Outstanding 15 Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021

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In the summer wardrobe of men, shorts are a necessary piece of clothing. Men’s shorts styles 2021 offer a variety of practical and at the same time trendy options. Every year, fashion trends change, which means design, shades, and style are updated. This is the reason for purchasing new models.

In this article, we will look at the fashionable shorts for men 2021, which the designers suggested at the shows of the collections of the spring-summer season 2021. It is easy to choose popular models in accordance with the rules of fashion if you understand their features.

Outstanding Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021

Fashionable Shorts for Men 2021

On a hot summer day, shorts are replacing the usual trousers. It is comfortable to be in them at high air temperatures, and they do not restrict movement. In the hot season, it allows you to open your legs and prevent overheating.

Men’s shorts styles 2021 are very practical. Designers focused on different styles of shorts back in recent years, continuing the tradition of creating updated models in the current 2021 season.

Outstanding Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021
As summer shorts for men 2021, designers offer the following trendy models of shorts:

Suit Shorts

They look like short trousers and perfectly complement the business style. This model goes well with a polo, short-sleeved shirt, and plain T-shirt.

Outstanding Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021

Wide Shorts

Or, as they are also called, voluminous. Their loose fit looks a little baggy.

Therefore, such a model should be used exclusively in a sports style of clothing or casual variations.

Outstanding Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021


Straight shorts with wide legs have remained at the peak of popularity for several years.

This season, designers are offering men shorter knee-length pieces. Bermuda with cuffs is one of the styles of men’s shorts 2021. There is a trend to reduce the length of Bermuda legs.

Burgundy, red, blue models are popular.

Denim Shorts

All shades of blue are popular and fashionable this season. Minimalist models are preferred. Multiple rivets, snakes, and other decorative elements in men’s shorts styles 2021 for spring are not relevant.

Outstanding Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021


The military-style, as a symbol of masculinity, is mega-popular. Therefore, even models of camouflage colors may well complement a men’s wardrobe.

In addition to solid colors, vertical striped shorts are coming into fashion. However, if you decide to purchase a model of such a fashionable color, try to choose a solid top.

Also in men’s shorts styles 2021 for summer, classic suit fabrics, denim, plain cotton fabrics, flowing silk, leather, velour are in fashion.
Popular prints: stripes, bright colors, restrained colors, lettering, multicolor patterns, brand attributes.

Outstanding Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021

Men’s Casual Shorts 2021: Cycling Shorts

In 2019, cycling shorts migrated from a sports wardrobe to a casual women’s one, and today – to a man’s one. World brands unobtrusively but very confidently add them to looks with hoodies, sweatshirts, office shirts, and classic jackets.

Prada did it most effectively, presenting the collection through the film Show That Never Happened, which consists of five chapters (each of which was created by different photographers – Terence Nance, Joanna Piotrowska, Martina Sims, Jurgen Teller, and Willie Vanderperre).

Cycling shorts below the knee are integrated into a white total bow with a voluminous anorak and ultrashort shorts, which, by the way, have long settled on the list of the most tendentious things.

Men’s Shorts Styles 2021: Suit Shorts

In current men’s collections, you can find shorts made of cotton, silk, cashmere, denim, and linen. As a rule, these are models with a straight silhouette below the knee and with bright prints, in which it is convenient to walk down the street in the heat, but which the boss is unlikely to like.

For men’s shorts 2021 in the spring-summer season, the designers decided to fix the situation in favor of an office dress code, keeping the silhouette and length, but changing the materials.


Now the shorts are made of suiting fabric and are combined with a jacket: as a reference point – Dior Men, Casablanca, and Ermenegildo Zegna.

Outstanding Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021

Fashionable Men’s Shorts 2021 in Military Style

Casual style and military-themed fabrics are common in men’s shorts. Such products look stylish, give a man confidence, and masculinity.

Loose-cut products with patch pockets, shoulder straps, and wide cuffs turned inside out are in fashion. Also in men’s shorts, there are rivets and zippers. The length of the products ranges from the hip line to the knee.

