Top 12 Useful Tips to Choose Elegant Evening Dresses 2022

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The question of choosing the right evening dresses 2022 should be considered when it comes to a special occasion. For every occasion in life, we get proper preparations. One of the most important points is the choice of clothing.

Top 12 Useful Tips to Choose Elegant Evening Dresses 2022

We want to share with you some tips on how to opt for the right evening wear 2022 so that they suit you, making you ultra-stylish, feminine, and really charming.

The Variety of Evening Wear 2022

Party dresses 2022 are models of different lengths and shades, mostly dark, but at the same time bright, even shiny. Their task is to distinguish you from many other faces.

The Variety of Evening Wear 2022

Do not limit yourself to ordinary boutiques and the market, because you can also buy an evening dress in the online store, especially since there is a good choice, online consultation.

Colors and Materials

Fashion trends 2022 dictate their own rules for creating evening dresses. In the case of the former, the sewing of a cocktail dress is carried out using velvet, silk, satin. Party dresses are also made from jerseys and other similar materials.

By color, evening dresses are created depending on the season. If you are looking for party dresses for spring, summer, you should pay attention to the bright colors.
If you need them for fall or winter, choose options in black, red, gold, or silver.



Party dresses go very well with accessories. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of a purse. It should be small, with an interesting shape in combination with an evening dress.

Don’t overdo it! The purse should not overshadow the evening dress itself, which is very often the case.

A small handbag or jewelry, semi-precious stones matched to your outfit will refresh your look, making it more feminine and rich.

Don’t mix up a diamond cocktail dress, save those jewels for an evening gown.


Ball Gown Dresses 2022

Evening dresses are worn at a school ball, wedding, ceremonial appearance, red carpet – more important for show business stars. These dresses are mainly sewn from fabrics such as velvet, brocade, chiffon, silk.

The color range is not limited. Evening dresses are complemented by a wide variety of accessories, in particular, fur coats, scarves, etc.

Ball Gown Dresses 2022

Cropped Party Dresses 2022

Today, party dresses in a cropped version without a collar and sleeves are very fashionable. Fashionable collections of party dresses from famous couturiers, delight fashionistas with a wide variety of options.

Party dresses usually fit the figure very well, emphasizing all the charms of their mistress.

This type of dress should be simple and elegant.

Cropped Party Dresses 2022

How to Choose the Right Evening Dresses 2022?

Evening dresses 2022 should be chosen based on where you plan to go. Of course, you need to follow fashion, but the main thing is that your evening dress suits you and makes you charming and elegant.

It is appropriate to wear evening dresses for a dinner party, celebration, wedding, and another event, where, according to the dress code, you should look festive and elegant.

Top 12 Useful Tips to Choose Elegant Evening Dresses 2022

Evening dresses are undoubtedly the most beautiful outfit in the wardrobe of a modern fashionista. Women’s evening wear is usually open: arms, neck, back, décolleté – all this is shown to others. Actually, this is the main task of good evening gowns 2022 – to flaunt all the advantages, at the same time to hide any shortcomings as much as possible.

It is no secret that an incorrectly chosen evening dress will not cope with this task, on the contrary, it will make the figure clumsy, ruin the whole image and your mood. To prevent this from happening, do not buy a model that does not fit your physique.

Try to get an outfit just for your figure. Let’s consider the main types of female figures and give recommendations on choosing one or another evening dress.

How to Choose the Right Evening Dresses 2022?

Pear Shape Type

If you have this type of physique with wide hips, don’t even try on short dresses. Whatever style they are, mini dresses always focus the attention of others on your hips. The same applies to skirts, by the way.

In this case, the length should be 3-6 centimeters above the knee. Below is possible, but in no case shorter. The best cut is a trapeze, regardless of whether you choose a short dress or a long one. The fashionable A-line evening dress perfectly conceals overly wide hips, visually improves the proportions of the figure.

If you have a thin waist, this type of dress will suit you perfectly, it will give you an ideal figure look.

Do not forget about the bolero or choose a dress with drapery in the area of the shoulders and chest, this technique visually balances the top and bottom. If the shoulders are too narrow, it is better to throw a shawl on top, it will add volume.

Evening Gown Trends 2022

Inverted Triangle Shape Type

In this case, due to the wide back, shoulders, and rather narrow hips, it seems that there is no waist at all. The dress requires the following: to visually increase the volume of the hips, reducing the volume of the chest.

An Empire-style evening dress, both short and long, will perfectly cope with this task. Try on a knee-length trapeze dress as well, it is also likely to suit you. With an inverted triangle figure, you need to choose an outfit with all sorts of folds, draperies, ruffles around the hips.

The task is to expand them as much as possible. What’s more, don’t forget about the color scheme, it can also help. A dark top and a light bottom will visually improve the proportions of the figure.

Evening dresses 2022 with a dark top, the bottom of which is lighter and has horizontal stripes adding volume will also cope well with this task.

Evening Gown Trends 2022

An Oval Shape Type

In this case, you have great hips and shoulders, but because of the tummy, the waist is not visible at all or is very poorly visible. Accordingly, the task of the evening dress is to make the waist smaller so that it is clearly visible while hiding the tummy.

In the store, start by trying on an empire-style dress, where the skirt folds begin under the bust. In fact, you choose an outfit with a high waist, and if you also emphasize this with a wide beautiful belt, it will be generally fine.

Having beautiful arms, chest, and shoulders, you can safely choose the Empire style with an open-top, this will also distract attention from the problematic area. Try on a strapless model, most likely, you will look chic in it.

Pay attention to the A-line, which starts expanding just below the breast. Such a women’s dress for the evening, most likely, will also visually improve the figure. If a woman is inclined to be overweight, it is worth trying on models with a low waist. But if the physique is closer to the thin apple, pay attention to the sheath style, when the dress fits around the chest and hips, emphasizing them.

A thin belt will not hurt; it must be darker than the tone of the dress.

Evening Gown Trends 2022

Hourglass Shape Type

If your figure has an hourglass shape, you cannot be limited to anything, feel free to measure any dress, because there are no problems, in this case, there is nothing to hide and emphasize.

However, this does not mean that we will not give you any hints. Just like any other woman, you have to look perfect. Buying an evening dress is not so easy, you have to go around several stores before you find a suitable one.


Choosing Evening Dresses 2022: Tips for Hiding Flaws

  • If your arms are full, do not buy a sleeveless dress, even though it is considered fashionable. Let your hands be closed, in return show others a deep neckline or an open back. Believe me, this is a great way out of the situation, no one will blame you for lack of taste.
  • If you are too thin, choose an evening dress with embellishments on the chest and hips.
  • Thin legs have to be hidden under a long bottom. But buy the version with a long cut, it compensates for the length. Thin shoulders and arms are masked by a bolero, while the dress itself can be open. As you can see, there are options.

Choosing Evening Dresses 2022: Tips for Hiding Flaws

  • Want to highlight your flat tummy and waist? No problem, stop at the mermaid style, it literally flaunts your charms. In this case, do not choose the Empire style, you can try on others, perhaps you will like something.
  • To show your beautiful slender legs, wear a short dress or a dress with a transparent skirt, which is quite fashionable today. Also, a long dress with a slit from the hip will do the job perfectly – this will give you some mystery.
  • If your figure is perfect, give preference to fabrics with a glossy sheen, otherwise, opt for matte fabrics. Shine always highlights, even if it doesn’t fit snugly – keep that in mind.
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