Top 16 Trends On Absolutely Trendy Men’s Shoes 2022

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Nowadays, successful men should keep an eye on their image and wardrobe. The key to the look is men’s shoes 2022, which sets the tone for the entire outfit.

Many young people try to look perfect thanks to expensive clothes, chic trousers, and shirts, but for some reason, they often forget about shoes.

And in vain! After all, stylish shoes or boots are one of the first things that people pay attention to when meeting.

16 Absolutely Trendy Men's Shoes 2022

They can logically complete the image, becoming the highlight of any look.

In fashionable autumn-winter collections, fashion gurus offer men comfortable and stylish shoes of various styles.

A wide range of shoes allows you to choose a fashionable pair for absolutely all fashionistas, be it a respectable businessman or an active athlete.

Let’s see what are the trends for men’s shoes this season.

Shoes with Molded Soles

Models with molded sole are in trend. Classic winter models with a rounded toe, a rough sole, and a wide heel have taken leading positions in the fashion shows of the autumn-winter collections of famous designers.

16 Absolutely Trendy Men's Shoes 2022

Some fashion gurus have suggested options with a molded sole.

For keeping warmth and comfort in the cold season, the designers insulated such shoes with felted wool.

Square Toe Shoes

The fashionable novelty migrated from the world of women’s fashion. Shoes or boots with a pronounced square toe look very interesting with both straight trousers and jeans.

Men's Shoes 2022

Embossed Leather Shoes

It is used for both sneakers and sports boots, but it looks most harmonious with strict shoes. The reliefs on the leather create attractive shimmers that convey different shades of the material.

Embossed Leather Shoes mens 2022

Shoes with Metallic Decor

The combination of leather and metallic sheen is incredible!

A great choice for party shoes. Metal details can adorn the toe of a shoe, heel, or back seam.

Such models are unlikely to be suitable for everyday wear, but they will be an excellent addition to the look for official celebrations.

Shoes with Metallic Décor mens 2022

Cossack Boots

Cowboy-style shoes are replaced by stylish Cossacks. These are high boots with a pointed or square toe, wide shaft, and buckle-like decor. They can be either brown or black.

Top 16 Trends On Absolutely Trendy Men's Shoes 2022

There are also suede options.

Cossack boots look best with jeans with a slightly tucked bottom. From outerwear, you can pick up a black jacket, a leather jacket, or a tweed coat.

Cossack Boots mens 2022

Men’s Casual Shoes 2022: Lightweight Moccasins

If we talk about summer shoes, then all sandals and flip-flops should be left only for trips to the beach. Men’s designer shoes 2022 only lean towards closed-toe models.

Best of all, if these are light moccasins with a mesh top and leather inserts on the sides.

Such a model looks very stylish and neat, you can safely wear them both with jeans and with linen trousers or shorts.

Men's Casual Shoes 2022: Lightweight Moccasins

Trendy Sport Sports Shoes for Men 2022

Sport-chic shoes are increasingly seen on fashion catwalks.

Often, designers combine sportswear with classic clothing. Fashion gurus pay special attention to sneakers in blue, white, black, brown, and red.

Soft leather and colored suede are often used for sewing sports-chic options.

Trendy Sport Sports Shoes for Men 2022

Fashionable Suede and Durable Nubuck

Suede and nubuck became the favorite materials of stylists for sewing shoes for men in the autumn-winter season. Comfortable derby brogues and deserts are crafted in suede or nubuck with a durable rubber or crêpe sole.

Such models have high wear resistance and practicality, moreover, they fit perfectly into city looks.

As for the color schemes, the palette of suede and nubuck shoes is presented in bright and pastel shades: orange, red, dark green, muted blue, khaki, camel, coffee, and other colors.

Fashionable Suede and Durable Nubuck mens 2022

Formal Shoes for Men 2022: Timeless Classics

Almost all fashion collections contain classic models of men’s shoes. The hit of the fall is the mega-fashion ones, leather Chelsea, both in matte and lacquered versions.

Classic versions of brown, such as burgundy, bright blue, emerald shades are very fashionable. Daring fashionistas will be able to match classic Chelsea with animal print and metallic decor.

Moreover, stylish classic shoes made of high-quality genuine leather in a laconic restrained design remain an integral element of a fashionable business image.

The highlight of a classic men’s pair of shoes can be the original design of the sock. This season, both regular rounded models and options with square or pointed toes are fashionable.

Formal Shoes for Men 2022: Timeless Classics

Men Loafers 2022

These comfortable men’s shoes will not lose their popularity in the autumn-winter season of 2022.

