Men’s Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

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It is interesting to know what are the most prominent and distinguished men’s jacket trends 2021? If you are looking for new styles of jackets for men, then you have come to the right place, because we have collected the most stylish and most popular men’s jackets that men around the world wear with pleasure.

Modern men’s wardrobe is no less interesting in terms of fashion trends than women’s.

One of the main elements of a man’s wardrobe is a jacket. Men pay a lot of attention to the latest innovations in the fashion industry and follow the top options for clothing and accessories. Men’s jacket trends 2021 are presented not only for the cold season but all year round.

The new season delights you with novelties. Light windbreakers and sleeveless jackets will save you from wind and sudden bad weather. The cold autumn-winter period is represented by classic styles and new jackets.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Jackets, once banished to the back of the closet, are back in play.

Take a closer look, maybe it’s time to urgently update your wardrobe? In the autumn-winter season, designers offer men a wide variety of models and styles of jackets that will not only perfectly fit into any look but will also be comfortable and warm.

Among the options offered, there are both classic fashionable men’s jackets which always remain in trend, sports jackets, and casual models.

Even the usual classics in the new season can have unusual cut or trim details that give an image of boldness and allow you to stand out from others.

There are many great options, so we have investigated the fashion world and found 21 trends that will delight you.


New men’s jackets for the season 2021 are offered with fashionable solutions for every taste and in a variety of styles.

A favorite and popular model of a jacket for men – a bomber jacket is offered in a huge variety of options that will differ in material (leather, suede, raincoat) and in color – from classic colors (black, white, brown) to light or bright shades.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Men’s jeans will be insanely popular, which looks very stylish in a variety of light and relaxed men’s looks. For winter and autumn, men’s parkas and down jackets are noteworthy.

Stylish models of leather jackets can also be made with fur or sheepskin trim. Such insulation and finishing are typical for men’s winter jacket trends 2021.

For men who love daring looks, it is worth looking at leather models of jackets, presented as classic options, as well as daring leather jackets with metallic decor.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles


In the new season, special attention is paid to color. Various shades and their combinations are welcome in outerwear. Black and gray, which are usual for men’s jackets for autumn-winter, will continue to be relevant.

Fashion designers suggest wearing a jacket in brown, deep blue, muted green, or purple.

Those who are distinguished by courage in the choice of images, as well as young men, can turn their attention to models with mustard, yellow, red, burgundy, blue, and orange.

Also, in 2021 winter jacket trends, the cage pattern, geometric prints, military, the use of stripes, inscriptions, and other elements will be relevant.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles


The designers offered in the new season such a variety of styles of jackets that every man, regardless of age, taste preferences, and occupation, will definitely choose the right one for himself.

At the beginning of autumn, denim jackets, leather jackets, windbreakers, and bombers will be popular.

With the onset of cold weather, it is recommended to choose jackets, parkas, down jackets, sheepskin coats.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles


Men’s winter jacket trends 2021 delight you with a variety of styles. Classic models remain popular along with more democratic options. In addition, mixing different styles is allowed and encouraged.

What Jackets are in Style for Fall 2021?

At the beginning of the season, autumn usually pampers with good warm weather, therefore, at this time, lightweight models are especially popular among men, which at the same time protect from wind and cool temperatures in the morning. These are windbreakers, bombers, light denim, and leather jackets.

Spring jackets are an abundance of styles, cuts, and colors. Bright bombers, daring leather, spectacular jeans, and windbreakers will be the perfect choice for the demi-season. They perfectly complement the look with jeans and trousers, allowing you to stylishly complete both a business and a casual look.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Which Types of Jackets are Best for Winter?

With the advent of real cold weather, more reliable protection is needed. Cold winter weather requires appropriately insulated outerwear that would perfectly warm and protect from bad weather. Men’s winter jacket trends 2021 are presented in both classic length and elongated models.

Down jackets, quilted jackets, sheepskin coats or jackets-coats will help to keep warm, but at the same time to remain stylish and fashionable. Here men have a fairly wide selection.

They will definitely be able to choose an option that will definitely match tastes and preferences.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

The decor and decoration of fashionable jackets for the winter with sheepskin and fur, which can be on the collar or hood, as well as a lining, is especially relevant.

Pay attention to the elongated winter down jackets for men, which will keep you warm in frosty weather.

What is The Best Jacket for Winter?

In the new season, the designers offer transformer jackets.

They allow you to remove the insulated lining or fur during warm autumn, and in winter you can use insulation again to withstand cold and frost.

This is a fairly convenient option among men’s winter jacket trends 2021 that allows you to feel comfortable in any weather.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Men’s Jacket Style 2021: Classic

Classic products will always be very popular. After all, they are distinguished by their special brevity, restraint, and severity of style.

That is why these jackets are perfect as an addition to a suit, jumper, or shirt, and even jeans.

As for the seasonality, the classic jackets are presented in both autumn and winter versions. In addition, such products are particularly practical and convenient.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Therefore, there will definitely not be any problems with the choice.

