Men’s Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

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Men’s jacket trends 2022 once again prove that the modern men’s wardrobe is not inferior to women’s in its diversity.

And if ladies often opt for fur coats, coats, and raincoats, man, as a rule, prefer jackets.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

Famous designers have already presented men’s jacket style 2022. What men’s jackets are fashionable this season?

Let’s find out together.

The jacket is perhaps the most functional piece of winter menswear. Initially, their style was thought out for skiers and mountain climbers, but now jackets have become an indispensable attribute of everyday wear, practically replacing other models of outerwear.

When choosing a winter jacket, you should pay attention to both the material of the top and the filler. It can be synthetic fiber, fur, sheepskin, or down. Of course, all of the above options are present on the market, but trendsetters still prefer eco-materials.

Undoubtedly, the warmest version of a men’s winter jacket is a down jacket. But these are not at all long models, reminiscent of women’s coats, which were in fashion several years ago.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

Now the trendy down jacket is a bright knee-length model. Let’s admit decor in the form of metal parts and colorful stripes. The only nuance that should be avoided when choosing a down jacket is a fur collar, it is present only on outdated models.

For lovers of casual style, designers recommend buying parkas. This model looks stylish and, at the same time, very laconic, allowing you to experiment with different clothes and accessories. With parkas, jeans and sweatpants look equally good. If the model is sporty and has a small hood, it is quite possible to wear it over a business suit.

A fashionable winter jacket must be long and loose. After all, the main trend of 2022 remains comfortable and practical clothes. Short models that hinder movement are clearly not a suitable option.

The most important and demanded trend in men’s fashion for the winter period is layering. Now you can safely combine several things at the same time, for example, a shirt, sweater, and bomber jacket, or combine a strict jacket with a coat. The main thing is that all the components complement each other in style and color.

Also noteworthy are the original styles in the style of the 40s, which have successfully proven themselves at fashion shows, and a slightly extraordinary style direction with the no less unusual name Gorpcore, which harmoniously combines classics and everyday details of men’s wardrobe.

Formal suits, warm sweaters with various patterns, denim trousers, and all kinds of jackets are still relevant.

As for the style, lovers of classic clothing models, energetic admirers of sports chic, and brutal beauties can choose the perfect image for themselves.

Among the materials, the most relevant are genuine leather and suede, denim, and raincoat fabric. But on the fashion catwalks, jackets made of unconventional materials such as velour and velvet flashed.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

During the 40s, Paris temporarily lost its status as a fashion capital, as most men donned military uniforms and lost all interest in other types of clothing. But after the end of the war, there was complete freedom for designers.

Wide legs, double-breasted jackets, hats, long coats, lapels, cuffs on trousers, all kinds of vests and bright colors – all this was realized in the collections of menswear. Some of the newfangled features of that period are still popular today.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

Men’s Clothing in The Style of Gorpcore

The main components of a man’s image in this style are loose trousers, a sports jacket, comfortable shoes, high socks, a backpack, or a belt bag, the combination of which provides its owner with freedom of movement and a feeling of comfort.

Alternatively, you can additionally throw a classic jacket or coat over your shoulders, or complement the image with a voluminous down jacket.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

But it is not only the fierce cold that makes men put on a jacket. Stylish windbreaker saves from sudden gusts of wind and spring weather. In the spring of 2022, the following male models are in vogue:

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

Anorak Jacket

Anorak jacket is another style that is constantly growing in popularity.

This is a lightweight sports jacket for men, fashionable in 2022. It is sewn from raincoat fabric, worn over the head, and often has a hood and a roomy chest pocket.

It is especially practical in that it does not have a snake in the front, therefore it retains maximum heat.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

Men’s Leather Jacket 2022

Leather biker jackets do not leave the catwalks either.

Suitable for motivated and charismatic guys. But this season, designers recommend experimenting a little, choosing a high-quality eco substitute instead of natural material. Also, do not limit yourself to black.

Options for chocolate, olive, and gray shades look very impressive.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

Bomber Jackets

If you don’t like the previous options, you can pay attention to the bright bomber jacket.

Such a windbreaker ideally protects against wind, because it was specially created for pilots: dense elastic bands on the collar and sleeves ensure tightness, and the loose fit does not hinder movement.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

Quilted Jacket

The quilted jacket is for true gentlemen. It looks stylish and restrained in English, but at the same time is not inferior in practicality to a leather jacket thanks to the abundance of pockets and convenient snap fasteners.