Traditionally, these shoes are made in natural shades of brown or black, as well as light shades from white to milky.

Men Loafers 2022

Lace-up Boots

This version of men’s shoes 2022 should be in the wardrobe of every man because they not only protect from bad weather but also give a sense of comfort.

Stylists offer a huge selection of low and medium boots.

The trend is suede and leather models that are perfect for any style of clothing.

Lace-up Boots mens 2022

Knee-high Boots

Brutal men will appreciate high boots with steady heels.

Such shoes will be especially relevant in rainy autumn and frosty winter.

Fashion gurus offer high boots in different styles: military, retro, and other popular styles. It should be noted that the western style is losing its relevance and cowboy boots were practically not found in the autumn-winter fashion collections.

In the collections of world-famous couturiers, various options for men’s high boots were presented. High boots with appliqué and metal overlays, presented by the house of Louis Vuitton, look spectacular.

Fashion designers of the Dior brand presented leather boots with a wide bootleg over the trousers, as well as light and warm puffy models. Fans of bold and outrageous looks can create outfits with shocking high boots from Rick Owens.

At the same time, the designers of this fashion house presented men’s boots in leather and suede with fur trim.

Knee-high Boots mens 2022

Perforated Brogues

Brogues are low shoes with decorative perforations that can be placed along the seams, on toes, and on backs. This men’s footwear has been mega-popular for several years now.

In the fall-winter season, men can make up looks with fashionable brogues in a classic or casual style.

This type of men’s footwear in its classic design attracts attention with its original perforation, but in autumn and winter, alternative models are also relevant, in which, metal decor is used.

Perforated Brogues mens 2022

Men’s Casual Shoes 2022: Sneakers

Every man’s wardrobe has a pair of sneakers because fashion designers offer to combine them with almost any style of clothing. In the autumn-winter season, bright multicolored models are in trend, as well as options for gold and silver shades.

High practical sneakers are also relevant. Their convenience and versatility are appreciated by men who prefer active rest.

Sneakers with a striking design are in fashion in the spring-summer season. Sneakers can be light green and bright blue, yellow, red, and even with pink accents! The more color, the better.

Models with a bright multicolored print are especially popular.

Moreover, the pattern can be not only on the upper part of the product but also on the sole and even on the laces.

Men's Casual Shoes 2022: Sneakers

Fashionable Materials and Colors

In their collections, fashion designers have presented stylish men’s shoes made of classic and patent leather, textured eco-leather, noble suede, as well as modern heavy-duty materials such as nubuck. It should be noted that shoes made of such high-tech materials are durable and durable.

As a decoration, fashion gurus used inserts that are excellent in texture, for example, suede inserts on leather shoes or, conversely, leather inserts on suede models. Fur trim remains popular, as well as the presence of buckles, rivets, lacing, and various metal parts.

The traditional color scheme of shoes for men is in shades of brown, black, and rich gray. But designers delight fashionistas with bright shades as well: emerald, dark cherry, electric blue, red, orange, and even yellow.

Often, you can see animalistic and floral ornaments on men’s shoes 2022.

A combination of several shades of the same color or a combination of contrasting colors looks spectacular on shoes. The combination of deep cherry color with marsh green, black with burgundy, and reddish-brown with green looks elegant.

Men who prefer more laconic colors can opt for two-tone shoes. Most often, these models combine dark brown and coffee shades. Monotonous options with contrasting seams in color also look chic.

Fashionable men’s shoes for the fall-winter season are presented in different styles, models, and colors. Men can choose nice and comfortable shoes in their style and look very stylish!

Fashionable Materials and Colors mens 2022

How to Choose the Right Men’s Shoes 2022

First, men’s shoes 2022 should be comfortable. A narrow or, conversely, a wide insole, improperly selected lifting height, low-quality materials – all this adversely affects health.

Correctly selected shoes should fit perfectly on the foot, not squeeze your toes or fly off. If you can’t choose the perfect model for you, then most likely you should contact a master who will sew you a pair according to individual parameters.

The second rule is that any footwear must be appropriate.

How to Choose the Right Men's Shoes 2022

For a business image for work choose shoes or loafers, for jeans – sneakers or boots.

If you want to experiment, laces are at your disposal. Now it is quite appropriate to decorate formal shoes with large sports strings, and for sneakers in general there are thousands of options for different textures and colors.

And the last thing – all types of shoes must be properly looked after.

Only in this case, it will last more than one season. A protective cream must be applied to leather models. Textile shoes are cleaned with a brush, and shoes made of artificial materials are wiped with soapy water. There are also special products for nubuck so that the fabric does not dry out.

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