Men’s Jacket Style 2021: Down Jackets

Down jackets is one of the most popular wardrobe items among men’s jacket trends 2021. This is not surprising, because they have all the parameters that are so popular with men. The lightweight and, perhaps, the warmest version of outerwear for a man is a down jacket.

They are practical, easy to wear and clean, lightweight, and comfortable. In the new season, designers offer a wide variety of colors and combinations of shades.

Shiny and matte, quilted and trimmed – these options for a men’s down jacket are very popular this season.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Men’s Leather Jacket 2021

None of the jacket models add brutality to a masculine look like a simple leather jacket, especially when it comes to styles with additional metallic decor and trim.

Designers offer to opt for simple laconic models without unnecessary decorative elements.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Black will be a priority, but you can dare to choose other color combinations.

Models in brown and black, matte and patent leather with different decor are also popular.

Bomber Jackets

This style of jackets has long been reliably settled in the men’s wardrobe. If earlier the bomber jacket was considered a subject of youth fashion, then modern models fully correspond to the style and image that older men prefer. In the new season, they are offered in different styles, allowing you to make a choice for any look – be it business or informal.

A wide variety of colors and prints of bomber jackets are offered.

Bright or calm in color, with contrasting stripes and trim, with zippers or rivets – each version of a fashionable bomber looks interesting and memorable in its own way. Therefore, a modern men’s bomber jacket is a must-have item.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Are Men’s Denim Jackets in Style 2021?

Denim is firmly established among the men’s jacket trends 2021. They look very harmonious in most looks, even a business men’s set with trousers, a shirt and a tie can be completed with a stylish men’s denim jacket.

Boys and young men can safely choose models from light jeans.

Solid gentlemen can choose more classic dark shades. Also, a denim jacket can have a decoration in the form of a fur collar or a fur lining, which will allow you to wear the jacket in colder weather.

Original models can be made of combined denim in white, gray, blue, black, as well as in a combined solution.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Biker Jackets

This style has gained popularity for a long time and has seriously settled in the men’s wardrobe and men’s jacket trends 2021. The biker jacket in the new season does not have to be leather, it can be made of other materials.

Designers decided to diversify the range of leather jackets with options from denim and suede, which look softer and more restrained.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

The parka jacket remains relevant for more than one season. This model always looks stylish, protects well from the cold, and also allows you to use the most daring colors and their combination. The parka can have a simple cut and laconic design or unusual decorative elements that will attract attention.

You can choose a street style or a casual option with fur on the hood, while a men’s office parka will be very minimalistic and without excessive decor. The men’s parkas that are relevant this season are blue, green, brown, coffee, khaki, and indigo.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Quilted Jackets

Quilted models have, perhaps, clear advantages over many other jackets. They are a perfect replenishment to the collection of men’s jacket trends 2021.

Depending on the stitch option, they look different – more conservative and strict, or, on the contrary, light and casual.

Usually, the top layer is made of a waterproof material, which allows the jacket to be worn in rain and snow.

Such jackets are presented as insulated models for autumn-winter and light options for spring.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles


One of the lightest options for men’s jacket style 2021 is the windbreaker, which is especially popular in the spring-summer season.

Men’s windbreaker jackets are ideal for the relatively warm season when it is not yet so hot and windy outside.

Men’s windbreakers can be straight cut, some models are supplemented with elastic cuffs with contrasting stripes, others are minimalistic in style.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Such a thing is simply necessary for men who prefer a classic style. A jacket coat is much more comfortable than a regular coat. It does not hinder movement, has a variety of styles and cuts.

They can be double-breasted, have additional spectacular decorative elements in the form of buckles, a belt, two rows of large buttons.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Sheepskin Jackets

A sheepskin jacket is definitely a great option for really cold weather.

Also, this wardrobe item has a great look and can decorate an image in almost any style. You can choose not only the option in black but also pay attention to shades of brown and muted green.

A gray sheepskin jacket or options with contrasting fur trim look especially impressive among men’s jacket trends 2021.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Jackets with Prints, Inscriptions, Decorative Elements

In the new season, young men can choose models of jackets that have an interesting design in the form of large inscriptions, patch pockets, various belts, and patches. Among the prints, checkered and geometric patterns are relevant.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Sports Jackets

Our review of fashionable men’s jacket trends 2021 will be completed by sports models, without which no man in his wardrobe can do without. Even if you are not an athlete, a jacket in a sporty or sport-chic style should certainly be present in your wardrobe.

Such models allow you to create an unobtrusive, bright and at the same time stylish look. A cool blazer option can be a trendy bomber jacket in a variety of colors.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

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Velvet is the material that dominates men’s and women’s clothing in the fall and winter. Outerwear made from this fabric is presented at fashion weeks in burgundy, brown, and black.

Men's Jacket Trends 2021: Top 21 Breaking Models and Styles

Obviously, men’s fashion in the new season cannot be called boring and monotonous. We have provided a huge selection of models for any type of male character so that any man can find the right jacket for himself.

If you want to look stylish and stunning, be sure to take your outerwear seriously. The right look will make you feel very confident. And every detail on a men’s jacket characterizes the inner state of its owner. Make the right choice!

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