These jackets look very elegant in tandem with oversized scarves and sunglasses.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

Business Suits

The very fact that a man regularly wears a suit already speaks of his good taste and position in society. Therefore, such a combination can be called an irreplaceable detail for creating a business image.

Fashionable men’s suit for the spring season was presented on the catwalks not only in the classic version. This season, bright colors and checks are acceptable for suiting fabric, which can have various sizes and colors.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

How to Choose the Right Jacket for A Man?

The first rule to remember is that the jacket should be combined with the overall style that you prefer. If you like an active lifestyle, choose sports styles. And if a strict dress code is required at work, then you need to choose a classic-cut jacket for trousers.

When buying a jacket, be sure to check if it hinders your movements: raise your hands up, walk, turn in different directions. Also keep in mind that in case of severe cold weather, you will need to put on a few more layers of clothing under the jacket.

We should also talk about the fashionable colors of jackets for men in 2022. The most stylish solutions will be deep, complex tones and bright, catchy prints. Logomania is also gaining momentum: therefore, on the models presented by the masters of the fashion industry, large inscriptions with brand names are often found.

Men’s jacket trends 2022 dictate wonderful rules for choosing the most fashionable models: jackets should be comfortable, loose, and warm. And, you must admit, this is exactly what no man will refuse! Finally, true beauty has ceased to require sacrifice and healthy, comfortable fashion has come to the fore.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

How to Choose Shoes with Men’s Jacket Style 2022?

Despite the fact that tastefully selected jackets always look attractive on a man, the first thing that one may notice is shoes. Namely, the quality and condition. Therefore, to emphasize our status, we suggest paying attention to products made from high-quality materials, for example, leather or suede.

This season’s list of trends includes high boots with lace-ups or fasteners and neat Chelsea boots, desert, and loafers, as well as moccasins, slip-ons, and sneakers with high and chunky soles.

It remains only to decide on the general style and choose the most suitable offer!

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

Which Type of Jackets Are Best for Winter?

Famous couturiers provided men with a wide range of stylish jackets for this winter season. Different styles of men’s jackets from military to fitted classics were presented in fashion collections for the cold season.

The following types of jackets are relevant: denim jackets; sports vests and jackets; parkas; quilted models; down jackets; bombers; leather jackets and other materials.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

Are Men’s Denim Jackets in Style 2022?

Imagining a man’s wardrobe without a pair of denim pants is like claiming that a woman can do just fine without a dress. Therefore, the designers also tried to update such a popular detail of the male image, taking into account the latest trends and fashion trends.

All kinds of thick denim products with characteristic abrasions and holes remain in trend. This is all the same light negligence but in combination with a loose fit.

In the collections of various world designers, there is a growing interest in denim. And a branded denim jacket is, of course, the best option to complete this look.

Ideally, it will have numerous pockets and a fold-over collar: after all, practicality in men’s looks remains in the first place. A fashionable denim jacket should not be loose but should fit snugly to the body, emphasizing the relief of the muscles.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

What Jackets Are in Style for Fall 2022?

As for the novelties of outerwear for the fall period, all kinds of leather and suede jackets of black, brown, or gray colors in a classic style, like bumpers or leather jackets, which can be additionally decorated with fur trim, remain in priority.

It is also worth noting the increased interest of designers in a men’s coat with an original checkered print and a high collar. For lovers of sports chic, denim jackets with fur lining, large patch pockets, and a hood will become an indispensable detail of the image.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

What Is the Best Jacket for Winter?

Famous blue, gray, or beige parka jackets and voluminous down jackets that allow you to keep warm in any weather are the best jackets for the winter season.

Who Makes the Best Winter Jackets?

European brands are of impeccable quality and design. As a rule, they are made of good fabric on modern equipment using high technology. European winter jackets are famous for their excellent cut and are designed for long-term use.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: 17 Best Trends in New Style

Winter jackets from Tom Tailor are very beautiful and sturdy. Every male representative will be able to find the best model for himself.

An interesting and varied assortment of winter jackets is offered by the well-known Finn Flare brand. The brand gained great popularity thanks to the warmest jackets for winter.

The manufacturer uses environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials. In company stores, there is a solution for both young guys and the adult generation.

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