Top 6 Best Trends for Men’s Shirts 2021 To Try This Year

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Shirts are always a necessary part of every man’s wardrobe. Men’s Shirts 2021 tendencies give a great variety of astonishing fashion wear.

Everyone knows that the phrase fashion trends is not really popular in men’s group than in women’s group. But, nowadays, men are certainly following the new trends in menswear.

Therefore, new model shirts in 2021 have given an opportunity to combine them with different trousers styles. We have created a carefully selected edit of men’s shirts fashion 2021 which will be suitable for your wardrobe this year.

Let’s discuss relevant tendencies for men’s shirts 2021.

Top 6 Best Trends for Men's Shirts 2021

Men’s Summer Shirts 2021

Short Sleeve Print Shirts

It’s responsible matter for designers drawing prints on the fabric of men’s shirts. Prints are widespread in men’s summer shirts 2021. There are infinite options of print suggested by dressmakers.

The modish shirt models are with bright colors, funny images, flowers, animals, geometrical objects, not just black and white. Also, tropical prints are perfect for men’s shirts in summer.

Top 6 Best Trends for Men's Shirts 2021

But for the beach season, your wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without Hawaiian short sleeve shirt. This summer casual shirt is comfortable for hot weather, holiday and beach parties.

Shirts with Zippers

In today’s world, it’s a global tendency to simplify everything which surrounds us. In order to make life more comfortable fashion designers invented new trendy shirts with zipper.

They brought this trend to replace endless buttons.

Dressmakers made this change in men’s shirts for both classical and casual styles, so everyone can choose a perfect shirt for any situation. If you are always in a hurry, it can be a fantastic variant to wear shirt with zipper.

Top 6 Best Trends for Men's Shirts 2021


Don’t miss this trending shirts 2021 to look stylish.

Men’s Shirts without Collar

In 2021, men’s shirts without collar are considered to be in a fashion. Men who are not fond of wearing ties, for sure can take no collar ones. These shirts are fantastic choice for men who hate ties.

Top 6 Best Trends for Men's Shirts 2021


This style of shirts suit every man’s look, and they don’t even need extra details to look stylish. They are made to create men’s sexy look.

 New Shirt Patterns 2021


Check styled shirts are timeless trend in men’s fashion. Fashion houses like Gucci, Dior and Fendi have a range of checkered men’s shirts with various colors and styles.

Vintage checks  will dominate in new shirt patterns 2021.

Selecting colors of checks are also important. To look fresher and younger, men can choose checkered shirts with bright colors.

Top 6 Best Trends for Men's Shirts 2021

Dressmakers advise all types of checkered style. Exception is overmuch large checks.

 Vertical Stripes

Classical styled shirts are the most popular ones for men.  Men with fit appearance take tight-fitting classical shirts to show their muscular figure. Shirts with vertical stripes design are considered classical shirts.

This year all types of stripes styles are up to date: different width of stripes and various colors of stripes.

Top 6 Best Trends for Men's Shirts 2021

The first reason to choose this shirt is its lovely look, and it also presents men’s classical shirt with simple print.

The second reason is that the shirt with vertical stripes makes you appear taller and slimmer.

New Model Shirts 2021

Reinvented Men’s Shirts

Fashion houses Ami and Louis Vuitton offer newly created Nineties-style version of aristocrat men’s new model shirts 2021. These blouses will give you a new look for winter 2021.

Top 6 Best Trends for Men's Shirts 2021

Stylish Red and Pink Shirts

The main tendency for shirts in 2021 is red color shirt. There are numerous modish red shirts on fashion shows. They look rich and luxurious in contrast with black pants or classical black suit.

In 2021 shirt tendency, the color pink is announced as new black for menswear. The fashion founders are Fendi, Valentino, Oliver Spencer and Dunhill. The trendiest shade is pink-yarrow : warm and bright color.

Not only pink-yarrow color is in trend, but also shades from medium-pink to pastel shades are very favored in menswear.

Top 6 Best Trends for Men's Shirts 2021

Color Tendencies

Color choices are of great number. They are represented with palette of vivid, rich and intense shades.

The most accepted shirt trendy colors are white and black, deep dark blue, gray (from the lightest to the darkest tones), brown with red notes, bright purple, muted emerald green.

White and black colors are undoubtedly in a tendency forever. Dressmakers suggest men to wear black and white shirts as they are always suitable with everything. In case when you can’t select the best shirt to wear, you can choose white one. It’s always perfect.

The black shirts are flexible for every time. These blouses make you look classy and strict.

Top 6 Best Trends for Men's Shirts 2021

Different  tones of gray is a good version for casual men’s shirts in 2021.

If you want to give a noble look to your style, then you need light purple and deep red colored shirts. Brown is also will be great.

Men’s shirts 2021 trends for office are in blue color. They will give you freshness and elegance.

Lovers of sport style can choose a shirt in khaki, burgundy and olive colors. These colors symbolize rhythm and active life.

Men’s Fashion Shirts 2021

Cotton for a Shirt Fashion

Cotton fabric shirts are ideal variant for men’s garment. Practicality and sterility of cotton make it the most voguish material this year.

In summer, white, beige and cream cotton men’s fashion shirts 2021 are fantastic to wear as they are breathable and soft for skin.

Top 6 Best Trends for Men's Shirts 2021

Linen Material

Sometimes so-called old-fashioned linen fabric is on trend for men’s garment again. It is on the top of summer shirt fabrics. This skin-friendly material is favored by dressmakers.

Top 6 Best Trends for Men's Shirts 2021

Men’s shirts 2021: Flax and Viscose

Flax and viscose are the latest fabrics for dressmakers. Though they are not as universal as cotton, but flax and viscose are of natural origin too.

Flax has a gorgeous and solid look.

Viscose is more elastic material. It silhouettes the muscles and fits to your body.

Top 6 Best Trends for Men's Shirts 2021

To sum up, dressmakers give men a large choice of men’s shirts fashion in 2021.

Just choose your style that matches your daily mood.

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