18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

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Nowadays, you can find a vast of trendy options for men’s shoes 2021 for every occasion and situation: classic oxfords, comfortable moccasins, or trendy sneakers. To be in trend, you need to take into account the latest fashion trends and correctly choose shoes in accordance with the image.

Shoes for men 2021 are daring, with a complex character. The trends of the season, judging by the photos of fashionable novelties, are in bright colors, suede, and fur, unusual classics.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

Dull black and brown tones are a thing of the past, making way for really daring models.

Here you are going to see the main men’s shoes 2021 styles and directions.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

In 2021, a real man simply cannot do without fashionable shoes.

This year is attractive from the tip of the socks, which show off the perfect pair of shoes. Just for the ideal, there are new rules in 2021:

  • shoes should not be boring, matte leather and patent leather save them from this, with the presence of a rather intriguing shade;
  • the suede material and the use of fur raise them even higher in the eyes of fashionistas.

A fashionable novelty of 2021 for shoes is the presence of lacing. Various options for such models flaunt on the legs of men.

And for those who do not like lacing, the year has prepared monk models – these are pairs with beautiful straps and elegant metal clasps.

Here’s what they are:

  • models with a rather high rise;
  • several straps on shoes;
  • one self-sufficient wide strap.

This is not all that designers have come up with for a new shoe. Another fashionable novelty in such shoes is metal rivets.

As not all fashion trends are combined with each other, you need to combine new items in moderation, with a sense of taste. Also, the question always arises: should shoes match the suit or vice versa?

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

It should be said that some styles are quite universal, but not all. The general style of the fashionista dictates the choice of shoes, as does the style of the outfit.

Fashion Materials for Men’s Shoes 2021

The most popular materials in 2021 are typical natural textures – this is definitely leather and suede. For those who cannot afford such expensive materials, it will be possible to look at high-quality faux leather models.

Designers are categorically against boring shoes in black and brown.

For men, they offer not only natural materials but also quite bright models. Such an unusual reunion of classics and bright elements deserves attention in 2021.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

It seems that the choice of material is small, but the variety of materials for fashionable men’s shoes 2021 is quite surprising.

New materials (based on photos and live shows):

  • suede leather;
  • reptile skin;
  • bright textiles;
  • high-quality leather substitute with a relief pattern.

Natural materials coexist with artificial ones. In spite of everything, footwear should be comfortable, so designers still prefer natural materials.

Shoes for Men 2021: Color Selection

Depends on material and style:

  • Leather classics – white, light brown, blue, deep blue.
  • Genuine leather, a substitute with imitation of reptile skin – dark green, deep brown, burgundy, black.
  • The choice of fashionable colors of suede shoes is very rich: light yellow, dark blue, purple, graphite gray, red, burgundy. Deserts may well be lighter, sandy, or pale blue.
  • In textiles, the most relevant are cage and jeans. Here the most sought-after are neutral grays, from light to deep. In this case, the elegance of the model must be emphasized with bright details, such as green, blue, or even red laces. Probably, this is the only case when more than two colors are used together for the fashionable men’s shoes 2021.

Red Color

Red is the color of passion. The Square Toe Boots, Lanvin Wellies, and Givenchy Chelsea Boots really evoke a strong feeling.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

All Shades of Blue

Small, thin chains (often attached to a belt or carabiner) are supplemented with thick gold chains. New collection of JW Anderson. Even mules.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

Fashionable Styles of Men’s Shoes 2021

The classics are gradually moving away from black. The most fashionable office shoes are with a two-tone top, original decorations, such as tassels.

The pointed toe is found in classic, men’s Chelsea style shoes. These are tall, skin-tight boots.

Their distinctive feature is the rubber side inserts. Also, Chelsea is usually distinguished by a thin sole and low heel.

This style is in demand, which is clearly demonstrated by the photos from the shows.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

If you want to choose fashionable boots, you should pay attention to pseudo-army ones, with artificial scuffs, rounded toes.

Sneakers are snow-white. Pure white goes well with everything but requires special care.

The Most Interesting Men’s Shoes 2021 Models

Which shoes to choose from all the popular novelties? Trends at the peak of fashion:

  • Pointed, rounded toe, in smooth, shiny leather with laces, fringes, and regular heels. The two-tone version is the most fashionable.
  • The classics are also intriguing as formal shoes for men 2021. Just look at the elegant black shoes offered by the stylists. This season they are far from being as simple as before. Long toe, contrast stitching, perforation, and lacing make this look a lasting impression. Such masterpieces can be looked at for hours.
  • The most fashionable boots: rough, deliberately massive in grunge style; jockey to the knee, high hunting with a gathered bootleg.
  • In a sporty style, sneakers hold the lead. Another fashionable option is slip-on shoes. Slip-on shoes are great for an active life in the city.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

Men’s Designer Shoes 2021: A Fashionable Image

What to wear with fashionable novelties? Trends can always be identified by photo shows and images of stylish famous men.

