Maternity Fashion 2022: Top 20 New Tips and Trends To Try

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Maternity is one of the most memorable periods in a woman’s life. Many new clothes in maternity fashion 2022 can easily be used by pregnant women for everyday or office looks.

For some, a special position is very difficult, and for some it is easy, but the hormonal background still changes for everyone.

Therefore, during pregnancy, the best ways to cheer yourself up are walking, and, of course, fashionable dresses.

Maternity Fashion 2022: Top 20 New Tips and Trends

Maternity fashion trends 2022 suggest that a woman should have a beautiful appearance that she completely likes. This season, baggy and shapeless dresses have been replaced by beautiful and luxurious styles.

Trendy maternity dresses are airy and flowing, as well as tight and comfortable. Fashionable versions of dresses for a special figure will amaze you with a variety of choices.

We would like to share the latest trends of maternity wear 2022 in our review so that you shine and be irresistible for all wonderful 9 months.

Let’s take a look at the delightful novelties, which are clearly demonstrated in unique looks.

Pregnancy is a wonderful period of life because its result is the greatest happiness that should be in the life of every loving couple.

Before telling you how to dress for pregnant women, and what fashionable clothes for pregnant women should be present in a women’s wardrobe, we note that fashionable clothes for pregnant women should not only be stylish and beautiful, first of all, they should be comfortable.

Maternity Clothes 2022: Fashion Trends

Fashionable clothes for pregnant women are in great abundance today, so if you are expecting replenishment but do not know how to dress for a pregnant woman, first of all, check out the fashion trends and stylists’ tips.

Convenience and Comfort

Maternity fashion 2022 includes special clothes that satisfy all the needs of the expectant mother for feeling convenient and staying voguish at the same time.

Beautiful maternity clothes should help create an individual and unique style for a pregnant woman who will soon become the happiest mom in the world.

Firstly, for expectant mothers who will find useful advice on how to dress for pregnant women, it is worth remembering that pregnancy should stimulate a special attitude to their everyday style, because nobody canceled self-care, and you have to go to work, as before.

Maternity Clothes 2022: Fashion Trends

If you are a businesswoman, in the coming months of pregnancy, fashionable office-style clothes for pregnant women will not only help to create beautiful and fashionable images, but also improve your well-being and mood, raise self-esteem, and help cope with stressful situations, because you will like what you see in the mirror.

With the help of clothes for maternity wear 2022 you will look at yourself with different eyes, and not perceive these difficult nine months as a test that needs to be experienced.

Voguish clothes for a pregnant woman are a kind of incentive that simply obliges the expectant mother to look perfect.

Tips on Maternity Fashion Trends 2022

The Style

The fact that a woman who is expecting a baby thinks not only about her well-being, but also does not forget about the style of clothing and about taking care of herself, will please everyone around her, as well as the future dad, for whom the pregnant wife, with any figure, is the most desirable person.

If you think about how to dress for pregnant women, we can confidently say that during pregnancy, in no case should you change your style, you just need to slightly modify and supplement your wardrobe in the direction of convenience and practicality.

Tips on Maternity Fashion Trends 2022


Pregnant women can afford a wide variety of accessories to highlight their style and trendy maternity clothes. For summer, these are all kinds of chains, bracelets, light shawls, hats, clutches, original handbags, etc., for winter, warm scarves, beautiful bags, original knitted hats, etc.

We advise pregnant women not to be afraid to experiment but to dress the way they want.

Even the craziest and most vivid images are allowed if they do not harm the unborn baby.

Tips on Maternity Fashion Trends 2022

Maternity Clothes 2022: Fabrics

When choosing suitable clothes, you should rely on products made from natural fabric. In this case, you need to take into account some of the nuances:

  • flax is hard to fix;
  • cotton, silk, linen, and wool wrinkle easily and can be deformed during washing;
  • wool fabrics can provoke allergies.

Maternity Clothes 2022: Fabrics

Color Spectrum

In choosing the right clothes, it is necessary to take into account the color scheme. With the help of skillfully combining colors, you can emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws.

Short girls expecting a baby should focus on soft monochromatic or similar colors. Shiny fabrics, bold colors and huge prints will visually make the figure of the expectant mother huge and shapeless. In turn, tall women may not be afraid of bright colors.

Women, working in the office, opt for clothes that at the same time smooth out a rounded tummy and emphasize beautiful shapes. The choice should be made in favor of classic tones, for example, dark gray, blue, brown. You can dilute the color scheme with white, beige, or peach.

Maternity Clothes 2022: Fabrics

Casual Wear

When choosing casual clothes, you don’t have to limit your imagination.

Here, a pregnant woman is free to dispose of all colors and styles, but at the same time she must take into account such details as practicality and quality.

Maternity Clothes 2022: Fabrics

Sports Sweatshirts with Skirts and Trousers

If you pick up a warm sweatshirt with a funny print and combine it with a knitted midi skirt, you get a unique look that will give the expectant mother a bright look.


