so delightful. Coat jackets are perfectly complemented by fashionable straps that emphasize the wasp waist.

Coat Jackets 2022

Long Coats for Women 2022

Delightful floor-length coats are another must-have of the season.

Long coats are mostly made in monochrome, with minimal decor, straight cut. If this option for a long coat seems monotonous to you, you can opt for a checkered coat instead.

Long Coats for Women 2022

Coats with Leopard Print

The leopard print is very laconic and so desirable in the winter coats for women 2022 that it is preferred by most ladies. A chic leopard coat in a fashionable design is out of competition, just like you in it.

Coats with Leopard Print 2022

Women’s Winter Coats 2022: Brands

Fashion House Max Mara – Milan Fashion Week

Max Mara trends: a cropped camel wool coat – with a hood, knitted trim, large patch pockets on the chest and hips, a green robe – with a thin leather strap and a voluminous hood that turns into a shawl collar, a loose A-line model in camel color – with a hidden clasp, asymmetric hem, shirt collar, hood, wide sleeves, intercepted belts with buckles, lapels on the thighs.

Women's Winter Coats 2022: Brands


Chanel Fashion House – Paris Fashion Week

Trends: double-breasted demi-season coat-vest with flaps on the chest, fur cardigan coat without sleeves, jacket over a long coat, double-breasted, stand-up collar, flaps on the chest, contrast piping, knitwear, wool, faux fur.

Women's Winter Coats 2022: Brands

Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion House -Milan Fashion Week

Trends: Fitted silhouette, hidden clasp, double-row flaps, colored faux leather.

Fashion house Emilio Pucci – Milan Fashion Week

Trends: total print, bright abstract patterns on outerwear, double-breasted, jacket-style collar, valves.

Women's Winter Coats 2022: Brands

Fashion house Dolce & Gabbana – Milan Fashion Week

Trends: sloping shoulders with dropped sleeves, jacket-style collars, a transformable coat with zippers, bright color-blocking, models without lapels, flaps on the chest, metal buttons.

Italian fashion house Fendi – Milan Fashion Week

Trends: fur, leather, wool, neutral colors, below the knee length, fringe, perforation, thin leather straps, straight silhouettes.

Brunello Cucinelli – Milan Fashion Week

Trends: Knee-length quilted jersey coat with a jacket-style collar and belt, a light gray sport-chic loose jersey coat with a hood and side slits, a classic English style bouclé jersey model.

Women's Winter Coats 2022: Brands

Fashion house Alberta Ferretti – Milan Fashion Week

Trends: minimalism style, below the knee cape coat with metal fastening, high stand-up collar and single sleeves, cashmere brown loose-fitting coat with a stole, cuffs on the sleeves – single-breasted, without a collar, with a dropped shoulder line, a robe coat with a belt, shawl collar and large patch pockets, two-layer version – a raincoat over a woolen coat without a fastener.

Women's Winter Coats 2022: Brands

Christian Siriano – New York Fashion Week

Trends: stoles, cashmere, fringe, chunky cage, straight loose fit with a belt, stand-up collar, zip fastening, cutouts at the waist and hem.

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