Stylish Dresses 2022: Top 32 Best Options for the New Season

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Finding your ideal style among dresses 2022 is a real lifesaver. Fashionable dresses have always taken a special place in the collections of world fashion houses. The new season is not an exception.

Designers offer a large selection of styles for every taste and shape – from daring and sexy options for a party to discreet classic models for the office.

Stylish Dresses 2022: 32 Best Options for the New Season

If there is a dress in your closet that you do not wear, think about how you can update and adjust it to your figure. For example, dresses decorated with rhinestones, beads, stones are in fashion.

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We will tell you about the most fashionable colors and prints of dresses, what length to choose, as well as what are the trendy classic, business, casual, cocktail and evening dresses 2022.

Casual Dresses 2022: Fringed Dresses

One of the most fashionable trends of the season is fringe.

The designers have decorated with it both dresses for everyday and evening models.

At the same time, the number of flying thin threads of fringe varied quite strongly: at Coperni and Fendi, for example, a silk fringe webbing completes the hem of the dress, acting as a decoration, while in brand Dior the dress consists entirely of golden fringe

Casual Dresses 2022: Fringed Dresses

Formal Dresses 2022: Tweed

Tweed owes its popularity to the legendary Coco Chanel. Its tweed consisting of a skirt and a jacket burst into fashion. Then the path was short-lived to elegant tweed dresses.

For almost 70 years, this material has not lost its popularity, and this season, fashionable winter and autumn tweed dresses are again at the height of fashion.

Formal Dresses 2022: Tweed

Gold and Silver

Shimmering sequins and metallic fabrics once again illuminated the podium. There are many shiny dresses at fashion shows, most of all gold or silver. Most often, golden dresses are elegant, long, but there are also mini ones.

Can such a dress be worn to work on a weekday? No, but on a date – yes. No additional decorations are necessary for such a dress.

Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Sportmax offer to leave comfortable tracksuits and knitwear for home pastime and put on shiny dresses.


Naked Dresses

After briefly leaving the fashionable Olympus, naked dresses are returning again.

Eccentric and provocative, daring and beautiful, according to the designers Coperni, Givenchy, and Sportmax, they are appropriate both at a party and in everyday wardrobe – the main thing is the right framing: top bras and high-top panties in a retro style (or shorts) – for evening models, a nude cover or a T-shirt plus trousers – for everyday ones.

Naked Dresses 2022

Leather Dresses

Traditionally, there are a lot of leather dresses in the autumn-winter collections.

Wear a leather dress on your naked body or on top of turtlenecks.

Leather Dresses2022

Lace and Cutwork

The growing popularity of handmade design has also led to the emergence of openwork dresses in the top trends. In the new collections, designers have presented both casual models of dresses and options for special occasions.

Openwork dresses always look gorgeous. The best season to buy a cotton lace dress is summer.

Dresses 2022

Knitted Dresses

In autumn and winter, warm your body with knitted dresses. Remember that chunky knits are fattening, so relate this fact to your desire to make the right impression.

Knitted tight-fitting dresses of neutral colors can be worn by full girls, the main thing is to choose corrective underwear for such a dress. The designers of the Chloé, Sportmax, and Hermes brands illustrate interesting models of knitted dresses.

Knitted Dresses 2022

Puffy Sleeve

The most fashionable styles of fall dress 2022 are with voluminous sleeves. Romantic lanterns, dramatic puffs, and puffy gigot sleeves – all this adorns the models from many famous designers.

Dresses trends 2022

Fall dresses 2022: Colors and Prints

In addition to cheerful red and blue shades, the color palette of fall dresses 2022 is represented by more restrained autumn colors – plum, brown, burgundy, beige, and charcoal gray. Among the prints, the check and the floral are in the lead.

Fall dresses 2022: Colors and Prints

Leg Slit Dress

Even the most modest dress with a slit on the leg immediately becomes sexy. The seam can often break, so reinforce it from the inside immediately after purchase.

Leg Slit Dress 2022

Spring Dresses 2022: Mille Fleur Print

Dresses with a floral print are always in fashion, but flowers, like the background, can differ in size and style. This season, many designers sew fabric dresses with small flowers.

Spring Dresses 2022: Mille Fleur Print

Pajama Style

Some trendy dresses resemble nightgowns with lace slips. Wearing such an adorable outfit will make a splash at the beach party!

A wrap pajama dress can visually hide flaws. The bandeau style strapless or with a deep-set neckline is the perfect solution to a discreet outfit.

Summer Dresses for Women 2022

In the style of summer dresses 2022 the lineup is simply off-scale – from the classic cut to the flare with thin straps.

If you work in the summer, get a knee-length plain sundress. Going to the sea? Then a long, lightweight model made of lightweight material will suit you. A monochromatic sleeveless dress, complemented by appropriate accessories, can become a chic version of a cocktail outfit.