When combined with different sweaters, blouses and sweatshirts, you can create interesting and memorable looks.

Jeans do not lose their relevance, and in autumn and winter simple models without appliqués and other decorations remain popular.

Maternity Clothes 2022 jeans


Leggings must be available in the wardrobe of every pregnant woman. They are comfortable, practical, keep warm, and they can also be combined with a tunic dress, shirt, sweater, and in some cases even put on under jeans to make it warmer.

Maternity Clothes 2022


A cardigan is a unique thing that is worn even after the birth of a baby. It is worth choosing straight styles that can be decorated with a belt.

Maternity Clothes 2022 cardigan

Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses will give comfort and practicality to pregnant women. Cotton models are versatile, because they can be worn as a dress, cape or as outerwear in combination with jeans or trousers. Long satin variations look beautiful, which are great both for a special occasion and for a photo shoot.

Fashionable styles from flying chiffon, sophisticated denim, silk or cotton can be beautifully combined in images of different styles, in addition to pumps, sneakers or boots.

Shirt Dresses pregnant 2022

Long Maternity Dresses 2022

Long dresses for pregnant women 2022 amaze with a variety of styles and fabrics. Long versions can be made of cotton, silk, velvet, jersey or chiffon.

Various styles of A-line, oversized, fitted cut, with a flared bottom skirt or pleated skirt are boldly suitable for any occasion. Play up long dresses with details, opting for small bags, cute chains and stylish glasses.

Long Maternity Dresses 2022

Maternity Fashion 2022: Knitted Dresses

A special find for pregnant women are knitted dresses, which tend to stretch and fit the figure perfectly, expanding along with the growing tummy.

Knitted dresses are the best option for everyday wear. Long and short dresses that beautifully demonstrate the tummy are excellent solutions for pregnant women. Printed dresses with stripes, checked pattern or polka dots will also be a good choice, which will help create very interesting looks.

Fashion variations are mostly straight and tight-fitting styles. Give preference to cashmere, angora and ribbed dresses, but try to avoid textured patterns and chunky knits on dresses.

A warm dress in the cold season is a salvation for the expectant mother. In a properly selected model, it is always convenient and easy to move, and also, complementing the image with a beautiful monophonic scarf or belt, you can safely go on a visit.

Maternity Fashion 2022: Knitted Dresses

Midi Dresses

Feel free to complement midi dresses with a wrap or a jacket – long and short cut, fitted or loose silhouette are perfectly combined with a coat or oversized jeans. The ideal option for a casual look would be a combination of a knitted dress with an oversized sweater or cropped sweatshirt.

A beige knitted midi dress combined with a leather jacket, loafers and a wide-brimmed hat will be a delightful solution for every day, but bright versions can be easily combined with coarse boots or low-heeled pumps, complementing the image with a cashmere coat.

Maternity Fashion 2022 midi

Business Dresses

In the new collections, the designers demonstrate very elegant and sophisticated business-style dresses for pregnant women, among which they highlight:

  • beautiful midi dresses with a flared bottom;
  • charming straight cut dresses;
  • cute button-down cotton dresses with a tie under the bust;
  • exquisite draped dresses;
  • interesting printed dresses with a cutout.

Wear trendy dresses with long jackets to complement your outfit with original handbags and pointed toe shoes for the ultimate business look.

Maternity Fashion 2022 dresses

Special Occasion Dresses

Delightful models of evening dresses delight many fashionistas with a baby on the way. Luxurious variations of velvet, satin, lace and chiffon will appeal to even the most capricious beauties.

Elegant dresses for pregnant women will be an excellent choice for a holiday, party or some kind of celebration. For example, a beautiful velvet floor-length dress will ennoble your adorable bow at a party or for going to a restaurant, and a chic satin wrap dress will make your look elegant and sophisticated.

Complement an elegant dress with beautiful jewelry and evening make-up, so you will undoubtedly produce a breathtaking effect on those around you.

Maternity Fashion 2022: Dresses

Wedding Dresses

The bride’s wedding image is always a touching and romantic.

For brides expecting a baby, the designers have modeled new styles that will emphasize or hide the tummy according to your preference. Excellent solutions are airy tulle or chiffon dresses at the high waist, cute versions from stretched satin, as well as luxurious lace versions.

Wedding Dresses 2022

The current trends in wedding dresses for pregnant women are:

  • lantern sleeves or lowered;
  • open back or neckline;
  • high waist;
  • tight or loose styles;
  • flared bottom or fish cut.

Additional Advice

Remember that it will not work to buy a dress for all 9 months, because your figure is constantly changing its shape, therefore, it is unlikely that it will be possible to predict which one you will be in the last month.

maternity fashion 2022

Choose beautiful fitted dresses paired with a sweater or oversized jacket, delicate flowing models paired with a jacket, and cozy knitted dresses with high boots or brutal boots.

Pregnancy is the time when you can and should show your individuality and refined taste, putting on those dresses that you really like.

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