Women’s Underwear Trends 2021: 19 Best Novelties in Different Styles

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Paying great attention to fashion modern trends in the fashion industry, one cannot fail to mention women’s underwear trends 2021, which determine the relevance of the set you have chosen for a certain event.

Despite the fact that women wear underwear under their main clothing, the importance of choosing the right and compelling lingerie does not become less significant. Moreover, inviting and trendy underwear gives confidence and makes women more attractive.

Like any other clothing, be it jeans or dresses, underwear for a lady has its own fashion trends that dictate the choice of a particular style of underwear in each new season.

Women's Underwear Trends 2021: 19 Best Novelties in Different Styles

The modern world of fashion offers women a variety of new underwear for every taste and preference, body type, and appearance so that they are all special and unique.

When buying underwear in a fashionable and current design, be sure to pay attention to the type of underwear you like and the material from which the underwear is made. It is also necessary to look for fashionable underwear for the intended purpose.

Lingerie trends 2021 for women determine the fashionable shade and colors, decor and shape, style and type of lingerie. The top is lingerie for women with lace and transparent mesh, with applique and embroidery, velvet and satin underwear are at the peak of popularity.

Women's Underwear Trends 2021: 19 Best Novelties in Different Styles

Retro style and vintage, Provence and sport-chic delight fashionistas with novelties of chic and truly exciting underwear in pastel shades, beige and nude, rich and deep tones of emerald, wine, burgundy, Marsala, blue, as well as with floral prints.

Here we will discuss the new main trends in women’s underwear for any occasion with a selection of photos.

Lingerie for women is personal. The question of choosing underwear for women is always scrupulous and requires a special approach.

After all, women – natures are changeable, and much is determined by mood and impulsive desires, which often persuade women to choose a certain set of fashionable underwear.

It is no exaggeration to say that underwear for a woman is like a second skin, and it is worth choosing it more than responsibly. In addition to the aesthetics of women’s underwear, an important role is played by its practicality, maintaining women’s health and preventing skin stretching.

And thinking over each of their new looks, true ladies never forget about the importance of lingerie, which must match all aspects of the fashionable look.

Women's Underwear Trends 2021: 19 Best Novelties in Different Styles

How Do I Choose My Underwear Style?

The complexity of choosing women’s underwear is familiar to every young lady. So, it is important to know your size and try on underwear to opt for the right size. After all, it often happens that the figure may not correspond to the standard parameters, and it can be difficult to predict which underwear will be right in your case.

It is important to purchase not only beautiful lingerie but also practical, which would be the best addition to your looks for all occasions. Therefore, there are different styles of underwear that have slightly varying purposes.

It is important to purchase separate sports underwear for the gym and doing sports, which would not hinder your movements and at the same time look laconic. For everyday life, it is also appropriate to wear chic or casual lingerie.

Modern underwear comes in many varieties and shapes that have some characteristics. When choosing lingerie in a fashionable presentation, be sure to pay attention to the sets that will allow you to correct your figure, remove imperfections, protect from the cold (thermal underwear) or add volume where this is required.

These types of trendy lingerie include a push-up bra, slimming, or corrective underwear that allows you to shape your own figure.

In addition to the usual slip or string panties, there are options in the form of shorts, thong panties, Brazilian panties. Fashionable panties 2021 with a high rise and interesting inserts of lace or mesh, and, possibly, slits turn out to be super fashionable.

For lovers of something special, fashion brands have presented lingerie in the form of a bodysuit, which has different types of tops – in the form of a top, a T-shirt, with or without straps. A fashionable women’s bodysuit is worth not only as underwear but also as a full-fledged top under a jacket or a stylish trouser suit, which looks stunning.


Looking at the latest world couturier collections, one cannot fall in love with the latest fashionable lingerie, which world brands indulge in lovely ladies. Among the top brands are the following: Agent provocateur, LA PERLA, Victoria’s Secret, Intimissimi, AUBADE.

You can find beautiful women’s underwear from H&M and Mark & Spencer.


As for the shades, underwear sets, both neutral and saturated tones are in vogue. The choice depends on the mood, the image in general, the weather outside, and the event.

So, for special occasions, you can opt for red, black, pink underwear, but in everyday life, pastel colors, beige, and flesh tones of underwear is more appropriate. The chic shades of lingerie in emerald, purple, scarlet, burgundy, marsala, powdery, cream, sand tones are delightful.


The style and performance of your underwear largely depend on the material from which it is made. Also, the material determines the durability of the underwear, its practicality, and convenience.

Therefore, take a good look at what material this or that fashionable underwear is made of in order to get the desired effect.

Today, women’s underwear trends 2021 offer fashionable underwear made of polyester, satin, chiffon, polyamide, velvet, cotton, which gives certain properties to trendy novelties of underwear for women.

Women's Underwear Trends 2021: 19 Best Novelties in Different Styles

Autumn and winter provide the opportunity to choose a variety of topical lingerie accessories for 2021: corsets, belts, garters, stockings, bustier, and combinations.
Each of these little things can give tangible femininity and create a unique image.

Expanded lines of stylish underwear will allow every woman to choose a set to her liking. The Linen Zone has sections for plus-size models.

