Top New 8 Trends in Women’s Shorts 2021 (Photos and Videos)

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I have made this comprehensive guide of women’s shorts 2021 for ladies and women who are a fan of shorts. Let’s check and choose the one for you.

I cannot imagine Summer without shorts. Shorts are probably the most demanded outfit during hot Summer days. So, what will fashion 2021 summer shorts look like?

Top New 8 Trends in Women's Shorts 2021

In the women’s wardrobe, you can find a wide range of various shorts, and 2021 should not be an exception. Shorts aren’t only beautiful, but also are very comfortable. Many girls in everyday life prefer wearing shorts because of their comfort.

Top New 8 Trends in Women's Shorts 2021

These are 8 popular types that are going to be in women’s shorts 2021 summer fashion.

  1. Denim
  2. Pleated Shorts
  3. Western-style wide leg shorts
  4. Boxer
  5. Chino Shorts
  6. Mini Shorts
  7. Leather Shorts
  8. Lace Shorts

Top New 8 Trends in Women's Shorts 2021

Denim Shorts for Women 2021

I found denim as the best material for trousers. It is very comfortable and always in trend! There are so many denim shorts in various designs and types that you can find in all shops.

Some of the most iconic denim shorts for women 2021 are:

  • Denim shorts with cut-offs, big or small excellent cuts
  • Ripped
  • Boyfriend shorts
  • shorts with hanging out pockets
  • Other than blue-colored denim shorts
  • High-waisted denim shorts

Denim short looks great with any type of top. Think to have at least one pair of denim shorts for the upcoming Summer.

Top New 8 Trends in Women's Shorts 2021


Pleated Shorts in Trend of Women’s Shorts 2021

In my list of women’s shorts 2021, the pleated shorts are the best choice if you are looking for being comfortable, staying cool in hot Summer and meanwhile be very fashionable.

Make your look perfect by choosing the trendy seasonal colors like black, cappuccino, white, creamy, floral prints, etc.

While choosing a top, think about what look do you want to create. With these shorts and with the right choice of high wear, you can be styled Casual, Classic, Bohemian, Street, Retro, and many others.

Top New 8 Trends in Women's Shorts 2021


Wide Leg Shorts for Office Outfit 2021

These are high-waisted shorts with wide legs.

This type of shorts is comfortable to wear in the workplace with a classic suit. It is a classic short with casual cutting and sews.

Top New 8 Trends in Women's Shorts 2021

Take into consideration to add this type of shorts to your workplace closet 2021.

Top New 8 Trends in Women's Shorts 2021

Boxer in Women’s Shorts 2021 Fashion

The shorts designed initially for man, now have lots of beautiful versions for women as well.

The boxer found its position in women’s shorts 2021 list as the sport outfit for girls in the next Summer.


Top New 8 Trends in Women's Shorts 2021

Usually, as a sport cloth, the boxer comes with its top.

You can find boxers designed for other than sport occasions as well. They are usually made from light fabric or silk, and you can wear them with a classic shirt to create a more elegant look. As you can see, there is a wide range of choices in ladies’ shorts 2021 fashion list.

Top New 8 Trends in Women's Shorts 2021

Chino Shorts for Minimalistic Look in 2021

These shorts are mostly designed for leisure activities, like walking. Designers consider the ladies’ shorts 2021 summer walks with chino type shorts.

As the pants are made for comfort, you’d better consider the cotton materials. You can find chino shorts with different designs and colors in shops.


As the women’s shorts 2021 fashion doesn’t restrict the places and occasions of wearing shorts, you can consider wearing this type of short with the appropriate design even at work. Chino shorts will create a fantastic casual look with a boyfriend or linen-styled shirt.

If you are a lover of a minimalistic look, take Beige Chino shorts with Spaghetti top.

Top New 8 Trends in Women's Shorts 2021


I’m sure you have several pairs of mini shorts in your closet and probably some of them you have never worn. In my ladies’ shorts 2021 list, I gave them a unique position and would like to talk mostly about how to wear them. Why? Because I know the reason why you have so many unworn mini shorts over there.

Make sure that you know for which occasion you buy the shorts. Beach, walk, party-look, casual, sport, or office (if there is no dress code). When you know the purpose, the rest is easy.

Top New 8 Trends in Women's Shorts 2021

The second rule is the size. Never undervalue the importance of the size. If the short is not your size, put it on the shelf and look for the other. The bottom of the shorts should not hug your legs; if you are too skinny, that would be fine.

The third rule is the waist. High-waisted one’s suits to everyone with every type of figure. Again, for skinny girls, this will not matter anyway.

That’s it! I’d like to receive your comments about this, and if you are interested, I will prepare a bigger advice list for the next time.

Top New 8 Trends in Women's Shorts 2021

Leather Shorts for All Seasons in 2021

Leather shorts are practical for every season. So, buy a pair of leather shorts and wear them all year around. All you need to do is to choose the right outfit with the shorts according to each season.

For all-season-wear, choose the universal color black. A leather gathered shorts, a white V-necked tank top, and a nice pair of sandals for your Summer look in 2021.

The same leather short, with classic or boyfriend shirt (choose the color in the trend of your choice), denim jacket, and a pair of sneakers for your spring look.

In autumn, take the oversized sweater, nice fashionable jacket, a pair of boots, and black tights with your leather shorts. You can wear the same outfit with a coat and high boots for winter.

Top New 8 Trends in Women's Shorts 2021

Lace Shorts in Ladies Shorts 2021 List

These are the shorts for the real feminine look.

Most often, they are performed in white, which gives them an even more feminine look. Lace can be as an element of decor for shorts, for example, on the front or rear pockets, or the shorts themselves can be made entirely of lace fabric.

Lace shorts combine with the same delicate material tops.

From shoes, you can take such types as ballet, gym shoes or sneakers.

What about the top, take anyone, for example, T-shirts, tanks, tops, and shirts. Whatever you choose, the material and the colors should be consistent with the lace. The fine material and pastel colors will look perfect.

Lace shorts can be worn in warm season.

Top New 8 Trends in Women's Shorts 2021

This was the top list of women’s shorts 2021. Above I spoke about eight styles of shorts that are going to be among popular shorts for women 2021.

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