Cowboy, army boots are worn with jeans and trousers, tucking the legs into the bootlegs. An example of the latest trends can be classic boots with skinny trousers or breeches in combination with a long straight-cut coat or a hooded jacket.

A retro look, stylish vintage will well complement a hat, classic trousers, and a formal suit.

Special attention should be drawn to shoes with imitation of a reptile face pattern. It does not tolerate flashy accessories, brightly colored jewelry in a suit, or being paired with a sports style or decor.

At the same time, the shirt can be the same shade or slightly brighter. Such detail will only draw additional attention to stylish and slightly pretentious shoes.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

Shoes with a pattern of snake or crocodile skin are of a status character. These are clearly not shoes for every day, so there is an opportunity to carefully think over the image.

Classic shoes are worn with a suit, choosing those that are more in harmony with the colors of the clothes.

What is the peculiarity of fashionable men’s shoes 2021? Trends and photos of new products clearly show: it is not boring. The correct classics should be postponed until better times, as high-quality but bright models that adorn the image are more popular.

Fashionable Men’s Slip-On Shoes 2021

Slip-on shoes remind us of both slippers and sneakers at the same time. These are not simple slippers, but special design models. Flat, comfortable, and rubber outsole. Lightweight materials make you feel comfortable and fashionable.

Men’s slip-on shoes 2021 are gaining more and more popularity. No one would have thought that initially slip-on shoes were created for surfing. But men are so fond of them now that they are ready to wear them even to the office.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

Only if earlier such shoes did not pass according to the dress code, for 2021 it is a point of argument, since the models that the designers present are made of thin leather.

Leather Shoes for Men 2021: Heels

Apparently, men’s shoes with heels will become more and more popular every season.

The height (and shape) of the heel varies: Dries Van Noten produces platform boots with a stable square heel, Giambattista Valli – Chelsea with beveled, and Amiri – classic Cossacks with straps and chains.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

Platform Shoes for Men 2021

Platform shoes have been relevant for the third consecutive season. Giorgio Armani adds a rubber sneaker sole to classic leather loafers, while Botter collaborates with Nike to glue the Vapormax sneakers to the chunky base.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

Men’s Casual Shoes 2021

Military Boots

Rough boots are being replaced by high boots, often reminiscent of the military (except that the Cossack boots Martine Rose can be considered non-statutory).

By the way, in practice they are more comfortable than boots – they do not need to be laced up and it is easier to tuck trousers into them.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

Rubber boots

If we are to meet global warming, then fully armed. It looks like rubber boots will soon replace winter shoes as one of the most comfortable men’s casual shoes 2021.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

Chukkas and Deserts

These types of boots differ slightly. Deserts are often made of suede, and chukkas are made of leather.

Chukkas are more suitable for the off-season, and deserts are acceptable in summer. The height of this boot model reaches the ankles, the lacing is open.

Men’s casual shoes 2021 are combined with casual looks (jeans, jumper, plaid shirt, T-shirt, blazer) and tweed suits.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

Men’s Moccasins and Men Loafers 2021

Loafers never seem to go out of style. Etudes produce models on a platform, and Berluti – in a blue speck with a pointed cape.

These men’s casual shoes 2021 tend to retain their classic look but take on new trends and details.

A men’s wardrobe must have a pair of moccasins or loafers. This is a versatile shoe that matches a variety of styles and looks. Suitable for both leisure and walking, as well as for work and travel.

Loafers can be worn with a suit, cropped trousers, rolled up jeans, and even shorts if they are just above the knee.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

Sports Shoes for Men 2021: Sneakers

No matter the event or style of clothing, sneakers are always the number one choice. Fashion for them in 2021 is cooler than in previous seasons. Some trends are a continuation of the last year, but there are also completely new features.

The possibilities to combine sneakers with any wardrobe item are endless. You can pick up casual sneakers, for sports, and even those models that are appropriate on the red carpet.

The sneaker is perfect for any occasion. The extensive collections allow you to choose your perfect match.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

Sneakers from the Future

Classic, minimal silhouettes are replaced by futuristic shapes and vibrant colors. For example, turquoise Prada and burgundy-green Sacai x Nike, for which there is a queue – recall that the right to buy sneakers from three previous collaborations of the brands had to be played out in a lottery.

Men’s Shoes 2021 for Summer: Espadrilles and Sandals

In some cases, such shoes are indispensable. On hot summer days, on vacation, and on the beach, open shoes, light and breathable, are suitable.

18 New Fabulous Options for Men’s Shoes 2021

The choice of original models for men’s shoes 2021 is large, so you can easily find a pair of shoes for both shorts and cropped trousers.

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