The comfort of movement is ensured by wide trousers, a free cut in the hips, and an adaptation of the waistline for fixation with a belt.

Popular models of military-style include combinations of opulent green, brown and blue shades.

Men’s Shorts Styles 2021: Sports Shorts

Sports fashion 2021 and popular brands offer shorts for men to practice different sports.

The men’s running model is an option with cropped legs and a loose elastic waistband that is adjustable with laces. For cycling, there are tight-fitting shorts made from elastic fabrics with a mid-thigh length.

Outstanding Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021

For other active sports, models with long wide legs are presented.

Palette of shades: the traditional combination of black and white, as well as a range of blue, green, and yellow tones.

Summer Shorts for Men 2021: Beach Shorts

Men, as well as women, prepare for vacations and rest on the beach. They prefer comfortable models of shorts that do not hinder movement.

Also in trend are men’s shorts styles 2021 that are suitable for swimming.

Traditionally, beach shorts are made from natural and semi-natural fabrics that absorb moisture well and dry quickly. In the current season, the designers have kept the classic traditions of cutting but changed the tinted design.

Spring-summer 2021 is in fashion with large vertical and horizontal stripes of different sizes, prints in a marine and beach theme, lettering, and geometric shapes. Bright monochromatic options are less common.

Outstanding Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021

Men’s Denim Shorts 2021

This item of everyday wear is always present in the men’s wardrobe, regardless of the age of its owner.

Denim shorts are practical, worn under T-shirts, lightweight jackets, loose T-shirts, and formal shirts.

In men’s shorts styles 2021, the trends of the past year are someway preserved – wide legs with purl cuffs, open seams, ripped decorative cuts, wide belts, zippers, and rivets.

The denim shorts are accentuated on dark blue shades and the light faded tones. The length of the product is standard – just above the knee.

Outstanding Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021

Men’s Shorts 2021: Impressive Options

Men’s denim shorts 2021 should have a simple design. The smaller accessories, such as rivets, zippers, buttons, stripes, the better. Pay attention to shorts with cuffs. Torn jeans are one of the dazzling styles.

Men’s shorts with cropped variations and knee lengths are all the rage. Shorts made of light blue and fine denim will surely be part of your modern wardrobe in summer.

Outstanding Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021

Men’s Shorts-Trousers Transformers

Over the past ten years, men’s shorts-trousers have been regularly present at fashion shows. The fashion for this type of clothing remains, only individual cut elements and shades change. Such products are created as a priority in everyday style. The practical design allows them to be worn in warm or cold weather.

Transforming shorts for men are sewn from thin natural and semi-natural fabrics with breathability and the ability to easily absorb moisture.

Outstanding Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021

Men’s Casual Shorts 2021: Striped Shorts

Another trend is the strip. It can be present in everything from socks to hats in men’s wardrobe 2021. Shorts for men 2021 are no exception.

Most successful color combinations for men’s striped shorts 2021 are white with blue and its associated shades with sailor vest.

Tommy Hilfiger showcases classic striped shorts and athletic variations in men’s short styles 2021. Calvin Klein – striped classic, athletic and beach pants.

Outstanding Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021

Men’s Tracksuits with Shorts for Men 2021

When it’s hot outside, everyone wants lightness in clothes, so men’s sports sets with shorts are an excellent solution for a sultry pore.

A stylish option with men’s shorts styles 2021 and a zip-up T-shirt with bright zigzags and color stretch will perfectly diversify your wardrobe. This season sports kits will combine light sweatpants with an elastic band, fasteners, a T-shirt, or a thin sweatshirt, polo shirt.

Tracksuits for men spring-summer 2021 are made from lighter, more breathable fabrics.

Outstanding Trends in Men’s Shorts Styles 2021

The style includes shorts and a T-shirt, which are perfect for training, walking, spending time at home in the summer, etc.

Men’s sports suits are presented in the pastel palette, and sometimes in bright and contrasting interpretations.

By the way, the ombre effect is another trending decor feature for men’s tracksuits in 2021, and it is used as a smooth, as well as rich and contrasting gradient.

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