Summer Dresses for Women 2022

High Waist

Ladies who want to neatly hide their tummy can choose models with a high waist and maximum length.

Summer Dresses for Women 2022

Transparent Dress

Transparency only looks provocative on the catwalk. In real life, transparent dresses are best worn on top of a basic cut model. Let the fabric of the lower dress be natural, then it will not be hot in the dress.

If you want to be known as a real fashionista, be sure to replenish your collection with such an outfit. Both monochrome shades and various patterns (flowers, prints, butterflies, etc.) are relevant.

Transparent Dress 2022

Evening Dresses

All evening models are made in aristocratic and sophisticated styles that look fantastic. Materials for evening dresses are chiffon, shiny satin, mesh, and guipure. Dresses in the Greek style, models in retro style are very popular. If you do not know which dress to choose for the holiday, then think about the dress of the ancient Greek goddess.

The immortal classics do not give up their positions either. If you want to solve the age-old women’s question, what to wear, be sure to get yourself a little black dress.

As a rule, all evening models are made in maxi length.

Evening Dresses 2022

Bright Dresses

A huge palette of bright summer dresses that cannot go unnoticed is presented on fashion catwalks.

Bright Dresses 2022


Red, green, yellow dresses look stylish and bold, but women need to carefully choose the right shade. For an everyday model, you should choose a classic cut, and wear an original model for a celebration.

Bright Dresses 2022


This is an unchanging trend of many seasons. Bright striped dresses are eye-catching and attract attention. This option is indispensable for everyday looks.

Fabulous summer dresses 2022 have become the standard of juiciness and brightness.

Bright Dresses 2022

Sports Style

Summer sports dresses should be bright, but not flashy. The styles are unique and varied.

The sporty style provides great opportunities for choosing dresses in bright colors. You can complement the outfit with shoes with heels or in a sporty style.

Sports options for a sundress are distinguished by the presence of buttons and pockets, an abundance of prints, interesting inscriptions, and original applications.

Sports Style dresses 2022

Beach Dresses 2022

There is nothing more beautiful than a carefree beach holiday!

We will help you choose the most stylish wardrobe for your vacation! You need to go to the seaside in a chic beach outfit. Take a closer look at a shirt-style mini dress made from chiffon.

Simple execution will make your figure sexy and protect you from the scorching sun.

A sundress with straps is an excellent solution for a comfortable stay at the hotel and walking along the coastal area.

Beach Dresses 2022

Play of Fabrics

From competently combined fabrics, practically weightless sexy models are obtained. Daring colors are present in the wardrobe. But what if you prefer monochromatic models?

Designers and stylists do not rule out this possibility. A real must-have is a light-colored cambric mini dress.

From the variety of summer models offered by designers, it’s time to get confused! Some outfits add sophistication and romanticism to girls. On the catwalks, one could see business attire and sports looks.

Beach Dresses 2022


There are many bows, they are not only on blouses, but also on dresses, and it is not necessary that a bow should adorn the neckline.

Styling with Boots

Don’t forget to style your dresses. Even an irrelevant cut can be saved with modern details. This season, pay attention to the combination of a dress with leather flat shoes. These are not rough combat boots or white sneakers, so the solution is original.

casual Dresses 2022

Geographic Print

One of the prints this season is geographic. Girls in dresses with such a print seem to be wrapped in an old map of the world.

casual Dresses 2022

Long Black Dresses 2022

Short and long black dresses are in trend. Any accessory and decoration against the background of such a dress will resonate and stand out, so choose the latest models of accessories.

Long Black Dresses 2022

T-shirt Dresses

It’s easy to follow this trend, get a voluminous men’s T-shirt and complement it with a rough belt and high boots or over-the-knee boots. You can find perfect models in Etro.

sport Dresses 2022

Dotted Dresses 2022

Polka dot dresses are a classic. This season, dots are not only black and white but the color palette, size, frequency is for every taste.

Dotted Dresses 2022

Light Green Dress

A light green dress looks original, you do not need to choose an acid shade, a muted light green will be more appropriate.

Light Green Dress 2022


Velvet is not only elegant but also a cozy autumn fabric. Black velvet is suitable for an occasion, and you can buy an orange velvet dress with metal buttons for every day.

From famous brands, you can find options from Christian Siriano and Giorgio Armani.

2022 Dress

Sun Dresses 2022

Sundresses remain relevant. Choose models made of thick fabric, and the bottom layer will not stand out, the gathers of a turtleneck or shirt will not be noticeable. And it is better to put on a bodysuit under a sundress.

A black sundress with a thin turtleneck from a mesh looks very elegant!

You can also wear a sundress on your naked body or on top of airy chiffon blouses.

Sun Dresses 2022

Round Cutout Dresses 2022

Strange trend, but dresses with round cutouts on the sides and in other unexpected places are relevant.

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