The retro orientation plays into the hands of those who love comfortable bras that create a beautiful breast shape. Designers have released a range of bras with wide straps and belts. Padded shoulder blades provide comfort and support.

Seamless bodysuits help, if necessary, adjust the figure. They are invisible under the dress and are an alternative to a trendy corset. Models made of dense and opaque fabric are two in one: both linen and, if necessary, an independent top.

Among sports options, it is better to give preference to models with a wide band under the chest – it holds better and does not tighten the skin (which means there will be no red marks after a whole day of wearing).

Thongs are probably the most divisive type in underwear fashion. Some women can’t do without them, others can’t stand them.

It is under any dispute that whether on-trend or not, a really good, comfortable thong can be life-changing.

One of the most contentious trends of all times – the visible thong is seemingly back. Being popular in the early 2000s and then making an off the grid comeback in the last few years, the trend you could never imagine to see is again in vogue.

Once favorite trend for early-2000s pop stars like Britney Spears is showing up on today’s hottest fashion stars like Jennifer Lopez.

Trendy underwear for women in retro style is trendy, with a special charm and unique grace. High panties, which, if necessary, will correct some of the figure flaws, as well as give a special charm to ideal shapes, are the basis of fashionable lingerie sets in retro design.

Complementing the high-top panties in vintage looks with lingerie for women are gorgeous balconette bras that support the bottom and open the top, which gives charm and tenderness to the feminine forms.

Sport Chic and Casual Panties 2021

Beautiful underwear for a woman is not only a model for the evening or for special occasions, but it is also important to choose stylish, comfortable, and adorable underwear for every day, which would please no less festive options.

It is for such cases that we propose to pay attention to the fashionable novelties of lingerie in sports-chic and casual formats, which will help to create excellent images for the office and work, for walking and shopping.

For informal outings, you can choose a trendy bodysuit; for business outfits, choose underwear in neutral shades – nude or beige with a minimum amount of decor and maximum practicality.

Modern women do not imagine their life without sports, it is in this connection that it is important to choose the right underwear for going to the gym, which would be comfortable and practical, does not restrict movement, and allows active movement.

Sporty sets of fashionable underwear are made of special materials that allow the body to breathe, absorb moisture, and beautifully complement the female form. In such trendy sportswear, you will not want to miss a single training in the gym.

Incredible romance delights girls with charming underwear in Provence design, decorated with floral appliques and delicate embroidery. The color palette enhances the delicate effect of fashionable Provence underwear – sky blue, lilac, powdery.

Underwear Provence is offered with abundant lace and mesh decoration, and floral patterns, which make the female look unusually sweet and delicate.

One of the top women’s underwear trends 2021 is bralettes, which look very good in fashionable looks with tops and blouses, women’s jackets, and suits, giving the images a touch of attractiveness and sophistication.

Even the most austere image with a women’s trouser suit with trendy bralette underwear, worn instead of a blouse or top, instantly turns into a chic evening look. The peculiarity of the bralette is that in appearance this underwear resembles a top, and therefore women of fashion very often wear bralettes with open and transparent blouses or even instead of them.

Another must-have among the fashion trends 2021 for women’s underwear is bodysuits that should be worn not under blouses or tops, but instead of them, which will allow you to create gorgeous and memorable looks.

Especially chic are models of lace bodysuits that will dilute formal trousers or suits. A sophisticated version of underwear is offered by a mesh bodysuit, which can be delightfully complemented by a jacket.

Women's Underwear Trends 2021: 19 Best Novelties in Different Styles

The undisputed favorite in the list of the most feminine, sophisticated, and unique version of fashionable lingerie is, of course, lace underwear, represented by a wide variety of models and styles that will delight and impress even the most demanding women.

Lace bralettes, bodysuits, bras without bones can’t go unnoticed. Black, red and white lace looks most impressive, and lace underwear in burgundy, emerald, blue is also presented with original models.

Underwear in Pastel Shades

Among the shades of lingerie that are most popular with women, we should highlight a pleasant pastel palette that enhances romantic looks with lace and floral motifs.

But the models of underwear with additional bindings, ties, and cuts in pastel shades look softer and more delicate, making women’s images in pastel shades pretty and feminine.

Women's Underwear Trends 2021: 19 Best Novelties in Different Styles

The main shade of this season for women’s underwear is, without a doubt, nude. In a wide variety of beige palettes, there are perfect nude lingerie sets in a fashionable design just for you.

Shades of beige in fashionable underwear for 2021 are presented with sports and everyday sets, seamless underwear, as well as underwear models for special occasions.

Women's Underwear Trends 2021: 19 Best Novelties in Different Styles

One of the most important days in the life of every woman is the wedding day, for which it is very important to choose unique and special underwear. Trends in wedding lingerie for the bride are not only inclined towards white but also pleasant shades of cream, ivory, sand, and nude.

Women's Underwear Trends 2021: 19 Best Novelties in Different Styles

Fashionable novelties of bridal lingerie are presented with elegant lace models, mesh, appliqués, and embroidery, made with the utmost delicacy and sophistication. Beautiful underwear for the bride should be comfortable and neat.

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